Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cold Here and Time for Boeuf Bourguignon

French Fäience Figural Mustard by Alcide Chaumeil

It's cold here in Texas.  

Time for the chef to fix a hearty dish.

Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon

Cooler weather is the 

perfect time to make a stew,

 and what better choice than 

Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon

Boeuf Bourguignon with Boiled Potatoes and Snow Peas

Want to join me for a delicious meal?

The table is set 

and dinner is ready!

Pewter chargers topped with 

white dinner plates in Wedgwood Nantucket. 

 The flatware is Lauffer stainless in the Bedford pattern.

~ Tea Towels Used As Placemats ~ 

100% Cotton Made in 

France for William Sonoma.

~ Cows ~ Ducks ~ Rabbits ~ Chickens ~

The woven details offer a

charming French country feel for

the theme of a casual one dish meal.

Napkins in olive green and aubergine

 are also from William Sonoma. 

 The pewter napkin rings, 

each with a different flower motif, 

are from the Netherlands.

Contemporary Quimper Pottery

Dinner Plates With Scalloped Rim

Produced at Fäiencerie Kéraluc 

by the Artist L'Helguen

Bowls are wide and shallow.

Perfect for stew!

Ralph Lauren ~ Glen Plaid

Arte Italica's Crystal w/ Pewter Stems

Metal leaf dish 

for bread service.

Each of the plates and bowls 

of the Quimper set are a bit different, 

but with the same stylized flower theme.

The gray tones of this pottery work

with the pewter and the gold 

and taupe of the linens.

Centerpiece is simply a wooden bowl filled

with natural horse apples and ceramic acorns.

Natural horn votives 

and a few of the oversized ceramic 

acorns were added around the base.

The glow through the natural horn

adds a bit of warmth on this chilly evening.

A glass of red wine

 is perfect with this dish. 

 Julia recommends a 

Beaujolais, a Bordeaux, or a Burgundy.

The sides of boiled potatoes 

and snow peas compliment the beef cooked 

in red wine with bacon, onions, and mushrooms.

Bon Appetit!

Julia's Recipe here.

~ Joining ~


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  1. The table is beautiful and my mouth is watering so it is a perfect combination for a cold fall night! It looks fabulous. I have never made it but know it is a classic. The dishes are classics too. I especially love the horn candle holders. Isn't it fun to change the way you cook with the weather? I love that about fall.

  2. Your table is just gorgeous. I love the colours you used. The Quimper plates are just beautiful. Deb

  3. I'd LOVE to join you at your beautiful table, Sarah! The chef outdid himself with the artfully arranged stew. Your Quimper pottery is gorgeous with the pewter and with your centerpiece. I'm sure enjoying the cooler temperatures. xo

  4. Such a pretty table, and the idea of a stew sounds so hearty and delicious! I LOVE the little figure in your first pics!!! He is adorable!

  5. Everything you do is so completely charming......and the stew looks delish!!!! hugs....

  6. Sarah,

    It's cold here also and Shawn and I have been talking about all the soups and stews we want to make. This is going on our list to make this coming week! I had to call him in to see your pics because he's been saying he wants a beef based stew. We are both drooling. It looks SO good. The mustard pot is adorable and your table setting is lovely, as always.

    Stay warm in Texas!


  7. Sarah, I'm craving Boeuf Bourguignon and red wine for breakfast now! :) It looks mouth-watering along with your beautiful table! I love the tea towels as placemats and your pewter accents. I've admired those handsome RL glasses, they complement the Arte Italica perfectly. Gorgeous Quimper pottery too!

  8. Gorgeous setting Sarah! I love the Quimper! I was just thinking about making Boeuf Bourguignon, the other day. Yours looks delicious.

  9. Sarah, I have never seen any Quimper like this. It is amazing! I love how you mixed everything together and the wooden centerpiece, especially. The food looks amazing and your artistic arrangement of the stew in the bowls is lovely. I wanted to jump right into the photo and take a bite - lol!!

  10. I love boeuf bourguignon! Your table setting is perfect for your French meal.

  11. You have a nice variety of Quimper dishes. Your table looks wonderful and cozy. The beef dish is presented so nicely! We're cold up here too. I've had a few hot chocolates recently!

  12. Sarah this table is lovely! I really like the new Quimper dishes, interesting design and love the grays. The beef bourguignon looks amazing also.


  13. Your gorgeous tablescape, and Julia Child's recipe really kick up "beef stew" to haute cuisine. :)
    The Quimper pattern is perfect with pewter and stainless. Of course, I'm envying you with the horse/hedge apples. Wish they grew around here. Thanks for the Boeuf Bourguignon recipe.

  14. Sarah, Your table looks beautiful and I am in love with the mustard jar! Of course,I adore your Quimper plates.

  15. Hi Sarah! Oh, your table is so lovely and the stew looks delicious! I could just devour those yummy looking potatoes! ;) Hope you're doing well.
    be a sweetie,
    Sheila ;)

  16. Your table is beautiful! Love that jar, so cute.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  17. Your table is amazing....every detail! And your dinner....oh my...I bow down to you. Mouthwatering. I have no doubt you enjoyed it immensely.

  18. I love your collection of Quimperware, but that boy with the mustard bowl has stolen my heart! What a fabulous piece.

  19. Love, love, love those Quimper pieces!! That beef bourguignon looks fabulous, it's making my mouth water!

  20. Your table looks beautiful, presents your dish perfectly!

  21. Love all of it, Sara. Of course, the little French chef, with his big mustard pot, stole my heart immediately! What a fabulous piece. Love the unique look of the contemporary Quimper, and those RL tumblers are gorgeous! I'm also very smitten with the horn votives. Dinner looks delicious! I need your chef at my house. laurie

  22. Sara, This tablescape is fabulous. I love your beautiful elegant pieces. The centerpiece, the french chef, and the Quimper pieces add a perfect touch. I swear I am going to try and do an elegant tablescape soon. Your table is the perfect inspiration.

  23. Such a lovely table, Sarah. That china is gorgeous. We call those horse apples, hedge apples in the area I live...
    Julia's boeuf bourguignon is probably the best recipe I have made from her cookbooks.
    Have a wonderful week.

  24. It's been frightfully cold here in Alabama, too...and that B.B. is PERFECT for it.....oh, Julia Child is beaming....and such a gorgeous table setting, too......the horse apples are delightful......


  25. Sarah, I would love to join you for dinner. Love the addition of pea pods to the stew. Your Quimper is so beautiful. I like the tea towels you used as placemats too. It has gotten cold here today. We have had unseasonably warm weather lately. Last Sunday we are on the deck. Can't ever remember eating on the deck in November in Utah. Have a wonderful weekend. Joni

  26. Sarah:
    I made this once with Julia's recipe and it was so fun but I need to do it again! Your table and dishes are always stunning!

  27. I'm ready for stew myself and would love to set at this beautiful table. Love the china, great center piece with the horse apples.

  28. B E A U T I F U L

    Everything is perfect, but I have to say that my favorite little detail is the pewter napkin rings.

  29. Wow, Sarah. This has got to be my favorite Quimper pattern I've ever seen! I LOVE how it looks with the pewter. I also love the little guy at the beginning of the post! So cute.


  30. I have not seen that Quimper's great. The Julia Child's recipe is delish, and I know how many steps are required to make that dish.

  31. I have never seen that Quimper ware pattern the colors and I spotted the Ralph Lauren glasses before I even read what they that pattern...But lets talk about the looks wonderful. Something I have never made. I am signing up for another cooking class at the Viking School and that was one class I was considering...the Julia/Julie French dinner...I may have to pick that one just for the beef!

  32. I have never seen that Quimper ware pattern the colors and I spotted the Ralph Lauren glasses before I even read what they that pattern...But lets talk about the looks wonderful. Something I have never made. I am signing up for another cooking class at the Viking School and that was one class I was considering...the Julia/Julie French dinner...I may have to pick that one just for the beef!

  33. We were able to eat on the deck this evening. Very rare for November in New York, but I'll take it. Julia Child would be proud of you. One of my favorite dishes. I love seeing your Quimper!

  34. Such a stunning table - love the placemats with hares, the horse apple and acorns, and that adorable mustard pot - do you make fresh mustard with Coleman's Sara?

    Lovely warming meal -
    Winter is coming!
    Hugs -Mary

  35. Sarah,
    Fall Perfection! You have such beautiful things. Love Julia's recipe too. Dianne

  36. Oh my goodness Sarah that looks delicious and so pretty is your table! A perfect 10!! Happy Fall!
    Miss Bloomers

  37. Bonsoir Sarah. I'll be darned! I must have had a sixth sense telling me to stop by tonight :-) The first thing I saw: Your scrumptious looking boeuf bourguignon, and it only looked better and better as I scrolled down the page. Lovely table settings, as always. Don't you just love Julia? :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  38. WOOO HOOOO! I love the cold weather, I really do. I make this French dish for Christmas with lots of mushrooms and my special brioche! Have you ever made brioche dearest Sarah? When I do make it and have guests, I have to make several batches because these buttery little warm rolls go quickly!

    How lovely to be in this season of life at the moment; like the ellipses, the events to come keep us waiting. And it's all what we choose to make of it all, isn't it?

    I bet you dazzle your guests as you dazzle us with your lovely trimmings - greetings from a cool and breezy Minnesota! Love, Anita

  39. Sarah,
    Everything looks scrum-dil-e-ump-tious! My sister made boeuf bourguignon last Monday, two days before this post went live. Amazing how we all turn to the same dishes when the weather gets cool.

    We had our first hard freeze of the season on Nov. 12, but yesterday and today are absolutely gorgeous. Current temperature---77 with a high of 84 predicted.

    Lovely presentation...I also picked up horse apples last week.


  40. Sarah,

    Your table is glorious. It's filled with so many exotic elements.

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  41. Oh I wish I hadn't seen this! I'm starving! Haha! Looks so good! There are so many lovely things on your table. I especially like the gorgeous woven towels for each place setting. I'll have the Bougelais please!

  42. Sarah, the stew looks delicious. I love your plates and the chargers! Simplistic and beautiful centerpiece. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  43. Julia's Boeuf Bourguignon is such a wonderful classic--perfect for a frosty day. I love your centerpiece!

  44. So, Chef still prefers Julia's recipe to Roger's? It does look tasty though, I must say and the Keraluc dishes are perfect for a warming autumnal classic bb.
    Sending love from Normandy.

  45. Looks delicious and I love those dishes! Lovely table setting.

  46. What wonderful Quimper dishes, the bowls are such a perfect size for your beef bourguignon, your table is beautiful. I love the tea towel placemats!

  47. I love your adorable chef mustard pot Sarah! Sounds like you had a great meal:@)

  48. I'd love to come for a dinner that looks out of this world!!! And your table setting is so beautiful.
    Mary Alice

  49. How cute is that little mustard guy??!!
    How BEAUTIFUL is that grey set of Quimper!! I love how it pairs with the pewter & how you warmed it up with the natural elements like the horn votives & acorns.
    I haven't seen "horse apples" since we left Florida! We don't have them here in Ohio.

    I have never tried making boeuf-bourguignon, but I've eaten it & loved it. Perhaps I'll give it a go now that you've shared Julia' recipe. It looks YUMMY!

  50. Sarah, I love your table. I haven't seen the contemporary Quimper before. Your idea to use dish towels and such pretty ones as placemats is neat. Pewter chargers are perfect with your plates.

    I smiled when I saw the boeuf bourguignon recipe since I bought the ingredients to make some on Sunday. I need to practice spelling the name.

    Now, besides making the dish I want to watch Julie and Julia again.

  51. Your tablescape is stunning and dinner looks amazing. Such a lovely presentation. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  52. Oh Sarah, there's no where I'd rather be than sitting at that beautiful table with you. The menu looks so delicious but honestly, I'd be happy just chatting with you over a glass of wine. I always appreciate the warmth and kindness of your comments on my blog and I know we would have a great time together.
    have a great day my friend,

  53. Oh, yum! Your right! It's the perfect time for this amazing French dish - and you've set the perfect table for it too! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  54. Oh yum! That dish looks so delicious. But your Quimper pottery are just so beautiful! I love the colors and pattern is so different from the usual. ....Christine

  55. The food looks delicious and the table is beautiful. I'll be right over!

  56. Your warm hearty meal looks divine and makes my mouth water. Beautiful table setting and food display. One would expect no less from Julia Child and you would make her proud. I'll be right over to join in.

  57. Gorgeous accoutrements, my friend!


    Sheila... The horn votives are neat!


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