Thursday, May 15, 2014

Our Wedding China

Cuisine Kathleen's Wedding China Challenge

I didn't have an opportunity to set a table this week for Kathleen's challenge, but as I've read many of the posts I realized one of the aspects I enjoyed most were the stories everyone shared of the special memories about their wedding china.  This made me long to join in the fun.  I remembered I had created a previous post on our wedding china, so I reached back in the archives to retrieve some of the photos to share in the fun of Kathleen's challenge. 

Still in love and

happily married for 39 years this August!

All these years later I wouldn't change a thing,

including our choice of fine china which we

selected together when we registered for our wedding china.

Richard Ginori ~ Palermo Brown

We selected this pattern for its simplicity 

and the touch of chocolate brown.

Our crystal selection was by Denby 

in a rich amber brown with clear stems.  

Richard Ginori china has been produced since 1735.  

As with many of the porcelain 

and china factories in the UK and Europe,

Ginori experienced financial difficulties. 

The company declared bankruptcy in January 2013.

In April 2013, Ginori was purchased by Gucci

with plans to improve the factory in Florence

and continue to produce the 

high-end products under its name.

Palermo Brown has been a 

discontinued pattern since 1988, 

but one can still find it 

through eBay and online retailers.

This pattern was also produced in several other colors.

~ rust ~ green ~ yellow ~ blue ~ black ~

As you can see, 

this is a very versatile pattern.

It's easy to mix it with a variety of linens,

chargers, and patterned salad or dessert plates.

Here it is paired with an inexpensive salad plate, 

Classic Tidings Tartan from Target.

Here with another fine china,

Olde Avesbury by Royal Crown Derby

and Italian pewter chargers.

The colorful Birds of Paradise and Oriental Pheasants 

in Olde Avesbury are taken from an original embroidery.

This pattern was first produced as above in 1932,

but now one can purchase many other color variations

 that have been derived from this pattern.

The green charger is by Zrike.

Our colored crystal by Denby 

compliments both of these china patterns.

Last summer I loaned our china to a friend 

for an alfresco dinner party.

She set an elegant table with gold chargers 

and white linens with an added touch of burgundy.

I love the touch of the Bosc pears and the

gorgeous rose bouquets in urns.  It's fun to see how

someone else chose to use our china.  I'll no doubt copy 

this idea for a future dinner party at our home.

If you enjoy pretty dishes you should hurry on over to 

Cuisine Kathleen 

and see all the beautiful selections  

of wedding china that bloggers have shared this week.

Wedding China Challenge @ Cuisine Kathleen


The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Sarah, I loved this post the first time and I love it again now...So glad you brought it back around..still beautiful china..
    Love, Mona

  2. What lovely china, Sarah. I loved seeing all of the photos showing its versatility. You chose well!

  3. Beautiful, elegant china...looks great with the stemware and different plates. Lovely!

  4. Your wedding china is simply lovely, Sarah! You had impeccable taste 39 years ago as you still have today. And the crystal is beautiful as well. I think it's great that you can layer the pieces, that doesn't happen so easily with small floral patterns so many of us chose back in the day. And your friend did a fantastic table, what a nod to you that she wanted to use your dishes!

    I heard about Kathleen's party but knew I didn't have the time. Never thought to look for a previous tablescape!


  5. Sarah- That is just beautiful china and you are right- it is SO versatile. How fun that you loaned it to someone for a party! We do that with our Spode Christmas china. xo Diana

  6. I love this story of your wedding china.

    We did not register for china 43 years ago, only our everyday dishes - which are long broken. My grandmother gave me her china instead and yet we rarely use it.

    I love learning from you about the history of all the different pieces you use.

  7. Very classic china and lovely florals!

  8. I remembered the Palermo Brown, but I had forgotten that you have the Olde Avesbury, too. Now I'm inspired to use mine with the Coalport Athlone Brown. I saved the Palemo on eBay. Some of the colors are delightful...worth considering. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  9. Your wedding china is so beautiful and classy! I enjoyed seeing the different ways you coordinated it with other china. I also scrolled down and saw your mother's wedding china which is so lovely and delicate!


  10. It makes so much sense to have a simple elegant pattern like you have. I love the touch of brown with the gold, and the tea set is gorgeous too. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! It all goes so fast doesn't it?

  11. I think your wedding china is one of the nicest I've seen on CK's challenge! It looks so modern with the chocolate brown on it that its hard to believe it is from 39 years ago! Great idea to loan your friend your china to see what she'd do with it...fabulous table and no wonder you want to copy it! Happy Anniversary!


  12. Beautiful pattern Sarah, I love the rich look of the gold and brown, the Denby crystal is a great compliment to your china pattern. I enjoyed seeing the different ways you have used it for a multitude of occasions. So versatile and beautiful too!!!

  13. Sarah- your china is oh-so versatile. The Uptown Acorn LOVES the acorn napkin ring. Is it Vagabond House? I love their products.

  14. Your pattern is beautiful, and I love that it is so versatile too. My mom told me to choose a more neutral pattern, but I have a very "patterned" one. I still love mine, but I also love the ones with a simple elegance like yours.( That's why I chose a whole new set that I'm calling my anniversary set. )

    I loved the way yours looked on that alfresco table. Gorgeous!

  15. Dearest Sarah,
    Such elegant and high quality china like yours will never go out of style and will bring joy to the table many more times.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  16. Your wedding china is beautiful. When I got married, we didn't purchase any china. Now I wish I had.

  17. Hi Sarah, Your china is beautiful and
    I love your pics. Elegance and versatile in any setting.
    You have beautiful taste and style.
    Have a great weekend.

  18. I don't think you have any fun at all playing with color :-)

    Each new combination is just as stunning as the previous.

    Have a fabulous weekend Sarah!

  19. I still maintain that your Palermo Brown is timeless and looks like a pattern a 2014 bride might choose! It reads as very sophisticated and certainly "plays well with others"! Thanks for showing us some of the ways you've styled it over the years!

  20. So glad you decided to share your wedding china after all, it's lovely. Love it paired with the tartan. The alfresco setting is spectacular! Congrats on 39 beautiful years. We celebrate our 20th in just a few days :)

  21. I remember this lovely post, Sarah. Aren't we lucky, those of us who still love our youthful choices? Yours was a good choice and it has stayed fresh through the years - and versatile!

  22. I can see why you are still in love with this china. It is so elegant and timeless. The way it mixes with the Royal Avesbury is fabulous.

  23. You chose a very beautiful, versatile wedding it with the Birds of Paradise and the green rich looking, perfect for winter holidays.
    Have a wonderful week, Sarah.

  24. Hi Sarah, You have such a flair for mixing and matching all of your beautiful china patterns. Your Palermo Brown is so classic and always stylish. I love the tea service on the lovely silver tray. Your friend set a very elegant table using Olde Avesbury. It’s always nice to pull previous posts from the archives to enjoy again.
    Have a wonderful weekend Sarah.


  25. Sarah, I am delighted to see this post. I think your china is wonderful, especially, since brown is my favorite color!! It is so much fun to see the different ways that you have used the plates. I love the one that you did with the Olde Avesbury and the green charger - oh, my!!

  26. I remember seeing your china before, many times, and still LOVE it!!! An unusual choice for almost 40 years ago and still a classic. The stemware has been a favorite of mine for a long time. You use both beautifully!!!

  27. Hi Sarah,

    First, let me wish you an early Happy Anniversary -- 39 years is terrific!! The best part is knowing that you wouldn't change a thing and are still in love with your husband. :) I feel the same way!

    Your china is beautiful and elegant, and I can see why your husband would like it because the brown and gold band give it a little bit of a masculine touch, rather than looking too "fussy." :) It is definitely a timeless pattern, and it mixes and matches so well with other dishes. I also love your Olde Avebury -- just beautiful. The silver tray in your first picture is lovely, too. Your friend did a spectacular job with your china for her al fresco dinner; the flowers were gorgeous.

    I'm glad you decided to join in the challenge. I've been so busy lately, too, but I didn't want to miss this chance to get out my favorite china. :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  28. Gorgeous post! So much to enjoy. Your tea set and dessert on the sterling tray is so elegant! Amazing how long the Ginori company was in business. Sad to hear about financial difficulties. I wish Gucci the best in retaining the fine quality of the former company.

    I enjoyed seeing the different settings you have done giving your china different looks.

    Your other pattern, Olde Avesbury is versatile too. Wow your friend had a lovely alfresco setting. What gorgeous flowers. I am pinning your post for sure.

  29. I remember this post, Sarah, but so enjoyed seeing it again. Your wedding china is so versatile. You chose an excellent pattern that seems to withstand the span of times. Now, about that chocolate cake at the end... I sure would love a slice! xo

  30. Your china pattern is beautiful, Sarah, and so timeless. I am not in love with my pattern any longer -- my tastes have changed since I was 20 and chose a yellow flower boarder, but I still continue to use it on certain occasions as it brings back good memories:)

    A very happy early anniversary to you and your husband!

  31. I adore the brown rim in your china pattern Sarah! Brown is the new black for me, I love it paired with pink, green, blue and of course it's beautiful will all the golden hues of fall. Your friend's table with the roses and pears is over the top gorgeous and swoon-worthy! Unfortunately, I was too busy to dish this week but so enjoyed seeing and hearing everyone's patterns & stories :) Enjoy your weekend!

  32. Sorry for the late visit. I loved your china the first time I saw and it is amazing how versatile it is. The brown is so rich. this is a pattern that can be dressed up or dressed down beautifully. I love the green chargers too. Dianne

  33. That alfresco dinner party with your china was like it came straight out of a magazine....gorgeous!! We have you beat by a few years....Our 44th is this October and nobody gave us any kind of wedding MIL is probably rolling over in her urn if she knew I ended up with her china and silver ;)

  34. You made a really wise choice all those years ago. Not everyone is still happy with their choices from when they were a young 20-something with a whole life ahead, but you did really well. The versatility alone is fabulous! You've been able to use it in a number of fabulous tablescapes over the years, and your friends are even able to enjoy and appreciate its value. That's really terrific!

    Your friend did a wonderful job with her centerpieces! I'm always so leery about mixing colors of roses, but when I see it so well done like this, I'm ready to jump in and shake off my trepidation!

    Have a beautiful weekend, Sarah, and thanks for joining in the fun!

  35. Hi Sarah, You had exquisite taste even as a young bride! The Ginori china is beautiful and timeless. I think the brown was an excellent choice, too, as it is so neutral. It works so well with the Royal Crown Derby, another fabulous china maker. I think I could just move into your house and be thrilled with your decor and your dishes -- all of them! Linda

  36. Hi Sarah, You had exquisite taste even as a young bride! The Ginori china is beautiful and timeless. I think the brown was an excellent choice, too, as it is so neutral. It works so well with the Royal Crown Derby, another fabulous china maker. I think I could just move into your house and be thrilled with your decor and your dishes -- all of them! Linda

  37. Your china is gorgeous, Sarah! It's lovely used in so many different ways and with other patterns.
    Mary Alice

  38. OH I love your elegant china! Love all the mix and matches for holidays and I must say the pears do add a really pretty touch to your dinner plates! The colors are so pretty with the flowers on the table!
    Just gorgeous!
    Miss Bloomers

  39. Happy almost 39 years Sarah! You certainly made a fine choice. Your wedding china is beautiful.

  40. Sarah, it is such a gorgeous pattern and so very versatile. Loved seeing all of the different ways it has been used! You always set such gorgeous tablescapes! Glad you joined Kathleens party and thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  41. Sarah, your china is just absolutely gorgeous and each setting is just lovely~ What a sweet thing to do, picking out your china together is just awesome, the love affair continues! I love your Mackenzie Childs chargers, they look wonderful with your china. You friend knows how to throw a grand party, and your china stole the show!

  42. Your china is just beautiful, and you have used it is so many different ways! Thanks for taking the challenge!

  43. Sarah,
    Elegant, simplistic china, dear friend!!!
    I adore how it blends harmoniously with your other patterns and china sets!
    Thank you for sharing your china!

  44. I wish I had the time to participate. I love your wedding china, Sarah. It looks so nice with everything!

  45. Your wedding china is absolutely beautiful, Sarah - beautiful tablescapes I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  46. Congratulations on picking out such beautiful timeless china 39 years ago!! I hate our wedding china!! good thing our marriage was a better choice than our taste in china in the early 80's! Your china looks beautiful in all the different settings!

  47. Sarah it is easy to see why you chose that China. It is gorgeous and you are right it is very versatile. I am your newest follower

  48. What beautiful china you have shared today. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  49. Your wedding china is really pretty Sarah! Thanks for sharing!

  50. Congrats Sarah! And you have beautiful classic china that stands the test of time!

  51. Congrats Sarah! And you have beautiful classic china that stands the test of time!

  52. Sarah, what gorgeous china! Beautiful outdoor tablescape. Have a great Memorial Day weekend! Hugs, Maria

  53. I absolutely LOVE your wedding china. I used to work in the wedding registry of a large department store and I would always advise brides to choose something simple and classic.It gives you great versatility and never gets dated.Thanks for sharing!

  54. Yes it sounds like you were successful picking a china pattern and a husband! I love your china pattern., and I see it is versatile!


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