Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Winter Weekend

The Musée d'Orsay is

without doubt one of my favorite 

destinations in all of Paris.

Can one ever see these incredible 

works too many times?

I think not,

so I made a recent trip to see

Faces of Impressionism

before it leaves Texas the end of the month.

You can read about the exhibit here.

It will be at the Kimbell in 

Ft. Worth though January 25th.

The weekend in Dallas was wet and cold,

but it was warm and cozy 

inside my friend Susan's beautiful home.

She had her table set with adorable 

snowmen and snowy glass trees   .   .   .

Along with white 

candles and red berries.

Charming metal branches with rosy red berries 

were scattered down the center of the table.

The oversized stems, often referred to as

buttermilk goblets, are family pieces from 

Susan's paternal grandmother and added more 

sparkle to the wintery tabletop vignette.

Place settings of 

Wedgwood Queen's Ware and Strasbourg sterling

were accented with woven rattan chargers

and festive Ralph Lauren winter napkins featuring

greens, pine cones, and red berries.

I've long admired Wedgwood's pattern

with its delicate shell edge and beautifully 

embossed design of leaves and grapes.

The simplicity of the exquisite 

white creamware against the woven rattan 

and the design on the napkins

works perfectly for a January tablescape.

Allie at the Table

The weekend and Susan's lovely table inspired me to 

do a little "painting" of my own.

I'm very accomplished 

when using the Waterlogue App!



The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. I have spent many a happy hour in museums enjoying French impressionist and other paintings; that exhibit sounds lovely. I like your friend's table, especially those napkins and the engraved glasses.

  2. Sarah,
    Wedgewood china is always beautiful in any setting. I love your painting of your kitty peeking over the table, definitely a 21st century impressionist painting.


  3. Love this post, Sarah! I'll ber it was a wonderful exhibit!

  4. White dish love from me Sarah and I love those buttermilk stems! We're getting some freezing rain that hopefully will taper off this morning and then warm up this afternoon but it definitely calls for being warm & cozy inside with a dog or kitty on your lap! ♥

  5. How nice to go see an exhibit like that! Those Wedgewood dishes are beauties and I likenthise oversized stems. The watercolor portrait is perfect :-) love the kittie!

  6. I wish that art exhibit were coming to the Cleveland Museum of Art!! I'd go in a heartbeat!
    What a lovely winter scene your friend set for her guests. Love all the snowmen & berries & those place settings of china & silverware are to die for!
    I just learned that "buttermilk" stems were really sugar bowls....and it is mostly Texans that call them "buttermilk"!!! Go here for an eye opening lesson about them:

    See, Sarah, I never fail to learn something from your blog postings!!

  7. Sounds like a lovely weekend, in spite of the weather. Susan's table is so pretty, and, like Rettabug, I Googled "buttermilk glasses". I always find.glass ware or dishes interesting,, especially if it has a family connection.
    We're in day four of fog and rain. Hopefully, the sun will be out later today. Your "painting" of Allie is darling.

  8. We did have gloomy and cold weather here didn't we? You know our family lives just outside of
    Dallas in what used to be a small suburb- Southlake. I too enjoy the Kimball, and the impressionist era. This table setting is lovely, sings of the beauty of a frosty Winter!

  9. What a wonderful weekend even though we have had such dreary, cold weather, Sarah. I love when you share your friends' homes with us. Susan's wintry tablescape surely brought a smile to everyone who entered her home.

  10. We have had some grey weather, too! Glad yours is brightened by Susan's cheery table and a trip to see that exhibit! I adore French artists from that period, and I know that it must have been WONDERFUL. Susan has one of my favorite flatware patterns, and I am in love with her dishes, too.

    Sending you warm hugs across the miles...


    Sheila :-)

  11. What a pretty table. I loved the Musee d Orsay when we were in Paris. Such beautiful paintings.

  12. Growing up in a suburb just to the north of Chicago, I went into the city often and always made a stop at the Museum of Art to enjoy the wonderful collection of Impressionist paintings. I miss it.
    Your friend Susan created a beautiful tablescape. So appropriate for all this cold weather we have been having.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  13. Beautiful table...wish those cute snowmen had the corners of their mouths turned up instead of looking quite so sad, though. I, also, had to look up buttermilk goblet...had never heard of it.
    Have a great week, Sarah.

  14. Looks like a lovely weekend. I too had never heard of a buttermilk goblet. Good to learn something new!

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  15. d'orsay is my favorite museum of all time! Love the table setting. So wintery but fun!

  16. So sad, the goings-on in such a beautiful city as Paris.
    Your friend's table setting looks amazing. :)

  17. Sarah, Love the The Musée d'Orsay and I could never spend enough time there! We catch similar exhibits in Atlanta and Birmingham. Susan't table is so perfect for a January day. Those snowmen are adorable and the china is a beautiful pattern. I'm sure this was a fun weekend for you two. Great "Impressionism" of Allie!

  18. Dearest Sarah,
    You were clever for visiting Faces of Impressionism, while in Texas!
    Lovely winter table setting you show us here.
    In the Old World we always would serve our dessert in this kind of bigger 'coupes de dessert' as we never had the tradition of serving any pastry after a dinner. That only would be served for tea or coffee time.
    Sending you hugs and best wishes for 2015.

  19. What a wonderful exhibit to visit. That winter table is just gorgeous. I love the little snowmen and the china is beautiful. xo Diana

  20. Your friends table is beautiful!! What a great exhibit to see too. I have no idea who did the pictures I have, there is no mark on them. They are just inexpensive prints. Thanks so much for your visit, Sarah.

  21. Hi Sarah! We once spent an entire day in the Musée d'Orsay with headsets, totally absorbed in the incredible collection. It was absolutely pouring in Paris and there was no need to go elsewhere for entertainment! I would love to go again soon, or to go to this exhibit you just attended! We just saw the Goya exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and although Goya is not my favorite it was fascinating, with works displayed by theme rather than chronologically. There was also a Wyeth show just closing and if that travels you should not miss it! The table setting with the white Wedgwood, rattan and the ornate sterling is fabulous for a wintery meal. Hope your weather has improved. Linda

  22. That must have been a great exhibit to see. I saw a similar exhibit in Vancouver some time ago. A treat!
    Your friend set a lovely table, and you have illustrated the Kitty At The Table beautifully!

  23. Susan's table looks so pretty. Love her glass trees. You are a master with the Waterlougue! laurie

  24. Hello Sarah,

    We have found you and your delightful blog via Pondside.

    We totally agree about the works of the Impressionists. To see them every day for the rest of one's life would still give something inspirational. The ways in which the subject matter is composed, the handling of colour, light and shade, are all so masterful. How wonderful that a selection of these treasures found their way close to you. Fortunately, for us in Europe, they are never very far away.

    Now, if only our grandparents had chosen wisely.....then we might have the odd work on our walls today to look at. Sadly, however, they did not!

    Wishing you all peace,joy and prosperity for 2015 and we look forward to returning often.

  25. I know you must have had such a wonderful time, Sarah. Your friend's table is so pretty. And, I love Impressionism! Renoir is my favorite.♥

  26. Sarah,
    Thank you for sharing the lovely Impressionist Paintings exhibit information, dear friend!
    Well, I remember my sister and I visiting Paris and viewing the Mona Lisa.
    Museums, exhibits and art seem to be a dying breed among our young.
    Thank you for the gentle reminder to enjoy the great works in our own areas!
    Your friend's tablescape is lovely!

  27. I love the impressionist paintings and I am always in search of large art pieces to bring back home. I try to take the girls to the art museums often and I don't know if I ever mentioned it on the blog before but my daughter Isabella was named after a museum. I hope you had a lovely time with your friend. : )

  28. I love snowmen in January Sarah! And I have to remember to paint with the Waterlogue app more, it is so awesome! Love the Impressionists :)

  29. Hi Sarah What a beautiful table your friend sets. I'm sure you have a lovely meal there too. I love the Musee D'Orsy and the impressionist also and would like to go again. But I wouldn't want to have a trip to Paris planned for any time in the near future. What an awful mess it is there right now!
    I am very negligent of my blog lately, need to get back into the routine of it again! (hugs)Rhondi

  30. I have put the Waterlogue APP on my goal list for 2015. I want to learn to use it. The kitty does look very handsome as an abstract pictured by a beautifully set table. I do love the Wedgwood creamware. Very classic!!!

  31. Lovely table, the snowmen are just adorable! Gorgeous impressionist art.
    Hugs and Happy New Year,

  32. What a beautiful post! Your friend set a lovely table. I have never heard of buttermilk goblets! I will have to search for those! Did you paint that cat???? OMG! Super talented!!!! LOVE it!

  33. ♫♫ ♥♥♥ "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SARAH!!!!" ♥♥♥ ♫♫ Wishing you a wonderfully joyous day, full of fun, good food & presents...mostly presents! LOL

  34. Happy birthday Sarah. You have the nicest friend. Love the artwork too. I hope you are staying warm and cozy.

  35. Hi Sarah, I'm popping over from Rett's to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful and delicious celebration ♥

  36. Sarah - What a festive and pretty table setting! We will be in Paris in March - looking forward to visiting the d'Orsay. Cannot wait!! Thanks for sharing :)

  37. Another wishing you a happy belated birthday! I haven't been blogging, so I am out of it. 3 weeks of doing battle with bronchitis, so many drugs!
    Love the table so pretty! Cute snowmen. We are expecting snow tomorrow, lucky we haven't had it so far!

  38. Happy belated birthday dear friend. I haven't had much time to see what you're all up to because I'm caring for Alex and she's doing better now. Thanks hon.
    The table is so pretty with the cute snowmen. I need to get a couple of bigger ones as I have small ones only.
    Have a lovely week and keep warm.

  39. I hear you had a January birthday too - not too nice here for a birthday!
    Hope you had a wonderful time!
    The table is really pretty. It makes winter look pretty!
    How wonderful to see the Impressionism exhibit!

  40. Such a pretty table setting and the kitty is adorable!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY.

  41. Is there anything the French don't do well? From haute couture to cuisine to design and art, it's all so intriguing!

    How lovely to have spent some time with your friend and enjoyed this pretty, wintry tablescape.

    Stay cozy!


  42. You're so funny. I got to the end of the post and thought, wow I didn't know Sarah was a painter! Hey that app looks so fun, I've got to try it. I always love getting a peek into your friends' homes. They're all so beautiful and this table was especially. You photos are so good, the close ups of the dinnerware and linen napkins and the metal branches...those are the little details I would've been looking at. I SO appreciate a pretty table, I think it's an expression of love for one's guests. And It looks like such a lovely time.

  43. Hi sweet Sarah an I too am wishing you a belated happy birthday wish! I'm sure the art exhibit was wonderful! Your friends table looks so sweet and such pretty pieces she has. Thank you so much for your visit and sweet words.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  44. I love that china Sarah! I have a tea cup in it. Thanks for linking up with Home Sweet Home!

  45. Like you, I so enjoy the d'Orsay. I also enjoy being in a friend's home where welcoming effort is made. Somehow that always makes me feel very special, and I bet your friend's table did that for you.

  46. Sarah, your post was the #1 most viewed feature at last week's Foodie Friday--I'm linking to it tonight. (Internet Explorer ate my earlier comment, so I've returned on Chrome. )

  47. Your table is gorgeous and I love all the snowmen. Would love to see the Impressionists...know it was great!

  48. What a gorgeous table, Sarah! "Birds of the same feather flock together" holds true here. I love your friend's snowmen and glass snowy pieces. Love the sterling, plates and stems too. Exquisite!...Christine

  49. Love the little snowmen on your friend's table. Gorgeous little details and dinnerware and I love the napkins she used. Yes I am moving things around and causing myself lots of work! LOL. Enjoy your weekend!
    Miss Bloomers

  50. Just beautiful! You may know that the Wedgewood pattern is one of my favorites. I would love a little gallery foray about now. What a wonderful opportunity!

  51. Sarah, your friend Susan's home is decorated so perfectly for wintertime!

    I LOVE learning about "buttermilk goblets" I had no idea. I think one of those oversized tealight candles (can get at Walmart on the cheap, and they're difficult to find so I always buy in bulk when I find) would work well in them as candle holders - oh my wouldn't the cutting just sparkle with a flame behind it?

    I am so glad you enjoyed yourself. As always, thank you for your visit and sweet comment too.

  52. Oh I so wanted to see this exhibit as impressionism is one of my favorite styles of painting. Next time call me as I would love to tag along. :)

    Have a beautiful day!

  53. I love that museum...Sarah, my hyacinths are blooming and I thought of you!

  54. Sarah, I'm just stopping by to thank you for advertising my party linkup on your sidebar. You are the best!

  55. This may post twice. Thank you so much for advertising my party linkup on your sidebar. You're the best!


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