Monday, June 15, 2015

Tales of the Traveling Tote #1 ~ E is for Excursion

E is for Excursion

Excursion ~ a short trip or outing to some place, 

usually for a special purpose, 

and with the intention of a prompt return.

I just know you have all been anxiously awaiting

June 15th and the first installment of 

Tales of the Traveling Totes.

A little background ~ I'm one of a group of bloggers

who are long time fans of MacKenzie-Childs.

When MacKenzie-Childs offered these Courtly Check totes

on clearance, Patti @ Pandora's Box sent out an alert

so we could each snag one for ourselves.

Patti suggested we share a series of 

travel adventures taken with our totes.

Tales of the Traveling Totes 

Come along if you enjoy "arm chair" travels.

Spring in Texas!

~ Miss CC's Maiden Excursion ~

Round Top Antiques Fair!

Time to leave the big city

and enjoy a little country time.

The roadsides and fields were covered

in beautiful bluebonnets.

There are over 60 different shows 

during the Round Top Antiques Fair,

and over 100,00 vistors from across the

US flock to TX to ether buy or sell.

Marburger Farm is one of my favorites!

Marburger Farm is spread out over 43 acres 

with 10 large tents and 12 historic buildings 

filled with antique treasures from 

early Texas to Mid-Century Modern.

French ~ English ~ Asian ~ Continental

Architectural ~ Garden ~ Silver ~ Art 

There is something for everyone.

~ Beautiful Ceramics ~

~ Copper ~ Tortoise ~ Unique Finds

~ Tartan Ware ~

~ Bovine Butter Molds ~

Amazing Assortment of Heart Themed Objects 

~ L ~ O ~ V ~ E ~

~ Victorian Bamboo Furniture ~

The instant we spied this piece,

it was love at first sight.

With Miss CC's approval

and a thumbs up from the "chef",

this beauty is now part of our sun room.

Yes,  I'd say Miss CC had a perfect day 

among the bluebonnets and antiques.

Miss CC is the perfect shopping companion!

Fall Show ~ September 29 - October 3, 2015

Make your plans to join us!

Miss CC had such a great time

shopping at Marburger Farm in early April

that she wanted to tag along on the Hill Country Antiques Trip 

with the Austin Antiques Club to Comfort and Boerne.

Off bright and early on a Wednesday morning,

our hostesses served us breakfast treats

during our bus ride to Comfort, TX.

We arrived ready to hit the streets

in search of antiques and other finds.

A day out shopping with girlfriends.

What fun!

~ Religious Art and Icons ~ 

~ Reproduction Signs and Gifts ~

~ Antique Chocolate Molds ~

But it was this little 

guy that captured my heart.

~ J Chein and Co. Vintage Tin Toy c1950 ~

Next Easter, he'll join this vintage tin toy

I brought home from Marburger Farm.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch

at 814 A Texas Bistro.

Chef and Owner, Millard Kunkendall, 

usually open only for dinner,

welcomed our group for a private lunch, 

serving a delicious mixed green salad 

along side a crab cake on cheese grits.

Dessert was amazing! 

~ Double Walnut Cinnamon Bread Pudding ~

The bistro is housed in a charming 1910 building

that was originally built for the Comfort Post Office.

After lunch the bus drove us

on to Boerne, TX for more shopping.

This  Bradley and Hubbard 

brass letter holder caught my attention.

As did this set of 

Wedgwood Napoleon Ivy.

I wanted to add this rather large 

chocolate mold to the group I have,

but I left him behind.

Before heading to the bus,

we stopped to sit a bit with Wild Bill Hickok.

Back on the bus, our hostesses

were  ready with a glass of wine and savory treats.

As the bus made 

it's way back to Austin,

Everyone relaxed and visited about our day

while Ruben, our competent driver, 

drove us safely back to Austin.

Stay tuned for more adventures

on the road again with Miss CC.

Until then, join my friends below to see more

 Tales of the Traveling Totes.

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  1. Wonderful travels!! Love the pic with the hat on the tote!! I am hoping someday our totes will bring us all together in person! Happy travels!

  2. What fantastic trails Miss CC has blazed for you, Sarah! You look completely classic and oh, so smart. Loved seeing your venues, your picks and your preferences. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Sarah,

    What a nice outing you had! I never can get too many bluebonnets! They are blue-tiful!

    Thanks for linking in today.

    Happy Blue Monday,

  4. My daughter Marie, who was at that time secretary to Mr. Dick at Festival Hill, wanted me to come out during the antique fair but I never made it. She's in Tucson now. Too bad. It looks like a wonderful outing.

  5. What a fun day Sarah!! I spotted so many things that would have made there way home with me...the bamboo piece in your sunroom is a stunner!

  6. First of all I love your style..Natural hair/beautiful face..and love the clothes and Toms?So classy Sarah..
    So many tempattions too.
    What a fun group.That Traveling Tote great.

  7. Oh Sarah, this is such a fun way to spend the day and share the "traveling tote!" You know if I were anywhere near Texas I would be on that bus with you! I see so many delightful items that would have come home with me, especially the tartan. Love this fun post, you look so chic with your MC tote!
    Happy week dear friend..............

  8. These are wonderful shots of you and your adventures! Perfect Traveling tote! And oh my what a gorgeous bamboo piece you got!

  9. Oh my word, how fun is this. I love the tote and you really did have some great places to see and wonderful times.

  10. Delightful post and photos are so creative and what a lovely time y'all are having!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  11. Sarah, I may have to hop on a plane and visit Texas for that wonderful event! Such goodies that I would love to add to my collections or even just admire while I was there! The oyster plate in your first photo is just gorgeous. And I love the rattan/bamboo cabinet that you found. It is the perfect piece for a sunroom, just little bit of elegance and rusticity all in one piece and with display and storage too! And excellent find! Your group of friends seems to know how to have fun even on a bus trip. Miss CC would be the right friend to take along on these trips to hold the little goodies on their way back to your home. I will look forward to seeing your summer adventures too! Linda

  12. What a fun post, Sarah! I have always wanted to go to Round Top. It looks amazing. Enjoy your travels with the tote:)

  13. Ha! I love this! So many super treasures and it looks like you had the best time with friends, but when I saw the preview photo, I thought, what a great bag! Little did I know it was to be the star of the post!

  14. Oh Sarah, I just love your Miss CC tote and her shopping adventure sounds like the perfect outing! I can't imagine anything more fun than a day spent shopping with girlfriends and being chauffeured home with wine and treats!

  15. What a great maiden outing for the beautiful Miss CC...who wouldn't want to go to Round Top! I love the size of that tote, I am thinking...
    Looks like everyone had a fun day of shopping! What did you buy?

  16. Looks like the tote had a fun day out! And you look quite happy as well :-)

  17. Isn't Round Top where the Junk Jypsies are from? That is my FAVORITE show. You ladies are all beautiful!!! What a fun group.

  18. Oh, what fun!! I LOVE this post and the fun outing with your new totes, not to mention the wonderful antiques. Love, love the tartan ware and the tortoise shell boxes. Looking forward to your next outing.

  19. Love the traveling tote and your post! I love going Antiqueing too.
    Have a great week :)
    Joy @ Books and Life

  20. Oh what a wonderful special day you girls had. Love the tote's. Wish I lived in Texas so I could have gone with you. it looked like an amazing day and so much fun. The photo's were great. Looking forward to your next outing. You looked very smart in your outfit.
    Have a wonderful week,

  21. Sarah, a traveling tote is such a fun idea, and it looks like Miss CC had a ball. Mackenzie-Childs was made for Texas bluebonnets. Your photographs are so vibrant, I feel as if I were on the tour with you. I would lose my mind at Round Top--it's a little piece of designer heaven. The little jugs are too cute. xxoo

  22. Dearest Sarah,
    That sounds like a very lovely and happy time had with friends!
    We too traveled but not so conveniently by bus, giving you room for taking things with you. We flew to Detroit and drove all the way to northern Michigan and on to Toronto.
    Meeting with 4 blogger friends; great time together.
    Sending you hugs,

  23. Oh I have the Round Top bug again just seeing all those delightful treasures! The bunny toting cart is such an adorable piece and your bamboo piece on your sun porch is a beauty! I gasped when I saw your photo of your tote sitting among those bluebonnets with the vivid green! Fun, fun, fun Sarah! I'm not a fan of bus rides but I think the wine and treats would make the trip a lot more palatable! You can take me antiquing anytime :)

  24. Sarah, you could send the photo of the tote with the bluebonnets to MacKenzie-Childs ;o) Such a pretty shot! I have read about the popular Round Top in magazines, and I love when you take us along and show us some treasures. I know you and Miss CC are looking forward to your next adventures. Hope to see a sneak peek of little sister too. Miss Aurora will have a couple outings this summer....Rhinebeck and NYC. I enjoyed seeing the photos of you and your classy style ;o)

  25. I enjoyed taking the trip with you and Miss CC, Sarah, as I've always wanted to go to Round Top. The trip with your girlfriends to Comfort looked like fun, too. I like the idea of traveling by bus, and what perfect hostesses you had. Yes, I think you and Miss CC had two fabulous excursions!

  26. I enjoyed being a tag a long on this journey with Miss CC. I love this Sarah. You are very clever and so charming. Looks like a great time. xo marlis

  27. What fun, Sarah!! The tote is simply beautiful & I had no idea how large it was until I saw you holding it. Great traveling companion!
    Thanks for taking us along...I enjoyed it very much.

  28. I love all the photos! Oh my! You and CC had a great time.

  29. Looks like a fun time was had by all, as the old society columns used to say. I love shopping adventures in Texas --- unbeatable.

  30. Well how fun was that! You all look like "natural" shoppers! I enjoyed everything you showed. I want that majolica pig pitcher! I bet younguysnhad a ball! The tote is great and I love how you're taking it on adventures!

  31. I also adore MK and love that bag!! Your bag tales remind me of the book and movie" Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants". I quite like those bovine butter molds at the fair.

  32. What a blast this must have been. Beautiful tote...

  33. Such fun! Miss CC certainly knows how to shop! Love the bamboo cabinet it's perfect for your lovely sunroom.
    One day I'll make it to Roundtop but until then I remain content to tag along from the comfort of my armchair!
    Wonderful post.

  34. What a fabulous post, I enjoyed it soooooooo much and felt as if I was right along there for the ride. What a fun trip and crazy about Miss CC (cute tote) and wishing I could find one for myself. Also loving that bamboo "find". I too always love a good antique show and this one looks outstanding.


  35. Sarah, thanks for visiting my blog. I am in N FL so I think you probably should be able to plant Limelight's, I'm in zone 8. Mine are planted with early morning sun but as the day progresses they get some shade from my house. The back of my house faces N. Also wanted to tell you, when we built our house 30 something years ago my grandmother died shortly there after. As a child I remembered her telling me where she has daylilies planted that they had come from my great grandmothers garden. When she passed I dug some of them up since I had a new garden at the time. They are planted in front of the bed where the Limelight's are planted. Since the Limelight's are closer to the house they are more protected from too much sun. Hope this is helpful.


  36. Oh. My! I love love love this post. But then, I would, antiques are my favorite thing. I love the idea of the traveling tote, what a great and fun idea! Thanks so much for this beautiful post, and all the photos of antiques, too.

  37. I love Mackenzie-Childs, but have just the black and white checked tea kettle.

    But, seeing your bag reminded me that I have a Mackenzie-Childs sock purse. It's a beautifully pattered sock and I must discover where in my "stuff" it is hiding and bring it out to hang on a door or cabinet.

    Thanks for the visit to Texas.

  38. Sarah,
    Oh, dear friend, what wonderful totes to accompany you on your excursion(s)!!!
    I would have had to bring the tortoise box home with me from Marburger Farm, dear one!!!
    Oh, and those Victorian Bamboo Furniture pieces are exquisite!!!
    The piece you choose for your home is amazing!!!
    Thank you for taking us along. . .wine and savory treats sound totally divine!!!
    Perfect ending to a perfect excursion!!!

  39. What a fun and unique idea! You girls are having all the fun! That bamboo piece is FABULOUS!!!
    Can't wait for the bags to go traveling again.

  40. It looks like you ladies had a splendid time....oooh, I would've been in trouble with all of that wonderful tartan! :)

  41. Sounds and looks like you all had a great time. I see lots of treasures I would like to have, but don't need. :-D Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  42. Oh, what a lucky tote that is!! I'd love to travel with her! And she's beautiful to boot!! ~Zuni

  43. That traveling tote is awesome! I just saw it on Debbie from Mountain Breath too. Love it!!!
    What a fun trip and oh my, I would probably think I died and went to heaven...such gorgeous things. Wow!
    The tartan is swoonnn...
    Have a great weekend ahead.

  44. Hello from Oz, lovely Sarah! It's so wonderful to see you again after my extra long blogging break while I have been settling back into teaching. It looks like you have been well and keeping busy. This was such a fun post and I love your tote! I loved the tour of your excursion as well.

    Hope you have a great weekend and I look forward to catching up with you again soon.
    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  45. I love your idea, but my little Baggallini just doesn't have quite the same drama! I enjoyed the trips as well, via cyberspace.

  46. Hi Sarah,

    I so enjoyed following you and your friends on this wonderful excursion. The photo of your own black and white checkered tote among the beautiful bluebonnets is absolutely dreamy! There was so much to see and do on this exciting excursion. Thanks for sharing!


  47. I love your Tale of the Traveling Totes! I'm a big MacKenzie-Childs fan as well and your lovely CC looked especially wonderful sitting amongst the Texas Bluebonnets! I was in San Antonio at the end of the Bluebonnet season and they are stunning! I've always wanted to go to Round Top for the antiques fair and, now that my daughter and her family are living in San Antonio, a friend and I are planning to make a visit to Round Top - hopefully this fall! My daughter, my grandkids, and Round Top all in one trip! Heaven! If I see CC there I'll be sure to say hi!

  48. That's a great idea! I'll look for more traveling totes posts!

  49. How fun Sarah! That bag looked so happy hanging out with those bluebells. You gals look like you are having so much fun! I want to go to Round Top so badly some day. Love, love that tin toy!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  50. Hello again Sarah! I just popped back to say a very big thank you for sharing this post at the Sundays Down Under linky party. I'm so thrilled you could join in.

    Have a great Thursday!


  51. I absolutely LOVE the idea of the Traveling Tote! And it's such a stylish bag too. Looks like you enjoyed a great day. Please come share your blog posts over at the Home Matters Linky Party! We'd love to have you for a visit. The Door Opens Friday! :)

    Life With Lorelai

  52. I'd love to have the experiences that Miss CC has had in her short life. What fun! Round Top is still on my bucket list, and your photos put it even higher on the list. The bus trip to more wonderful places looked like so much fun. I love that breakfast and after-shopping treats were served on the bus. Of course, you know I love your new tin bunny toy. What a wonderful find! You and Miss CC look so pretty together.

  53. Bravo! Bravo! What fun! I love the traveling tote (I would have plucked that at up on clearance, too). I've been to a few of those places but not travelling in style like you! That would be so fun to do some time!

    Thanks for sharing this excellent excursion for the letter E.


  54. Hi Sarah,
    I am so thrilled that you finally got that Victorian Bamboo Piece you've been lusting after!
    It is gorgeous and looks amazing in your home :)
    What a fun time you all had :)
    Puts a big smile on my face!

  55. It seems like Miss CC brought you great luck with finds. The new piece in your sunroom is stunning!!! And, I love your new tin bunny, too. I will definitely stay tuned for more travels of Sarah and Miss CC.♥


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