Monday, November 14, 2011

Trip Treasures

A recent trip to Baltimore and Wilmington 

garnered a few treasures that have found their way 

into fall vignettes here at HFTS.

Antique Majolica in Various Leaf Patterns

Vintage Binoculars with Leather Details

And a Wonderful Fall Inspired 


Scherenschnitte is the art of paper cutting. The tradition of scissor cutting was brought to Colonial America in the 18th century, primarily in Pennsylvania. A 1930s Quimper pitcher holds a fall bouquet, while a wooden blackbird and wooden pumpkins finish out the vignette.

As with this piece, these works of paper cuttings often have symmetry of design. Here fall leaves radiate off from a Tom Turkey. Acorns, owls, pumpkins, and black crows further embellish the design.

All these intricate details immediately 

drew me to this piece, along with the beautiful fall colors 

that were hand water colored.

This design is by 

Pam Rankin Hultz.

And since black crows play a major roll in my new paper cut, I thought I'd include a few more crow inspired vignettes I created last year when I shared the following Native American legend that I taught my students in the fall of each year.

It was believed that in ancient times, all crows were as white as the snow. The native Americans that roamed the plains in search of buffalo hunted on foot. It was a difficult life, and the people depended on the buffalo to survive. They used every part of the buffalo for food, clothing, tools, and shelter.

The crows were friends of the buffalo, and as they soared high above they could see everything that happened below on the prairie. When they spied hunters approaching a herd, the crows would swoop down to the buffalo and call out in warning: "Caw, caw, caw. The hunters are near. You must run." The buffalo would scatter and leave the hunters without a kill. With time the people began to starve.

Among the crows was one that was larger than the others and the leader of the flock. The people decided that they must capture this big white crow and teach him a lesson. They devised a plan.

A young brave would wear a buffalo skin with head and horns. He would graze among the buffalo as if he were one of them. As the hunters approached, the crow called out his usual warning: "Caw, caw, caw. The hunters are near. You must run." All but one of the buffalo stampeded away. So the crow flew down and perched on the lone buffalo saying: "Caw, caw, caw. Can you not hear? The hunters are near. You must run and save yourself."

The brave then reached up from under his disguise and grabbed the crow. He tied a cord to his legs and attached the other end of the cord to a large stone. The crow was captured!

The people met again to decide what to do with this bad crow who was causing them to go hungry. As they gathered, one impatient brave grabbed the crow and threw him into the council fire. At once the fire burned through the cord, and the big crow flew to freedom.

But the big crow's beautiful white feathers were now black from the fire, and as he soared above the people could hear him call: "Caw, caw, caw. I'll never warn the buffalo again."

From that day on, all crows are as black 

as the blackened scorched feathers of the big white crow.

You might be interested to know that crows are very intelligent birds and can mimic sounds. These large birds are often a problem for farmers and gardeners because they tend to live in large flocks which consume large amounts of food.

So if you have a garden,

you just might want to add one of these.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I'm just scrolling from one photo to the other enjoying all your treasures, especially the majolica and the Scherenschnitte. The story of the crow is darling. Did you see the program on crows, on tv recently? So interesting on how the recognize faces and give warning.Thanks for sharing all your new finds.

  2. Sarah~ You never fail to amaze with me with your collections! Those darn crows are way too smart for their own good & wreak havoc around our boat~ we obviously need a scarecrow or two around permanently :) Your legend of the crow is one I had not heard. I have to believe you were a delightful & favorite teacher to your students!

    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving~

  3. Lovely post, Sarah, your new treasures are wonderful, especially the scherenschnitte.
    I actually could hear your voice telling the story as I learned about the white crow that turned black!

  4. I enjoyed that Sarah.
    Your scherenschnitte is lovely - I've never seen one that is coloured.
    Up here we have beautiful ravens that sit in the trees and 'talk' with us. If I call them, they call back. It's a singular experience!

  5. Great post Sarah! I was in Baltimore and Wilminton this past summer but didn't find treasures like yours. Think I need a turquoise bracelet like yours tho!
    xo Cathy

  6. Sarah, I love your murder of crows, especially for fall. How cute!

  7. You found some wonderful pieces to bring back from your trip!

  8. You see scherenschnittes everywhere in Switzerland, but I've never seen one with colors like yours. So unique.
    I used to read that book to my students in years when I taught 4th grade. It was always a favorite of theirs.
    Ricki Jill used the collective noun, a "murder" of crows. I love the collective nouns that are collected in the book, "An Exaltation of Larks".

  9. I love your vignettes and the story to accompany the photos. Very charming post. xo

  10. Sara, I love seeing all of your goodies from your little fieldtrip.
    I knew right away that you picture was a Pam Hultz. I know her. She lives not far from me. She is a delightful lady!
    Her work just keeps getting more and more desirable. You scooped up a real treasure!
    Such pretty vignettes!

  11. Oh I loved the story of the crow! I tutor a little boy and will have to try to find that book to share with him. Love the majolica..I have a few new pieces but not any antiques...just one of my favorites in the dish department. Your fall vignettes are so fun and pretty...that hand cut paper is beautiful with the tom turkey in the center! I've been trying to get a new fall post done with my favorite scarecrow. Enjoy your fall weather...heard you may be getting a few storms! Stay safe!
    Miss Bloomers

  12. Your collections are just beautiful, Sarah, and I so enjoyed the story of the crows. My husband spent a lot of time this summer by a nest of them at the lake and swore that the mother could repeat what he was saying! Fascinating!


  13. Forever more Sarah, you've put together another collection of wonderful photos and stories. I so love American Indian Lore, and even though crows are pests to gardeners, they do make great icons for Fall decorating.

    I'm very intriqued with your Scherenschnitte art. Such detail and very special with the color and drawing added. I've only seen silhoutte pieces before.

    Best wishes and blessings for a bountiful Thanksgiving....Sue

  14. Sarah, great finds. I especially love the majolica. It is so expensive, but I will collect some eventually.

  15. Fun post and such wonderful treasures. You have created the most lovely vignettes. Love them all. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  16. Sarah, You found some lovely pieces of Majolica on your recent trip. I love the plates and the color of your pitcher is perfect for the fall foliage. Of course using Quimper pieces work with all vignettes and your fall bouquet looks lovely. What a lovely Scherenschnitte, the design and colors are gorgeous. I love all the crows you've collected and they make such a great addition to your vignettes. Great NA legend to include with your post, perfect for the season.
    I enjoyed your last post from Thanksgiving 2009. I love the tablescape, GORGEOUS pewter collection.

    Happy Thanksgiving Sarah
    The French Hutch

  17. Wow! you really found such amazing treasures.

    Love every piece. FOr me an outsider? It really give me so much inspiration and knowledge how American having fun with their treasures.

    TY for sharing.

    Happy TTT.

    Greetings from chilly Stockholm,

    Join the Swedish giveaway till Sunday.

  18. What a wonderful collection, I especially love the Sch...., paper cutting! What a talent that is!

    You have so many unique collections you could open an art museum!

  19. A great assortment of goodies. I really like the paper cutting art. Not familiar with that.

  20. This entire post was beautiful to look at. The majolica is gorgeous and makes such a pretty vignette. You really have a wonderful sense of style.

  21. How cute! Those blackbirds are a great collection...perfect for this time of year! Thanks so much for joining me for Pearls and Lace Thursday! I'm so glad you joined the party!
    Blessings, Doni

  22. I loved the story of the crow! That was just delightful. Your scherenschnitte (and yes I did have to go back to check on the spelling of that one!) is just fantastic. I love all of the colors and tying crows into the post was wonderful. It is always so wonderful to visit with you. Have a wonderful day.

  23. Your vignettes are really beautiful, Sarah. Love all your treasures....Christine

  24. I have never thought of a cute crow until this post. That little glass crow is adorable and the little book is too! Very well put together!! Lovely post. Happy VTT!

  25. Love all of your black birds, but especially the Scherenschnitte! So pretty!

  26. Love the majolica, the scherenschnitte and the crows! Lovely vignettes. My first visit...glad to meet you!

  27. You truly did find some marvelous treasures there sweetie. I'm quite smitten with that little 'fall' black crow myself.

    If ya ever tire of him...'just sayin'....Heeehehehe!!!

    God bless ya and enjoy this wonderful day!!! :o)

  28. Sarah,
    I am intriqued with all the detail and the hand water coloring of the Scherenschnitte art piece. Exquisite! Thank you for sharing those antique majolica plates!Such a vast and adorable collection of Fall items! Have a blessed Thanksgiving, dear friend!

  29. Hello, Sarah.

    Awe inspiring your works...

    Thank you for your love and sincerity.
    Have a good day.

    The traditional celebration, with kimono infants.

    Japanese colored leaves, in heartwarming space.

    The prayer for all peace.

    From Japan, ruma ❀

  30. Your displays are wonderful. I love the crows!

  31. Sarah, I love that Native American legend and I love the antique Majolica. Joni

  32. Hi Miss Sarah! I love those binoculars...what a neat find. You scored some great treasures. I love your crows too. I have a few myself I am fond of. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family.

  33. Wonderful treasures, especially the

  34. truly beautiful decorations. you have a loving touch. xo

  35. Wow, what wonderful images & treasures that you have shared! :) Thank you kindly for stopping by my blog & leaving such a sweet comment. :) Take care and enjoy your weekend.


  36. Lovely treasures,Sarah..especially the paper cutting! And I love your crow collection. Crows are a favorite of mine! Thanks so much for your congratulations! I appreciate all the bloggy love!...hugs...Debbie

  37. Hi Sarah, I loved the story about the crows! This is such a pretty vignette and you brought home some wonderful things from your trip. Thanks for joining my party and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  38. So loved the story of the crow. had never heard that.. Your Scherenscnitt picture is amazing. Wow. Love the hand coloring.. Your treasures look wonderful in your home. Happy Thanksgivings.xo marlis

  39. Hi lovely lady.
    I also love your story about the black crows. Your home looks wonderful for the Thanksgiving sweet lady. I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my Poppy tablescape.
    I'm doing two tablecapes for Thanksgiving because I need two tables for family and friends coming for dinner.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.
    XXOO Diane

  40. Love your new treasures and the black crows story. Your vignettes are beautiful and so is your home! Happy Thanksgiving season. Lots of hugs,

  41. I loved the story of the crow. I've always loved their "caw, caw, caw" call as it was one that I could mimic. As a child I imagined I was talking with them. Beautiful vignettes.

  42. Sarah, I remember reading that legend last year, but I couldn't recall exactly how it ended. What a great story, and what a great crow collection. Your Scherenschnitte is gorgeous! I'm always fascinated to think about how tedious it would be to make one of thesse. I can't imagine having the vision to see one through to completion. I love vintage binoculars, and yours are so pretty. Glad you are safely back home. laurie

  43. Oh, Sarah, what a wonderful post. I love all of your treasures. The Scherenschnitte is perfect!

    - The Tablescaper

  44. Charming post. Especially enjoyed the legend of the crows!

    Visiting from 2805 Potpourri Party, Debra


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