Friday, June 24, 2011

Mad Hatter Tea Party ~ Reprise

Oh my! The date is here, and I'm remiss.
It's time for the Mad Tea @ A Fanciful Twist.

The 2011 Mad Party that I've been planning in my mind's eye is, well, still right there. Life seems to have taken over recently, and there is no new Mad Tea Party to post. The best I can do is a reprise of the Mad Tea Party here @ HFTS last summer. I do hope that's acceptable.

Thank you to our amazingly creative hostess,

Vanessa @ A Fanciful Twist

and a warm welcome to all,

both new party guests and those who attended last year!

Hurry please. 

 We can't be late.

Ah, there it is.

In the clearing near that odd little house,

its roof thatched with fur.

Yes, yes, 

this must be the right place.

The time, the time! 

 We must not be late!

There he is!

It's the Mad Hatter himself,

our infamous host for this curious afternoon tea.

~ The Mad Tea Party!~

Let the fun begin.

Oh, my. It is a rather curious tea party, indeed!

Alice is here.

See there she is

sitting in her big comfy arm-chair.

No doubt she is very tired after

swimming through her pool of tears.

Please do sit down. 

 How about this chair here?

Yes, dear, the one near Tweedledee.

Or is it Tweedledum?

Oh, no matter.

Quick, find yourself a cup.

Better be quick!

I hear the rattle of the tea cups 

of this never ending meal.

Wonderful choice!

Let me pour 

you a cup of tea.

And cake . . .

you must have a slice of this!

It's a delicious cake of curious talking flowers.

A cherry or two 

with a mushroom cap?

Yes, it truly is 

a splendid afternoon!

What's that?

Do you see a grin looking 

down upon the festivities?

Is it? Could it be?

Yes, it must be the Duchess' Cheshire-Cat!

No doubt he'll be disappearing and

popping up all about the party.

I do think he's after 

another one of the mushroom caps.

Oh, the happy days of summer!

"Take some more tea . . . "

There's plenty for everyone.

Do take another 

mushroom cap or two.

What a delightfully 

curious afternoon tea!

"So she sat on, with closed eyes, and

half believed herself in Wonderland . . ."

Time flies!

"Would you tell me, please,

which way I ought to go from here?"

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If you missed my post on

Alice in Wonderland in Central Park

Alice, Cheshire-Cat, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit
Needlepoint figures from Petei Designs, stitched in the 1980s

Miniature Tea Set - Paul Cardew Designs

The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. This is sooooo it!!!

    Your blog is so delightful! I always love visiting here;)!

  2. Sarah,
    How fun! I remember doing this last year and how fun it was! Love your little tea. You have all the right characters for this. I love your teapot!

  3. Sarah, this is wonderful! You have such a lovely imagination.

  4. Old to you...NEW to me... I LOVE IT!!! Just FABULOUS!! How fun my dear, great job! Trisha

  5. Sarah, I agree with Trish's comment, above. You always put so much thought into these lovely posts. The needlepoint characters are beautiful. I have never seen anything like them before. I love the Cheshire cat. xo,

  6. Makes me want to collect Alice in Wonderland stuff! This is so great - I am enjoying these Mad Tea Parties!
    You've done a terrific job!

  7. I remember this post, I enjoyed as much this time as last.. it is so darn cute.. hugs ~lynne~

  8. The Cheshire-Cat is very funny with the grin looking down. I really enjoyed to watch all photographs.

  9. I had such a fantastic time at your party. Your characters are wonderful. Thank you for having me! Twyla

  10. What fun! And what a simply stunning cake - far too nice to cut into. Unlike the White Rabbit, I'm so glad I'm not late...

    Happy Pink Saturday and a hug from the UK!

  11. Hi Sarah,
    Loved taking tea with you & all the Wonderland characters this morning,such a witty, clever post!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Oh my goodness, how much fun was that? You are just awesome. Wow!


  13. Hello Sarah...

    Ohhh my...what a GRAND tea...and sooo much fun too! My friend, I just adore your "Mad Hatter's Tea"! I had so much fun looking through each of your beautiful photos and reading the story too! I was most captivated by your photo of the tall stack of teacups and saucers! Hehe! However did you manage that...supreme balancing act for certain! Your Wonderland tea set is adorable! Who couldn't help but smile...or have their spirit lightened...while taking tea at this beautiful, whimsical table! Mmmm...and the cake and mushroom caps look scrumptious!

    What a wonderful post to revisit! Thank you so much for sharing it with us for the Sunday Favorites party this weekend, dear friend!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Sarah!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  14. what a wonderful party! thanks for inviting me!!!

  15. Oh it is a curious tea party, with beautiful china and delicious treats! Thank you for sharing your magic with us all! Hugs,

  16. An amazing array of tea parties! Happy PS.

  17. So many little time!!! I'm late...I'm late......


    LOVE your Mad Hatter Tea Party.....lots of cute, cute details!! That tea set is just wonderful!!! And I loved the needle point Cheshire Cat!

    Have a great Pink Saturday!! dana

  18. Great party! I love your Alice teapot! Cute! Love your needlepoint charecters too!

    Happy Mad Tea Party!


  19. Charming!We have the same taste for black and white.Your tea party was one of the best.I enjoyed all your lovelies.Pop over to my party if you have time. Denise

  20. wow - what a wonderful event you planned here! Everything was perfect!

  21. Sarah, this is absolutely charming & delightful a share. Look at all that gorgeous needlepoint.

    Also, love your previous post.

    Have a lovely PS week ~
    TTFN ~

  22. This post is so great it was worth posting twice! Hope you're having a lovely day and are enjoying all the madness,

    Roisin x

  23. OMG this just so gorgeous!!!

  24. Such a lovely tea party, with such beautiful teacups and treats! Thank you so much for inviting me :) ~Lauren

  25. What a fun and colorful adventure! thanks so much for inviting me along! I love the Alice tea set!

  26. This is just too cute, Sarah. Glad you shared it with us....Christine

  27. This is SO DARLING! Love Alice and the whole tea party goodies! Your display is perfect. How wonderful your MacKenzie-Childs fits the occasion.
    Thank you for inviting us in on your fun.
    Hugs to you,

  28. Now that's a tea party I'd love to be invited to enjoy!

  29. Hehe very fun party, I've enjoyed myself a lot :) I love the teapot...and the white chair!

    I'm also taking part in the Mad Tea Party blog hop and hope that you'll visit my party to have some fun there too :)

  30. I love all the tea accessories at your party! We have that tea pot for sale at the tea room I work at and I borrowed just the white rabbit lid for my party. Thanks for the lovely time!

  31. Love the tea party, all was so whimsical and creative! Happy PS!

  32. what great fun! Your posts are so interesting and creative

  33. How gorgeous all is! Your decoration is so beautiful and that cake looked sooo yummy! I had to grab one of those cherries! ooops! thank you for sharing!

  34. So sorry I am late
    For this important date.
    I'm still making my way down the list.

    With too little time
    I'm leaving this rhyme
    For I'm adamant about wanting to persist.

    All this running about
    Has left me dry in the mouth.
    Might I have a cup of tea?

    Your talking flower cake
    and mushroom caps
    are all so tempting to me

    Oh my, the time
    It goes so fast
    I must be on my way

    But fear not friend
    I shall return
    Please……Have a beautiful day.

  35. Oh what a wonderful party! I love you teacups and teapots specially the alice in wonderland one! Do drop by for some tea over at my blog=)

  36. Such a wonderful party!!!!
    My ponies Love all your teacups,
    if one is missing, we say NEIGH!
    Happy Day!

  37. This was pure delight!!! I hope you had as much fun staging this as I had "attending" this fanciful mad tea party. Thanks for inviting me!


  38. I always love my visits here and a visit including Alice is a treat indeed.

    I hope you have time to visit me as well.

    My post is nothing like the ideas I had before I sat down to write it.

  39. I just LOVE it when folks re-post stuff they've done prior to my entry into the blogging world! Otherwise, I would have missed this delightful one!

    VERY well done, Sarah...especially your needlepoint!!

    I agree with you, life is just too busy now that its summer time! Too much to go & do & see.


  40. Sarah, this is every bit as fun as a rerun as it was the FIRST time around, and I cannot BELIEVE all the work you went to to get it ready for its photo shoot! After all THAT work you NEED to repost it again and again. Hehehehehe

  41. Thanks again, Sarah...for sharing your Mad Hatter's Tea with us for Sunday Favorites!!!

    Hope you're having a super sweet Sunday, my friend!


  42. Such a wonderful and magical to-do, thank you for inviting me over to share your tea and enchantment!

    Though I’m running tardy, I hope you’ll come visit my party!

  43. Your Mad Tea Party spread is beyond PERFECTION!!!! All your details are amazing!! Thank you for a delightful and magical trip into your wonderland nook! ;)

    Love, A Fanciful Twist

  44. Well, since this is my first year to attend, your party is new to me! :D
    So creative, cheery and fun! Thank you for sharing!

    Come along and enjoy more fun and madness:

  45. Oh Sarah~ I'm late for this very important date :-) I missed this last year so I'm happy to see this! What fun details...I love your delicious cake of curious talking flowers! I'm now regretting now picking up that delightful teaset when I spied it at HomeGoods! Love your Cheshire Cat & other wonderful needlepoint pieces!

  46. Thanks so much for inviting me to this enchanting tea party! I had a lot of fun! I hope you will visit my tea party as well!

  47. Sarah,
    Magicial, whimisical. . .summertime fun! Thank you for such a darling post!

  48. This was so fun and whimsical. Your setting was perfect. I must ask about that cake. Is it real? It sent me into outer space!! Loved it to bits. Thanks for inviting me to your lovely party. *smiles* Norma

  49. Sarah, That was so much fun having a tea party with you. You come up with the cutest posts.Thanks for showing it again. I missed it the first time around.
    Hope your weekend was nice,

  50. WOW...what a sweet tea party!!!

  51. Your teapots and cups are to die for....what a collection!

    I know how busy life can get....but I'm so glad you re-posted this...a delight even a year later :)

  52. hi Sarah, Sorry I'm just commenting, I'm doing catch-up after being away on vacation. This post is not to be missed, its adorable. After visiting your blog and this post after I started blogging, I loved it then and I love it now, so I think it deserves to be brought out of the blog archive. I love the Alice Tea Pot and all of your tea party vignette collections. I love how you used the Mackenzie Childs flower pot with the cheshire cat. Love, love, love this! This is a delightful post!

    The French Hutch

  53. Hi Sarah,
    I'm so glad you posted this again because I didn't see it last year. Such a cute put a lot of work into all the details!!
    Have a great week.

  54. Sorry I'm late to your lovely tea party, I am slowly making my way around.

    I'm glad you posted this as I didn't get to see it last year and it is just wonderful!

  55. Such a delight to visit with you Sara!~ I have some good news for you. I bet you are happy you had a summer paint projectm because your name was drawn for my scentsy giveaway!!~ YAY,if you can send me your mailing info, I will get that out to you.

  56. Such a wonderful party and that cake is divine!

  57. LOVED this tea party!!!!! Fabulous teapots and cups and oh that cake!!!! I so loved that statuary from Central Park. I hope to see it in person someday. Thank you for a most lovely time! :)

  58. I missed this special post last summer, Sarah, so I was delighted to see it this time around!

    I also love the Alice in Wonderfland statue in Central Park --I have posted about it and now I'm off to look at your post!

  59. I have enjoyed your party!
    Happy UnBirthday to you !

  60. I like reprises ... and your stacked teacups pic is wonderful! I'm so glad you shared this again.

    I'm having a Vintage Linen & Dish Auction July 21-25. I hope you'll stop by and check out my sidebar for more details.

  61. Oh my what a wonderful tea party you are having. I just love the alice in wonderland theme.

  62. What an adventure! I think you "did Alice proud"! What wonderful collections you have! Linda

  63. HI Sarah! Oh, what a charming tea party! Look at all of the little pretties you have to make it perfect. I know Alice is proud! :) You're just a darling little hoot and I love that!
    I've missed visiting you these past 3 weeks and it was so nice to hear from you. I'm back in the saddle again.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  64. Hi Sarah, I do remember stopping by last year. I had a different blog at the time but I managed to throw together a party again this year (at the last time! LOL!!) I believe you and I chatted last year a little bit about your delightful needlepoint items. I am a cross stitcher and just adore your creations!!

    Thanks for inviting me,


  65. What a fun post, Sarah! It is filled with such whimsy and delight. Love the teapot! Somehow or other I missed this Mad Tea Party; too busy I guess! Thank you for sharing this with Tea Time and have a lovely day.


  66. Wow Sarah, you outdid yourself! What a fun post. You are so creative. I'll have to show this to my granddaughter. She will love it! ~Delores

  67. you did such a fabulous time, love all your darling pieces, but face it, i am CRAVING your cake and cookies!

  68. Sarah, I remember this post ~ definitely worth repeating! Such a creative post; it would be a waste to only post it once. You have the perfect treasures and the perfect attitude for this party. laurie

  69. Adorable Sarah! That chair is too cute. I like the needlepoint figures too.

    Fun and charming post!


  70. thanks for a lovely party, I wasn't a part of it last year, so this was a NEW post for me!
    Please come to mine :)

  71. Fantastic Sarah!! I just love this post, you are so so creative!

    Best wishes for a lovely day :)

    Jeanne xx

  72. OOH! What a delight....pretty setting, love the meringues! Thank you for having me. Please stop by my garden for a cup of tea~

  73. It's my return to see this again.. I love this whole topic.. How darling to have the Mad Hatter's tea! such a delightful setting and story line. Many blessings, marlis

  74. It's always wonderful, fun - and perfect.

    Happy Pink Saturday, Sarah.

  75. I'm late! I'm late! But this post certainly deserves another go. SO much charm. Love the cake too.

  76. Hello Sarah,
    oh my, what a fabulous post. Such a fun of a party. You decorated everything so wonderful and I am sure, you crossstiched Alice and her friends by yourself.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  77. Fantastic! Happy Pink Saturday greetings from Holland,
    with love,

  78. Hi Sarah!

    Just popped in to tell you that you won my Giveaway! Please email me your address, and I'll get your prize to you asap :)



  79. What a fun tea party - wish I could have been there. Love the needlepointed Cheshire cat in the tree. The cake is very unusual - is it real? Did you bake it Sarah?

    Sending wishes that your Independence Day will be fun. We are not traveling to New England this year - a first - so we are just planning a quiet time here at home and keeping cool, somehow!

    Happy holiday dear -

  80. O,I do remember this wonderful is even better the second time around. And Alice in Central Park. I remember how impressed I was when I first saw your post on her.
    Every thing is so awesome....:))

  81. Oh, WOW!!! I love this post, Sarah. The black and white items lend a dream-like quality, and the Alice tea set is so cute! LOVE it. I also like your needlepoint pieces. So charming!

    I love the outside posts best. But I was too scared to pull it off with the rain chances this weekend.

    Thanks so much for sending me the link! I truly enjoyed visiting your party EXTREMELY LATE, LOL!

    Ricki Jill


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