Friday, April 2, 2010

Sharing Easter Favorites

We were to head off to France early next week, so I didn't plan to put my Easter things out this year. Then Life interfered, caused the trip to be postponed, and now I find us in town with the bunnies still hibernating in boxes. I wanted to post about some of my favorite Easter things, so I reached into the photo album to see if there was something I might share. The above mosaic is a table setting from last year. It was my turn to host our group of long time girlfriends for our Easter dinner. We've been sharing special times together for over 25 years. I posted about our Christmas dinner evening here.

The table was set with MacKenzie-Childs plates from the Taylor Series. Each plate has a fluted edge and a different design, but all are finished with pastel glazes. MacKenzie-Childs still produces items in the Taylor Series, though not all the patterns are still being made.

I used Sir Christopher silver and monogramed white linen napkins held with antique French napkin rings.

Individual leaping rabbits created by Debbee Thibault were used as place card holders. They were the party favors I sent home with each of my friends. I had luckily stumbled upon these in the clearance bin at Neiman Marcus Last Call months before. I scooped them up knowing they would be perfect for just such an occasion.

The center piece was a vintage rectangular silver tray (on loan from a friend) filled with some of my hand-painted eggs that I shared here in a mosaic last Saturday. Paper pulp rabbits by Two's Company and a covered bunny box by Nicol Sayre gave the nest of eggs a bit of dimension and interest. A chain of vintage glass bead garland imported by Bethany Lowe Designs entwined gracefully in and around the rabbits and eggs.

Dinner was served buffet style from the sideboard. A vase from MacKenzie-Childs held pussy willow branches on which I hung hand stitched felt Easter figures, a few other Easter ornaments, and some speckled bird eggs.

This sweet bunny made by ESC Trading Company, Inc. in 2002 demurely stood beside the vase of pussy willows.

Dessert of lemon meringue pie baked in MacKenzie-Childs Piccadilly pie dishes and served on dessert plates from MacKenzie-Childs was enjoyed on the sun porch so we could take in the lovely spring evening. A bouquet of white snapdragons from a friend's garden filled the Kaldun & Bogle pitcher which is in the whimsical form of a bunch of carrots.

These hand painted and embroidered linen towels were thoughtful gifts from friends who know I have a fondness for special tea towels.

Since I don't have my Easter things out to share today, I decided to give you a peek at my friend Susan's Easter things. You may remember her home at Halloween spotlighted here.

Susan's foyer includes a bench that 

is the perfect spot for holiday pillows.

This little bunny couple happily 

greets guests from the entry table.

Susan's mantel is ever changing with the seasons. 

 This year she added the glittered Happy Easter sign . . .

and a small egg tree at the other 

end among her treasured Staffordshire pieces.

The butler's table holds a 

crystal basket of fresh flowers, Limoges bunny boxes, 

and a majolica dish filled with eggs.

A handsome chocolate bunny watches 

over a grouping of antique dresser jars with silver lids.

Hand painted eggs and more collectable treasures 

share space with a vase of pink tulips 

and white agapanthus blooms.

The window seat holds more 

of Susan's collection of blue and white 

and offers a colorful backdrop to a 

silver tray filled with decorated eggs.

A vignette of antique boxes 

and majolica mix with . . .

a box filled with more special eggs.

Susan's collection of needlepointed 

Easter bunnies and eggs gathers 

together on another table in her living room.

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Happy Springtime to each of you, dear friends!

The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Oh Sarah! All your dishes are just so beautiful! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Your Easter things are absolutely stunning, they are just so unique, I love them all, the hand painted eggs are some of my favorites, you are pretty talented to do that, have a great trip when you can go...

  3. Oh Sarah, what a beautiful table. I'm so sorry to hear that your trip was postponed. Do hope everything is OK. So enjoyed seeing all your Easter treasures.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. Your tablescape is fabulous, Sarah. I love those Mac Kenzie plates. What pretty colors! Have a nice trip and Happy Easter!...Christine

  5. Just such a stunning table and party setting, Everything is just amazing!! I'm sure your guests were thrilled with the favors. So glad you had your photos from last year. Hope that trip isn't postponed for too long.
    Have a wonderful Easter,

  6. I didn't see any of this last year, so it's all new to me! And it's all so pretty! I love your pretty MC ruffled edge plates! And the willow branches hung with bunny and egg decorations is a wonderful idea!! I really like your friends Limoge bunny boxes. Love those.
    Sorry your trip got postponed. Hopefully you will get to go soon.
    Happy Easter to you!!!

  7. Oh Sarah, that table is just fabulous. It looks like a photo in a magazine. Those MC plates and pie plates are fabulous, and I love your centerpiece and the way you arranged it in that silver tray. What lucky friends to receive such wonderful favors. I want to come join y'all! Love that bunny holding the clown on a stick.
    Your friend has some wonderful Easter decor too, and I loved seeing all of it. Her Staffordshire pieces are gorgeous, and I love the way she displays her treasures. The pretty wooden box with treasures inside is something I'm going to have to remember and copy. I'm so sorry about your trip. I had read on someone's blog that he had to have surgery on the eye, and I was afraid you had had to postpone the trip. Hopefully, it can be rescheduled. (Glad he had the detached retina before you left for France though). Thank you so much for linking to Favorite Things. Have a wonderful Easter weekend. laurie

  8. What a beautiful table! I'm glad you reached into your album for last year's photos. I didn't 'know' you last year, so hadn't seen these.
    Happy Easter!

  9. My word! I'm rendered almost speechless - this is one of the lovliest table settings... and ought to be in a magazine. Beautifully photographed too. I am so envious of your Debbie Thibault figurines (but trying hard not to be...)

    Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter!

  10. What beautiful pictures of all things Eastery! I just love all of the gorgeous bunnies everywhere.

    I am so sorry to hear about your travel plans being postponed. Did I see Laurie mention that someone had a detached retina? My hubby had a detached retina last year. He has always had bad eyes but this was a terrible thing to go through. His happened because he went on a ride at a theme park! Needless to say his roller coaster days are are his cricket days since he broke that elbow.

    Anyway, hope that you have a beautiful Easter and that the trip goes ahead real soon!

    Best wishes,

  11. Good Morning Sarah,

    Just stopping by this morning to say hello and to wish you a Happy Easter.

    I always enjoy seeing your tablescapes. I am sorry that your trip has to be postponed but I certainly understand how LIFE can get in the way of our plans! Everything usually turns out well in the end, however.

    Thanks for sharing with us today.

  12. sad that you couldn't go to france just yet, but you made your friends and us fellow bloggers happy with your bunny table and decor!

    thank you for sharing!!!

    blessed Easter.

  13. Beautiful place settings! The tea towels are treasures! So many lovelies for Easter! Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter!

  14. Such a lovely post! Sorry about your trip. I'm sure it was a disappointment to you.

    Wishing you a blessed Easter.
    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  15. Happy Easter and happy Pinks!

  16. Sarah, what a very delightful post. I just adore all your Easter treasures. What a lucky find on the Debbee Thibault bunnies! Of course as I have mentioned before, I love Mackenzie Childs too. You have the best things for any season.

    So sorry your trip to France had to be delayed.

    Happy Easter!

  17. Simply stunning. And I'm trying oh so hard not to covet the carrot pitcher. It's not working. I really, really want that carrot pitcher. Bad Tina. Seriously though, that table setting needs to be in a magazine, it's AMAZING.

  18. Sarah, my eyes are stunned with all the beautiful Easter Tablescapes and Easter collections. It's been like viewing an elegant photo shoot for Better Homes and Garden! Thanks for the Easter Parade!

  19. Wish you a happy Pink Easter weekend !
    ♥♥ Rini the Netherlands

  20. My oh my... what a feast for the eyes! Happy Easter.

  21. Hi Sarah, know how to decorate for Easter better than anyone...this is wonderful! Your tablescape is wonderful! I love all your handpainted eggs! Those pies looked sooo yummy! Your ladies group must have had a fit when they saw all your wonderful Easter decor! :-) So sorry your trip was postponed...hope you get to go soon. I've never been to France...maybe one day. Now I understand about your wish to speak French! :-)

  22. Oh sara the table is so beautiful! You know how much I love all your MacKenzie Childs collection! The fluted plates and pie plates are to die for! All of the Easter decorations are so awesome!! I hope everything is OK and you can reschedule your trip to France! Have a wonderful Easter with family and friends! Hugs! Sherri

  23. Sarah,
    We're so sad that your trip has been postoned, we were so looking forward to your visit. Hopefully it will work out in the Fall.
    Your Easter tablescape is wonderful, I'm so glad you had pix from last year.
    Hugs to both of you!

  24. so pretty and cheerful! I forgot to sign up ahead of time for the pink party, so I'm leaving my pink link and hoping that you'll drop by soon. Have a fun weekend! until later...

  25. so pretty and cheerful!I adore all of your bunnies. I forgot to sign up ahead of time for the pink party, so I'm leaving my pink link and hoping that you'll drop by soon. Have a fun weekend! until later...

  26. Hi Sarah,
    I was only able to find 5 when I bought mine at Old Time Pottery last I went searching and found a 6th one at Replacements. It says they have 11 more. I only paid $3.50 a piece at Old Time Pottery...killed me to pay amost 3 times that amount at Replacements...but then Old Time Pottery is always a lot cheaper. I guess they buy closeouts of something. Here's the link:

  27. What a pretty table and I love the centerpiece. Those tea towels are adorable. Thanks for sharing all your Easter goodies.

  28. I'm glad you didn't have time to do any new decorating, Sarah, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten to see THIS beautiful selection of photos! Each one is just delicious with lots to look at & wish for. I ♥ all your MC pieces. So festive & fun looking!

  29. Your Easter things are absolutely stunning!
    Happy Easter..Luna

  30. What a great display of Easter goodies. Thanks for showing all these pics. Hope it won't be too long before you can go to France again.

    Have a lovely week!

  31. I have never seen anything like it, absolutely stunning!


    Tyra's Garden

  32. Sarah, I am in awe of your Easter decorations. The table setting is fantastic and I am a MacKenzie Childs fan from way back when they were in upstate NY. You have really inspired me to do more decorating next is all so lovely!
    ♥, Susan

  33. Hi, very lovely post, beautiful pictures and I love your mosaics! I hope that you have a wonderful new week!

  34. WOW! I am loving all of the MacKenzie favorite...and your Easter decor is GORGEOUS! You definitely go all out!

    Beautiful mosaics too!

    Happy Mosaic Monday!

  35. A beautiful way to begin my day by viewing these vignettes!

  36. What beautiful decorations Sarah, and your table is just gorgeous. We had a lovely weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the ham I cooked ;)

  37. Hi Sarah! Oh, your table is precious. I'm sure all of your girl friends were oohing and ahhing over everything!
    Your friends Easter decorations are just wonderful!
    Have a great trip when the time comes around.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  38. So sorry your trip was cancelled!!! I have a pilot friend who flies the Paris route...
    Love all of these beautiful things...

  39. Sarah that was a delightful setting, and those dishes where beautiful. I loved all those little pillows on the bench too. And yes, I do love changing things around the house, they always look fresh someplace else for the season:) Hope you get to resume your plans soon.

  40. Hi Sarah, I enjoyed looking at your and your friend's wonderful decoration and hope you had a lovely Easter! The handpainted eggs are beautiful and the bunnies are too cute! The lemon meringue pies look very yummy! I hope you can get to France soon to catch up the trip. It's a wonderful time of the year to visit France.

  41. That's such a great setting, ESPECIALLY for doing it on the fly! Amazing ;)

  42. Sarah, I hope you had a wonderful Easter. Your Easter decorations are just exquisite and beautiful. All of your beautiful bunnies and eggs!!! I am sorry your trip was postponed but it is such a treat that you had a chance to show these to us. Just gorgeous!!!! Cheers, Lia

  43. Sarah, I hope everything is okay. I am sorry about your trip.

    Everything you have shared is absolutely stunning. I love it all.

    Happy belated Pink Saturday and Happy Spring.

  44. How marvelous!
    What a wonderful Easter tablescape you have going there. :-)

    I hope you have an absolutely fabulous trip to France, lucky girl!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday,

  45. Hi! Thanks for stopping by for my 'Grace Kelly' post - & what a great blog you have! I'll return to read through yr earlier posts!

    Look forward to *seeing* you again - hopefully tomorrow for'L'?!!


  46. As disappointing as it is when a trip has to be postponed, there will be all the excitement of replanning again soon I hope. Know you are anxious to visit France......who wouldn't be. So much to see and I know right now you are sharing in Penny's great pics!

    Not sure when I'll get back to France - I do miss my family there but, as DH says, there are so many other places yet to see.......and perhaps not a lot of time as the years creep up so quickly now.

    Your Easter from last year was really delightful Sarah - loved everthing, especially your beautiful collection of painted eggs.

    Hope things are going well by now dear - thinking of you.
    Hugs - Mary

  47. Oh I covet your MK plates! What a beautiful table, Sarah. You have so many lovely things..
    I hope your trip gets rescheduled soon!

  48. Your table is beautiful! I went to France in my tablescape this week. So exciting you are going-enjoy!

  49. Sarah, Everything is so beautiful. It all has a whimsical yet elegant feel. Your collection of MacKenzie Childs is enviable!
    And the rabbit place card holders are my very favorite. They have a fairytale aire about them.
    Your guest were very generous for bringing you those fabulous towels. I too, love handpainted floursack towels.
    This is a fabulous post!

  50. Sarah, your table is stunning, I love everything about it. Sorry you are not able to be in France right now.

  51. What a lovely setting! Your dishes are fabulous.

  52. Oh how very pretty all your Easter collection is! This all looks so elegant as well as fun -- Everything looks beautiful on your tablescape and bunny trail!

  53. Oh, I enjoyed seeing your Easter collectibles, and a nice bonus to see your friend, Susan's, as well! Thanks for sharing!


  54. Hello there sweet lady,

    This s just so fabulously pretty, cheerful and a very lovely Easter tablscape!

    Please pop by for a visit..,

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda lee

  55. I'm so very glad that I was able to come by for a visit today. Such lovely photographs of such a beautiful Easter theme going on there.

    Jan @ BellaCasa

  56. Hi Sarah,
    If I were a bunny I would definitly want to live at your house. You have such a wonderful collection. Gorgeous table...very fun

  57. Such a pretty table! The dishes are wonderful, thanks for sharing!

  58. I love McK. Childs. There is a shop here in Phoenix that sells it. This is so pretty!


  59. Just gorgeous -- a feast for the eyes! I love the idea of using a tray to contain the centerpiece elements -- and plan to copy that in a future tablescape! Your friends were delighted with this table, I'm sure.

  60. Everyone's said it but I'll say it as well. The McKenzie plates are the most scrumptious and I've never seen the pie plates before. wow, wow, wow.
    Hope you'll stop by and get in on our giveaway. -- Jane F.

  61. It was hard to pick a favorite, but I think it's the pitcher shaped like a bunch of carrots! You have lovely and fun Easter decorations!

  62. So sorry to learn that your trip to France was canceled but WOW, your Easter decorations, tablesetting and appointments are wonderful.!


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