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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Let's Put Our Heads Together

Henriot Quimper ~ Ivoire Corbeille Decor

I've yet to set a table for the new year,

so instead of a tablescape I'm sharing 

some pieces from my collection of Quimper in

a pattern affectionally known simply as IC.

The Ivoire Corbeille pattern dates from the 1930s, when it was first produced by the Henriot Factory in Quimper, France.  It is a rather distinctive decor that features elements from various earlier decors found on Quimper pottery.

The rose colored half sunflower, in the a la touché technique, was most likely influenced by an early HR design of a bird on a half sunflower, while pieces from the 19th century AP production in the bluets pattern could have influenced the sponged circlets that are distinctive to this pattern.

Here is an example of an HR plate in a design that likely influenced the rose colored half sunflower design often found on pieces painted in the Ivoire Corbeille pattern.  Click here to see a complete tablescape featuring this plate and other Quimper plates with a bird motif.

This large serving bowl was the 

first piece I purchased in the IC pattern.  

The central figure was inspired by 

the figures in the demi-fantasie pattern.  

I find the little sponged 

circlets a charming touch.

I also like the mix of blues and yellows 

atop the ivory colored background.

The sponged rims are another 

characteristic typically found on pieces of IC.

These two pieces offer yet another motif 

that you see around the central part of each pitcher.

Last but not least is this large fruit bowl 

with its distinctive swan handle.

What you say, let's put our heads together!

Tutorials, Tips, and Tidbits @ Stone Gable

I'm reversing the process this week for TTT @ Stone Gable.

Help me come up with some ideas for a tablescape using these limited number of pieces in this pattern.  I have two sets of the large cups and saucers, the little figural egg cup, one plate, a large bowl, two pitchers, and the swan basket. Leave me a comment with your ideas and suggestions. Tell me what I should use to set a pretty table featuring the Ivoire Corbeille pattern.



  1. Oh my, my mouth is watering. I visualize the texture of matelasse for the tablecloth....a table for two...perhaps utilize glass, a nice rimmed soup to top the plate and a nice glass plate to anchor your bowl. The kissing swans are obviously the center piece, and the pitchers might hold flowers, too. I see a heavy goblet, perhaps in blue, sitting alongside the cups and saucers. I picture touches of wood on the table...maybe a charger...or wood handles flatware, as a nod to the primitive tone that the tables of country
    French might have used....Baguettes in two different containers, perhaps faïence?...flaring vertically...or horizontally in a wooden dough bowl..oh the possibilities are endless! Magnificent pieces. Thanks for sharing them with us. Happy New Year, sweet friend. Cherry Kay

  2. Thanks, Cherry Kay. Your ideas are making my mouth water. I have a couple of French matelasse. One in yellow that just might be perfect for this. I hadn't thought of using it. See.....two heads are better than one. Definitely have the wood table. Love the idea of bringing in blue glass, which we have. Thanks for sharing these terrific ideas, dear friend. ~ Sarah

  3. What an unusual pattern! I know you will set a great table with it. Hugs, Linda

  4. Sarah,
    these are really beautiful!
    Whatever you do, it will be spectacular. I can see it also on natural colored woven placemats for a rustic feel, or a lighter blue textured linen tablecloth.
    You will find just the right kind of setting, and your guests will love whatever you come up with.
    Sarah, happy and healthy new year to you and your family. Isn't it nice to have met in blogland!!!
    Hugs, Evi

  5. I was thinking of a table for two as well. The man for the woman and vice versa....whatever you do with these pieces it will just lovely! I really can't get over your gorgeous collection! I love learning about your pieces!

  6. these pieces are gorgeous Sarah, love the pattern. I have a set of Quimperware that was my wedding "china". I always love seeing the wonderful varieties!

  7. What an enviable collection! I have never seen this pattern. You have taught me something new!

  8. This pattern is new to me. The swan dish is so charming. I wouldn't know where to begin with a table setting. You are much more talented. I usually leave that up to my daughter, who has been setting the table for my dinner parties since she was about 9 or 10.

  9. The pieces are beautiful Sarah, love the little duck egg cup:@)

  10. So lovely to see your Quimper being put to good use.
    Love the border on the 7th and 8th picture. I've never seen that before.

  11. Sadly I don't have any Quimper. I guess I have never run across it or I would have picked up some pieces. Sarah, there is so much pattern and detail you wouldn't need a tablescape. They are perfect for vignettes.

  12. I love the IC pattern....it is gorgeous! I think it would be fun to use these pieces as serving pieces on a buffet, and mix them with something else. That's what I'd do!!! :D


  13. Thank you for showing us your wonderful collection, Sarah! I think a breakfast setting for two would work beautifully -- the large cups for cafe au lait, the plate for croissants, the egg cup (obviously!) for a boiled egg, the marvelous swan bowl for fresh fruit, and the pitchers for juice!

  14. Hi Sarah, I came by your blog last night but decided to ponder your question before commenting! I think a blue base would work well, with the large plate for goodies and some solid dishes for individual servings. Maybe one of the pitchers for a centerpiece filled with flowers...I know you will come up with something beautiful. I really enjoyed this post and learned so much too. Linda

  15. Hi Sarah, what a lovely collection you have. I think a blue base would be so pretty to display your pretty dishes for a table for two. However, you always make such gorgeous tablescapes so it will be fun to see what you come up with. Happy playing with dishes.

  16. Thanks to each of you for your suggestions. I'm making notes of all the ideas and planning something to share later. A table for two is likely what it will be because it's just the two of us more often than not. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  17. I have mentioned before how I think so many of your collections are exquisite:) This one is no exception Sarah.
    The way you have photographed them for us..is well auction worthy..fine auction:)

    So our little ME calendar is just as dear as each previous one.. isn't it?My husband is so used to it too now..I often post a page on the fridge(yes I have one of those..with recent photos of the boys etc..a definite nono if selling a house:) ) but for us it's cozy.It looks quite weird when it's bare..
    Anyway..I started writing something ..since the first..on each finished page..nothing earth shattering..and I will see how long it lasts:) I journal..but not every day..this may prove to be a good tool to remember some things:)
    Here's to everyone's NEW YEAR.

  18. Sarah,
    I adore the rose hued half~sunflower on these Quimper plates!!!
    I'd say soft blue table linens small pattern yellow and blue napkins, luncheon table for two, Sunflower centerpiece and colored stemware!!! But, dear one...I'm sure using the lovely Quimper pieces you have plus your gorgeous linens you will thrill us with something fabulous!!! I'll be anxiously waiting the reveal!!!

  19. Beautiful Quimper collection and the history was great to know. How fun to use some pieces for a tablescape.
    wishing you a wonderful 2013.
    xo, Jeanne

  20. Sarah, your Quimper pieces are gorgeous and I really enjoyed your explanation of the history of the designs.

  21. Oh my Sarah! First I think all the ideas are wonderful in the comments. Cherry Kay's suggestion sounds lovely. I love the Ivoire Corbeille pattern, and the colors are gorgeous! You have so many beautiful plates and chargers to work with. I'm thinking it might be fun to mix and match these pieces with your MacKenzie-Childs for a table for two. Sometimes I love the table with no tablecloth, china on wood is gorgeous too. The swan bowl (why didn't I get one) is the perfect centerpiece with the pitchers holding flowers. You'll have fun designing a tablescape using these pieces! Can't wait to see.......

    The French Hutch

  22. Your collection must be just incredible!!! Thanks for educating us and sharing all the Quimper loveliness!

  23. Lovely collection...and great suggestions for you. I am sure however you use these, we will be in awe! These are very unique and precious!!

  24. This is just fabulous.. oh my.. a golden/yellow textured cloth... matelasse? some pretty spring flowers in the pitcher.. something blue to pick up the colors in the quimper... It's so lovely.. have the happiest of years ahead.. xo marlis

  25. Great colors in the patterns. I would go simple with any other patterns and just use bold colors to let the dishes stand out.

  26. Hi Sarah! Happy New Year! Love your beautiful dishes. I think they would look wonderful shown off all together as a buffet centerpiece with flowers at one of your famous ladies luncheons. I wouldn't want to cover them up with food! :o)

  27. Oh I adore quimper! What a collection!

    May we all have a happy, peaceful and prosperous NEW YEAR!

  28. I am not a tablescaper so I can truthfully say that just looking at your pictures and reading the information is wonderful enough! :)

  29. What an outstanding collection you have!! I am so pleased that you linked to "Open House" Sarah!

  30. What wonderful pieces, Sarah! I am impressed with your knowledge & expansive collection of these beautiful items.
    Did I tell you I was on a home tour & they had an entire display WALL of Quimper? I was so proud that I knew what it was. (my DD was surprised)

    Whatever you do with them will be spectacular, I know. There are so many ways you could go & I can't wait to see what you decide.


  31. I love Quimperware! I see yellow tulips in one (or both) of these pitchers, yellow napkins, a pale blue matelasse, and white plates so as not to detract from the beautiful design in the pitchers. You must have twenty different table settings just mixing and matching these pieces.

  32. Beautiful Sarah!

    This table ware is so exquisite,and it just takes me straight to the lush countryside of France that I know and love. Being there in this region of France 10 years ago was unreal. Seeing the wild geese stroll by,the rivers, the cottages, and the feel of life floating by is all expressed in the art.

    Thank you for sharing the lovelies that set our tables, and for coming to see my work. It will be an interesting year to see how far I can push my art and where it will take me!

    Have a lovely Saturday! Anita

  33. Hi Sarah,
    I am sure, you will set them in a absolutely stunning combination. Because you asked I will tell you my idea. Because you have not a full st of this Quimper pattern, I would use them as serving pieces. I would use the pewter chargers and a set of plain blue and/or yellow dishes in addition. The menue could be a Italian Pinzimonia, which is short cooked vegetables and eggs to eat with tuna dip and/or maijonaise. I would use the eggholder as salter and the two cups for the dips. On the plates you could serve some sliced vegetables. The mugs are for wine and water or you use the small mug to serve long celery like in a vase. And the wonderful swan bowl I would use for French bread. I am curious, how you will set the table. The Quimper pottery makes my heart sung. It has some relation to the Italien Deruta pottery and the sponged circles remind me very to Bunzlauer Ceramics from Poland. Thank you for the very interesting informations about the Henriot patterns.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  34. How beautiful.
    I'd like to see a table set as for 'best' in a simple home. A snowy cloth, or perhaps an ivory lace cloth - some elements of wood......perhaps a bread bowl or wooden chargers...and the meal would be on the hearty side - sauerkraut and pork or a whole fish. I see it with old silver serving pieces and heavy glasses.
    You are going to have fun with this!

  35. I am having severe dish envy - what beautiful pieces. I love birds, but was especially blown away by the swan handled bowl - wow!!

  36. Such beautiful pieces Sarah, especially love the swan bowl!
    Hope you are having a GREAT weekend!

  37. Such unique and gorgeous pieces, Sarah! Cherry Ksy has excellent ideas. Can't wait to see what you come up with and I know it will be awesome. Happy Bew Year!...Christine

  38. I'll look forward to seeing your future tablescape with the IC. Just beautiful. Thanks so much for your great idea for the porch! I'll look into it!

  39. Sarah,
    You have an amazing collection and a wealth of knowledge about it. I love the colors, but that plate with the birds is my favorite. I am going to show this to my friend Suzanne who also has some Quimper. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Dianne

  40. Sarah:

    I love your collection. Why not try pulling out a color that you haven't used with the set before. Then accent it throughout - glasses, etc.

    Wonderful to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  41. While I don't collect Quimper, I always admire it, both the old and the new. I do have one piece that I bought at an antique show several years ago. It is a tray for pens and has two little ink bottles. I couldn't resist it because it was different, but it is likely to be a one piece collection.

  42. Your Quimper pieces are gorgeous! Enjoy them - you got a lot of ideas for how to incorporate them into a pretty tablescape.

  43. What gorgeous pieces Sarah! You have the best collections! Happy New Year!

  44. Thank you so much for sharing all of your great knowledge and those fun pictures of your quimper ware. I just love seeing all that detail...was it all handpainted on at the factory? The picture that you used for your thumbnail over at the Cowgirl Up party is great...really got my attention...and such a cute caption.

  45. Hi, Sarah. Not only are these dishes beautiful, but they're sweet too. I would love to see the tablescape you create! Lots of color? or a serene backdrop and accessories? I hope to see one soon. Happy new year to you! ~Zuni

  46. I've always loved Quimper...so beautiful. You have such a nice collection. These are going to make a table COME ALIVE. Just beautiful.

  47. I love your Quimper pieces Sarah! My head feels sluggish, probably from all the Christmas calories & carbs still coursing through my system :) I always feel stumped when it comes to posting and putting something together on the heels of Christmas. Maybe a Quimper picnic for two at the table?

  48. Sarah, who needs a tablescape when you can show these beauties? You are sooo knowledgable about the Quimper. You are a serious collector. I just buy it because I love the way it looks. I loved seeing some of your collection. Isn't that handle with the swans just the most graceful touch? In my opinion, any table with Quimper on it is a wonderful table. It almost doesn't matter how it's arranged. laurie

  49. Thank you Sarah for sharing your Quimper pieces plus your knowledge of it. I must admit I know nothing about it but do especially like the swan heads. Keep educating me.

  50. I am just in awe of your collection of Quimper. I wish I had started a collection of Quimper years ago. I was at an antique show a couple of years ago and there was a booth there with so much very old Quimper pieces, I had to do a double take and went back to that booth at least a dozen times, it was breath taking. Quimper is now so very expensive for some really good old pieces. Every time I visit your blog and there is some Quimper in your photographs I think to myself, "You really do need to start another collection." I am trying to resist but I am so drawn to it and your collection is amazing. Thank you for sharing it with us in blog land.

    Carolyn/A Southterner's Notebook

  51. WOWZA, the pieces are gorgeous and the colors are perfect!!! Thanks for linking up.

  52. Hello Sarah... and thank you so much for visiting my post this morning... your Quimper is just beautiful!... your collection is so lovely, it makes me want to start collecting it... xoxo Julie Marie

  53. You have such wonderful collections, not just the Q , but so many unique things!
    I am sure you will come up with something!
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish!

  54. Sarah, You know I am a lover of Quimper and these are such beautiful pieces. Of course,your entire collection is gorgeous. Thank you for linking to the Open House party.
    xx, Sherry

  55. Oh dear Sarah, just got here and so glad I didn't miss this gorgeousness! Can I just be Quimper jelous??!! Your collection is stunning, I love every piece of it, although I would never have these beauty as they will never them here for sale. Thank you again for your sweet and kind visit, lovely lady. Hugs,

  56. I'm late to the party, Sarah, but here's a go at creating a vignette. I see a grapevine charger under the plate which has a wonderful round cheese or two (one on top of the other) already sliced on it, interspersed with slices of green apple, and I see all of this on top of a great French cloth on a little table in the garden or looking out a window. A vignette for two with an antique leather book of poetry next to it so that you can enjoy reading poetry aloud with your leisurely snack. I see one of the pitchers filled with flowers (sunflowers if any are blooming now, or a large bunch of yellow ones) to dispel the gloom of winter. I see the other pitcher filled with wine. What's a french table without wine? I see green apples in the large bowl with one cut open amongst the rest (waiting to take its place on the little plate), and I see figs (possibly dried ones) in the little swan. Things that you can easily eat with your fingers on an indoor picnic. ;-) I see a delightful French cheese knife (maybe with a horn handle? or a Fiddle Thread piece?) mixed in for good measure next to the plate.. I see some French bread on a bread board nearby, already partially sliced. And maybe you could tuck some extra baugettes in with the apples? Use handsome linen napkins in yellow or maybe blue, and you will eat sans plates unless you want to improvise with the saucers. If you do, then you could put small posies in the cups. And you could do a grouping with the pitcher, elevating one cup on some of the antique leather books. If you don't want to use the saucers that way, then stack them up with the cups on top of some books in a nice arrangement just to please the eye. I think the table should be wood and the cloth oversized and on point. That's all I can think of for now, but you get my drift! If it were spring, I would tell you to move the picnic outside with a large wicker hamper and a blue cloth under it all. But this would set a very sunny picnic!





  57. I have never heard of these. I do indeed love them and the colors are just right for me:)


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