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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Romance of the Cameo

Cameo (kăm'ē-ō')

A gem or shell carved in relief, 

especially one in which the raised design 

and background consist of layers of contrasting colors.

I belong to a small group called CAMEO.

Collecting Antiques and Memorabilia and Educating Ourselves

This pretty table was the setting 

for our meeting last February.

Our topic that day was Torquay Pottery,

but that's another post on its own right.

The centerpiece was a tower of stacked 

cake plates in graduated sizes 

that held pretty pink swirled cupcakes.

Scattered atop the vintage white linen cloth were

Alison's collection of vintage cameo pieces.

Sweetheart Roses In Shades Of Pink

Cream Cheese Topped With Jam 

and English Water Crackers

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Salad

Fresh Baked Nut Bread

Vanilla Cupcakes With Creamy Icing

Exquisite Haviland China

Alison had made each of us a beautiful cameo valentine.

She used photo copies of various vintage cameos, 

cut them out, then glued them to heart shaped pink card stock.

She filled cello bags with sugary 

treats and tied it all with a pink satin ribbon.

This is the cameo Alison selected for my valentine.

Isn't this the sweetest idea for a handmade valentine?

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  1. What a fun group the CAMEOs must be! This beautiful table is just perfect for valentine season. I love your friend's pretty china, and the goodies look scrumptious!

  2. The table was set to perfection. The foods were beautifully presented. xo

  3. Sarah,
    What a sweet group CAMEO's!!!
    I adore the idea of choosing a "Topic of The Day" and then incorporating a themed luncheon and tablescape!
    Your dear friend, Allison, made such an elegant display with all the food and treats!
    Simply divine!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. How BEAUTIFUL!!! Please give Alison a round of applause from us & tell her I said "BRAVO" for a fantastic tablescape.

    I'm drooling over all the pretty food, but even more so over the gorgeous Limoge china. Exquisite!!

    We got to watch the craftsmen in Italy carving cameos...it was amazing. I've always regretted not buying one on that trip.


  5. I've never seen pepper jelly presented so elegantly! This looks like a wonderful meeting Sarah, I'm sure you all had a great time:@)

  6. What a wonderful group you have! Alison created an elegant and lovely table and the food looks outstanding. Love the sweet gifts she gave all of you. She's a wonderful hostess!


  7. I wish there was a Cameo group near me. That sounds absolutely fasinating. The decor is beautiful...what a lovely time you must have had.

  8. That was a beautiful table!! The roses are just gorgeous. I love the name of your group. How fun!!


  9. Love the beautiful cameos and the party honoring them is so fun...loved the cupcakes with the tops frosted like roses..the table is wonderful, wish I could come...

  10. Sarah, What a wonderful group and I love the name. Such a lovely table and the china is beautiful. How sweet of Alison to make each of you a cameo valentine to take home. I'm sure it was a wonderful meeting.

    The French Hutch

  11. What a lovely name for your group. Cameos are so feminine and pretty, but I rarely see them in the shops any more. The table setting is really pretty,too and Alison was so creative using the photocopied cameos for the valentines. Love it all.

  12. What an exquisite party idea and how fitting for Valentine's too. I want to try that. The treat bags are such a nice touch. What beautiful food and the colors go so perfectly with the theme. Thanks for taking us to the party with you!

  13. What a wonderful group to belong to! And what an original Valentine idea! Love the Limoges.

  14. What a great group, Sarah!! I love that idea. What a lovely party, meal and favors that your friend planned. I'm in love with the Limoges china.

  15. Beautiful setting Sarah. I wish I lived near you so I could be involved in such a lovely affair!

  16. It looks like a great gathering for your Cameo club. How special.. Very elegant setting. I particularly love your vintage limoge china. I love that pattern..

  17. How fun to have a club to discuss memorabilia and antiques! I love the cameos and the beautiful pink roses.

  18. Phyllis from Aroundrhouse recommended I subscribe to your blog and I am so glad she did. What a beautiful blog with all that yummy food and the super cameo's.
    I will be following your blog - I am a new blogger = stop by .

  19. OMG, what a perfect name for a wonderful group of ladies.. Love it. The limoges are so pretty. As are the pretty valentines.. Looks like a great time. xo marlis

  20. I am in love with every last detail, Sarah! What a lovely group of friends you have!



  21. Pretty in pink, I'd say. The Limoges china would mix beautifully with that which belonged to my mother. Hers is Richlieu in a very similar pattern, and I love now having it as mind.

  22. Oh what a fun group to belong to! I love the Limoges and the tiny cupcakes :-) What sweet little Valentine take always too! Just lovely Sarah!

  23. What a fun group. Great name! I love the Valentine's Day cards that were made! Beautiful dishes!! Dreamy!

  24. It has been eons since I received a handmade Valentine!!! I remember when people did that as a sign of affection. I used to love picking out different things for everyone's special card. Lost art. :-( That was a wonderful gesture on Alison's part to custom-create those Valentines and goodie bags for everyone. This looks like a really fun party with a purpose! The china is gorgeous, the food - especially those pretty cupcakes! - looks delicious, the flowers are pretty, and the cameos...wow!!! Again...I can remember when all the ladies had a cameo brooch or locket for their neck. I have no idea what happened to mine from my teen years! I wish I knew! Have a wonderful weekend, Sarah!

  25. Sarah, Your limoges is indeed exquisite. This is a wonderful idea for a group activity and I'm fascinated. Do you each study and then discuss or do you have guest speakers? The refreshments look delicious. I am fascinated by cameos, and I have one which I'll have to find. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Linda

  26. Love the idea of your CAMEO group. Your gathering looks so special. Thanks for including us.

    - The Tablescaper

  27. What a lovely group that must be. You have all the necessary ingredients for a great afternoon - delicious food, exquisite antiques, an elegant table and (I just know it!) the nicest women.

  28. Delightful! It reminds me of my Haviland group. We haven't met in a while. I need to get them all together before too much more time passes. Thanks for the inspiration. Cherry Kay

  29. Sounds like a wonderful group, Sarah.
    The table is beautiful.

  30. What a sweet post, Sarah, and I love the idea of your little CAMEO group! :D Alison's sweet cameo Valentine cards and treats are delightful. And the Limoges china is one of the most romantic patterns I've ever seen.

    LOVE this post!

    Ricki Jill

  31. Lovely group idea and what a beautiful table. You must love that group!

  32. Dear Sarah,
    that is the sweetest idea ever. I love Camoeos and that makes a lovely name for your group. And the table is unbelieable pretty. The fine Limoges and the cute cupcakes and the wonderful Valentine gifts. That is so nicely made. Thank you so much for sharing this.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  33. Sarah I really enjoyed seeing the beautiful details of this table and the food. The Cameo theme is perfect and love the Valentine's she made. Pink roses also...sigh...just so pretty!
    hugs, Linda

  34. Beautiful table...love the way Alison displayed the cupcakes. The dessert plates are so feminine, perfect for a ladies group. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing all these lovely images!

  36. What a lovely table your talented friend presented. I'm going to have to copy the valentines. I just love them.

  37. Sounds like a wonderful group Sarah! What a beautiful table that was set. The idea of cameo Valentine's cards is a great idea! When will you meet again?

  38. I love this post. The valentine cameos are precious. The menu is perfect, light and tasty. Gathering together with a common goal is so rewarding. Thanks for sharing your delightful afternoon.

  39. The cameo photos are so clear they look like they have depth. What a lovely idea for your group!

  40. Such a pretty party. Looks like it was so much fun, and what a clever and sweet idea for V'tines for each guest. Love the clever name for the club. Wish I could have been there to hear the proram on this topic. laurie

  41. Oh my, it is all so soothingly lovely ... your Cameo group sounds amazing too, thanks for sharing the event!

  42. Sarah,
    What a wonderful Tea!! Everything looked so yummy!! And the cameo idea is just the best...


  43. How fabulous to share this wonderful tablesscape! I love your Valentine and treat bag with all the sweets! The special cameo added to each Valentine made it so personal. The limoge china plates are perfect for a Valentine party. I love the name of your group and the wonderful idea of sharing antiques and knowledge. Thanks for sharing this grand post with all the tasty and delicious party treats!


  44. these cameo gift tags are just beautiful, and such a fun idea for a classic look!!

  45. Blogging women do the most wonderful things! I never knew there was so much talent and good will out there! It's..amazing! Really amazing. I LOVED my visit today!

  46. Sounds like a wonderful group, though I think any excuse for girlfriends to get together is a good thing! Very sweet table! The plates are just beautiful--so delicate and feminine! I think we should all go back to making Valentine's like we did in grade school!

  47. The cameo Valentines are so lovely and creative! I also think the food looks wonderful!

  48. Fab celebration!
    and luv the creativity!
    HapPy PS =)

  49. Everything looks beautiful! It sounds like a great group to belong to.

  50. What a lovely name for a group of ladies. I love cameos! Your post is so pretty from the cupcakes and roses to the handmade valentines and limoges china. Love the plates. Thank you for sharing and enjoy your day.


  51. The food looks wonderful! I love cameos so I was loving those sweet Valentine's! Thanks for sharing with us Sarah!

  52. Sarah, what a wonderful group meeting. I adore the name! My mom had a few cameos and I have a couple. Copying them and adding them to the hearts was such a darling idea! The food all looks delicious. Love those swirled cupcakes! And what gorgeous china. I am sure that you all had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  53. What a lovely tea! The hostess went the extra mile with so many special touches. Group sounds interesting too!

    Thank you so much for linking to Let's Dish!

  54. Sarah, I don't know how I missed this post! What a fun group to belong to! Those cameo tags are so dear!

  55. An invitation to this very pretty
    party would have been nice...
    Love the table scape and the food!

  56. What a dream party!!!!
    Blessings, Becky @ fromgentogen.com

  57. Oh those cameos are just breathtaking!

    Have a very Happy Valentine's week!

  58. Hi Sarah,
    What I would give to be in the CAMEO group! I too love cameos and those Valentines are wonderful. What fun!


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