Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Jubilee Tea

A Jubilee Tea 

in honor of 

Queen Elizabeth II

The official emblem for 

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee 

was designed by 10 year old,

 Katherine Dewar of Chester. 

60 Years a Queen ~ Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Souvenir

Queen Victoria is the only other monarch in UK history to have celebrated a Diamond Jubilee.  She reigned for almost 64 years and celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in June 1897.  The tiny silver frame and photo of Queen Victoria is a souviner from that occasion.  I purchased the postage size piece at Bermondsey Market early one Saturday morning in the 1980s.  At just an inch tall, it was a perfect little treasure to bring back to the states

Details of a Souvenir Scarf from 1953 Coronation

The coronation of 

Queen Elizabeth II was held on June 2, 1953.

Emma Bridgewater Diamond Jubilee Napkins

About a month ago, 

a package arrived with these napkins.

A thoughtful friend sent them with a suggestion that

I might want to host a Jubilee Celebration.

When a friend in the UK learned 

I was planning a party, she surprised 

me with a box of Jubilee party goods.

So I hung the

red, white, and blue

bunting to set the mood.

Then I added in these Rob Ryan flags 

that were especially designed for Jubilee Street Parties.

You can download the bunting flag here.

Tea Time on the Terrace

Souvenir scarves from 

Queen Elizabeth's 1953 Coronation 

and her 1977 Silver Jubilee, along with 

a Union Jack pillow, pay tribute to the Queen.

An English Spode blue and white 

pitcher holds blooms from my garden.

Serving a pot of special English tea 

lightly flavored with bergamot.

The Union Jack inspired tea cozy keeps our pot of tea warm. 

It was among the surprises from my friend Gaynor.  

She also included the delightful stack 

of colorful cup cake liners.

An elegant teapot 

by Peppertree Tabletops.

The fine porcelain and 

beautiful details make a regal statement.

Mismatched cups were a 

thrifty find a few years ago.

I drink my tea black, 

but I know the English sometimes like 

to take their tea with a bit of sugar and milk or lemon.

The vintage cream and sugar are by Royal Doulton.

A petit demi tasse, perfect for 

holding lemon slices, is unmarked.  

Both it and the cream and sugar were recent thrifty finds.

~ Boston Cream Cake with Cherry Topping ~

A special cake for a Jubilee Tea

Decorated with the Royal Pop Top

Made by Talking Tables in the UK.

Royal Pop Top


Create a right royal scene with these regal 

pop tops ~ simply pop them out and top off your cake.

~ A Jubilee Tea ~

For those of you who don't have time to linger, 

I'll send along a tea plate to go.

Don't forget your party favor!

Joining the Happy Homemaker's

Diamond Jubilee After Party

Also joining


The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Sarah, I do believe you are ready for the party. What neat things were sent to you and what a great setting.

  2. Sarah,
    This is a tea party befitting a queen's celebration. What a wonderful tea table you have prepared. A wonderful post.

  3. A wonderful teapot in the beginning. Then comes a true British royal frenzy. Cake is perfect on a day like this. Especially that you decorated with the royal family. Lovely Royal Doulton china. I wish you a great week! Zinnia

  4. I am in love with the cake topper:) wonder if there's a Downton Abbey one?:)

    What treats from friends also.. like they CAME to your party and in many ways they did:)Was it one friend or 2? Or more?

    Beautifully executed Sarah..

  5. Hello Sarah,
    I love love love your post!
    You created a fabulous (with the help of your very kind and generous friends!), such a fine Diamond Jubilee party! Every bit of your setting shouts celebration in the proper English way!
    I would have loved to come to your party : )

  6. Over the top fun! Love the cake toppers. Love the bunting. There's so much fun stuff here. Even your teapot is right up my alley. I feel like I've already been to the party!

  7. Oh my! Thank you for sharing your beautiful celebration tea, Sarah. I'm sure that The Queen herself would have been delighted with it. :~) It's just lovely!

  8. What a wonderful tea party, wish I was there to help celebrate!

  9. Hi Sarah,
    whow, what a party! All is lovely, but the Royal Pop Top knocks me out. What a fun to see them alltogether on your cake. LOL
    You have set a very British Jubilee Party. I am sure the Queen would love to attend this party.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  10. I Sarah, I soooo love this! You have so many interesting little details at every turn. How fun!

    - The Tablescaper

  11. Sarah, you have covered all the landmarks in her long rule. It is a charming tea celebration and I enjoyed it so much. hugs, olive

  12. Once again, Sarah, the hostess with the mostest. Heck, even Her Majesty will be sorry she did not come to your party! You have outdone the Brits (unless you are one that is :-) Congrats! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  13. Sarah,
    What a splendid idea! My beloved mother~in~law, from English decent, always put 2 sugars and 1 cream in her afternoon tea! The last seven years of her life she resided in the nursing home. I had Summers off and I spent every Wednesday afternoon with her...taking tea. She would have been thrilled with today's post. My favorite is the British Tea Cozy!!! Too cute!

  14. Sarah, How perfect a tea table for the the Queen's Diamond Jubilee! I love every little detail, especially the souvenir from Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee..oh, and the cute royal pop top. I used to have a small collection of British commemoratives, but now I only have a brass door knocker celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. Thanks so much for a lovely post.

  15. Now how delightfully fun is that? I love your celebration tea! Thanks for the invitation to your royal gathering.

  16. Wow this is magnificent and what a kind friend to send all the decos for the celebration. Your cake and everything else is fabulous. Wish I could be there.

  17. What a great tea to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee! Hugs, Linda

  18. I would love to join you for a spot of tea in honor of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. You certainly have set a festive table for this milestone event.


  19. Wonderful tea party! The more the merrier! Thanks for sharing and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  20. Oh my, Sarah, what a nice friend who sent you all those goodies for your party! I would love to linger at your tea. Oh, and I like cream and sugar. The cake looks so FUN. I love it all. p.s. what a great little souvenir of Queen Victoria.

  21. Fit for a queen! I think that this would make Elizabeth smile, and her eyes would twinkle. So cool that your friend sent you all the goodies. I loved every minute of this. My niece is an Anglican priest in London, and we have another your friend who has been sharing the celebration on her blog. I'm glad to see the British people reach out to Elizabeth with such kindness. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  22. What a wonderful tea party. Such fun to see all the cute accessories your friends sent to you! With that much eye candy in one post, I had to browse your blog and now I'm following you! ~ Maureen

  23. Pure heaven..I'm sure the Queen would be delighted to stop by there!
    Love your cake bunting.

  24. Fun details...what a thoughtful friend to send you all those festive goodies!

  25. What a par-tay Sarah! It's always fun to visit here. I've missed you.

  26. Hi I hopped over from Terri's and am glad I did! WE have loved these last 4 days of celebration!! I looked at your previous blog and thought 'wow...do real people have gardens like those?' Even when I was able to do it my garden never looked like that! How do you find time to do anything else?? Anyway I have joined your followers so perhaps I'll find out! Joan

  27. Hi Sarah!

    I am just overwhelmed with all the goodies you have shared today! How wonderful to have such a lovely friend as Gaynor.

    I went and checked out the link to the cake topper and also checked on the Peppertree Tabletops teapot. I found a very pretty tea set that I just might get.

    Oh... I just had So much fun looking at this post. Thanks for sharing at my party.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesdays Bunny Hop Party!

  28. Sarah~ Let me count the ways I love this:
    1) The Royal POP TOP!!
    2) Your Union Jack inspired tea cozy~
    3) Your flowering Spode pitcher!
    4) Your souvenir scarves & bunting~
    5) Your quilted table topper!
    6) Party favor boxes!

    What, what fun! I'm sorry Prince Philip and I can not attend :)

  29. Hi Sarah!
    This is truly a beautiful tea party. I love your teapot with the delicate leaves at the top. Thank you for sharing.

  30. Goodness gracious Sarah, this is all so amazing, you really went all out for Our Majesty, thanks so much! Everything is beautiful, love that tiny frame with Queen Victoria and all your Coronation mementoes. The cake is such fun, even the royal corgis made the party!!!

    Thanks for the e-mail dear - appreciate your good wishes and we'll be off very early Friday!

    Take care - will be in touch when back if not before.

    Hugs and thanks, Mary X

  31. Thanks for visiting my blog. I just love this post with all the British decorations, especially the circular quilted table cloth!

  32. Oh, wow-- how lovely! You had the perfect setup, and what wonderful friends to send you all of those extra items! I love the paper figures to top the cake with1

  33. Oh how I wish I was a guest at your party
    it is all just to cute love it all

    how nice of the lady to send you all those wonderful things to use for your party i enjoyed seeing them

  34. What a fabulous patriotic post! That tea table is positively groaning with delights! Thanks for sharing, love from latest follower, Claire xx

  35. A super post and I'm just craving that wonderful Coronation scarf!

  36. What a sweet post, now wish I had done something for the occassion,
    decorations, dishes, paper, beautiful, felt like I was there!

  37. I so love all your pretty pieces. You will celebrate in royal style.. Have a great week, xo marlis

  38. What a fabulous tea celebration Sarah. Your party decorations really set the British theme for the Queen's Jubilee. Love all the tea pretties, especially the elegant teapot and cups. I would love to sit down and have a cup of tea with you and I love the Union Jack pillow!


  39. This is great! Love the tea pot, so pretty!
    I take sugar and milk in my tea, Chinese tea I can drink without milk, but I still add sugar.
    I hope she skips over charles and Camilla, Harry would be good.
    Being Irish, can't say I am a big fan of the royals. :)
    Love that quilt, perfect for July 4 th, Independence (from the Queen's relatives )Day. Lol!

  40. Sarah, your link is working fine!

  41. Hi Sarah, There is so much to see in this wonderful post! Let's start with the beautiful quilt! I can think of so many uses for that, starting with a picnic on the lawn in July. I love all the goodies sent to you by your friend. The cake toppers are so funny and entertaining and the tea cozy is delightful. Your Spode pitcher is gorgeous and so are your garden flowers! And I would love a cup of Ahmad tea, which is a favorite of mine. Although I am not a royal watcher or fan, I do admire the Queen for her quiet elegance and style. I would not want her job! Have a nice week. Linda

  42. How fun! What a wonderful collection of Jubilee items!

  43. Wow, loving all the Union Jack decor! You have it ALL, girlfriend :) I have the red tea towel - love it! Thank you for linking up :) XOL

  44. What a gorgeous table filled with so much fun from the quilt to the Pop Top cake. How wonderful for the Queen to have reigned for 60 years. Long live the queen!

  45. I would love to sit at your beautiful table and celebrate Queen Elizabeth Jubilee. Your quilt sets a perfect stage.

  46. OH, Graciousness, Sara... You really had the blings for the Queen. So, sweet of you. Just if the Queen knows what your doing for her.

    Great job done.

    Hope you're in the best of everything and enjoy your w/end ahead.

    Greetings from STockHolm,

  47. Hi Sarah, Your table is beautiful and I especially love the cake topper. Thank for sharing this at the OHP.

  48. What a party! I just can't image all the money that was spent on the celebration. Your party looks like so much fun. I enjoyed it all. I love the cake and the topper! Great tea set too.

  49. This is a SUPER fun table! Oh, my goodness! How nice of your friend to send you all the cool Jubilee party stuff! This is great! My husband turned 60 today. It just now occurs to me that he was born the same year the Queen took the throne. Wow....that's unbelievable! This has got to be one of the most fun tablescapes of the week!!!

  50. what an absolutely wonderful post..i love it! you certainly know how to celebrate in style and how to balance fun with elegance too. it all looks splendid!
    i actually came in search of paris, but i guess that will come later. meantime i've had the pleasure of a jubilee party :)

  51. Sarah, you always succeed in doing the most interesting settings. How sweet of Gay to send you all your Diamond Jubilee accessories. Love the tea pot against the Union Jack, all fabulous!

  52. Sarah, you always succeed in doing the most interesting settings. How sweet of Gay to send you all your Diamond Jubilee accessories. Love the tea pot against the Union Jack, all fabulous!

  53. Sarah a very exciting post surrounding the Queen's Jubilee. Your finds and china are wonderful elements!!

    Anita's Parisian Party
    Art by Karena

  54. what a fabulous party!! the scarves....the pillow...the tablescape but most of all that wonderful looking cake...that is one wonderful looking cake!!

  55. Did you invite the queen? She would have loved your party!

  56. MY GOODNESS THIS IS LOVELY!!! Dearest, I have you on my list of Paris party participants; the party started yesterday. Are you still going to post???? The visitors have already started early yesterday. Please let me know if I should keep you name on the list...Anita

  57. Oh I would have LOVED to be there to see all the festivities in person!

    Dearest, NO PROBLEM! You post when you can and just visit the others so that they know you are LIVE. I know many people have been perusing already and I don't want anyone to not come to see your post if they found you had not participate yet. HAVE FUN and I will come back!! Anita

  58. That looked like so much fun! I've saved the bunting pattern, as I think it would be perfect for a summer lunch in the garden.
    You certainly caught the Jubilee spirit, Sarah - I love it!

  59. This is just the cutest tea setting ever. I'm pinning the cake with the Royals on it. What fun stuff, and so expertly displayed. Love this!

  60. love the rob ryan bunting flags - super cute - thanks for stopping by the third :) le xox

  61. Hi Sarah, I see your pretty face often in the comments, it is very nice to meet you through anita

  62. Oh Sarah ~ this is absolutely fabulous! As a full fledged Anglophile I was glued to the telly for all of the pomp and ceremony!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  63. What a lovely tribute, we were in the Uk last weekend and it was a moving sight to see so many decorations!

  64. What a lovely party, wish that I liked tea. Love your quilt.

  65. HELLO!!
    WHAT A GORGEOUS table and Party!!!I share a LOVE Affair with Royalty like you!!
    I will be back to see your Paris Post...but had to comment and JOIN your happy site...I too LOVE everything I see here!!

  66. How fun, Sarah! I love all the wonderful goodies you have collected fort your party! My favorite...the pop top for your yummy cake! And your tiny framed Queen Victoria is a treasure! Have a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  67. What a festive celebration! Sorry, I couldn't visit earlier, I was away and had no access to my computer.
    Thank you for stopping by at Polonica: Home Again (Jubille Prep post).

  68. What fun! So glad I could join your festivities. Everything is so colorful and so much fun. Great celebration!
    Ruthie at:http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com/
    Come on over and visit

  69. Following! Would love if you followed back at I Heart Pears

  70. Hello Sarah, love all your Royal memorabelia - you've created a wonderful display and the cake - well - takes the cake! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  71. Sarah, what a delightful tribute to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee! you have such wonderful English treasures for the celebration - even the perfect tea cozy. And how cute those cake toppers are! I LOVE the whimsy of that. The Union Jack boxes, and that adorable bunting - all of it just perfection. I enjoyed this post so much. laurie

  72. What a delightful post, Sarah!
    I enjoyed watching some of the Queen's jubilee festivities on CNN.

    I'm sorry I have not been prompt on my visits to your blog ... I've been so behind in everything in my household and garden since the wedding and trying to catch up so computer time has been limited. Hope you understand!


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