Friday, August 28, 2009

It's Rooster Party Time!

It's Friday and time for the SHOW US YOUR ROOSTERS PARTY hosted by Barb @ Bella Vista. I've been having lots of fun with my roosters all week long, but I'm eager to see everyone's roosters. 204 participants, now that's a party!

Let the

Party Begin!

Small tray of petit roosters, mostly gifts received from friends over the years.

For some reason roosters have always been a favored creature in my imagination. Perhaps it is the rooster's long association with France as a symbol of of vigilance, hope and faith. Or perhaps it is simply because roosters can be both regal or whimsical. What ever the reason, I find myself enchanted by these fellows.

This tiny box is English and includes the quote: "Outward appearances can be deceptive."

Paper Maché Hen and Rooster by French Artist, Aude Goalec

I don't often think of something as a favorite because I enjoy most everything in life. But these two are very dear to my heart. I spied them in a shop window when in Paris years ago. So these two birds have flow across the Atlantic!

Aude Goalec's "wordy" couple is made from French newspapers and includes clever details, like the "e" for the eye.

Morning room corner with French hanging pot rack, copper, & French faience.

Our home is rather eclectic in furnishings. We've always bought what we loved and mixed things in as we acquired them. As France is a favored travel destination, French faience has become one of my passions.

Birds of a feather flock together!

French Faience Plates Made to Commemorate World War I & II

Group of Yellow Quimper with English Hen on Nest

Limited Edition Plate from the Collection Musée des Faiences de Quimper with Sigma Hen on Nest and Mc Coy Rooster Vase

Sigma Les Petites Fleurs Rooster Pitcher and Tray, Hand Painted in Italy

Large Wooden Bowl by Susan Winget with Glass Rooster Filled with Peppers

Warren Kimble Glasses, MacKenzie-Childs Sugar Bowl, Simon Pierce Glass Pitcher, Plymouth Rock Rooster Hand Painted by Lefton China

This set of charming rooster glasses was a recent thrift shop find along with the Lefton rooster. Don't you just love recycling!

The tall glasses are a perfect size for ice tea on a hot summer day.

The rooster is a Plymouth Rock. It is hand painted and signed.

Group of Folk Art Items from Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, and Africa

I've always appreciated the charm and whimsey of the folk art of various cultures. If I'm traveling in a foreign country I seek out something small to bring home as a souvenir.

Notice the rooster riding among the produce atop the bus. The buses in Guatemala are actually much like this little figure. People and animals and all kinds of goods are loaded on top of the buses as well as packed inside.

Whimsical Long Necked Rooster Among Nantucket Baskets

Hand Carved Rooster by New Mexico artist, Mark Kluck

Clay Mural by New Mexico Artist, Priscilla Hoback

This sunny guy is right at home on our sun porch. Priscilla Hoback certainly captured this morning alarm clock!

Detail of Hoback Rooster

The Pink Adobe Cookbook, Favorite Recipes from the Past and Present

Artist Priscilla Hoback is the daughter of Rosalea Murphy, who opened the famed Pink Adobe Restaurant in Santa Fe, NM in 1944. Rosalea, an artist herself, wrote that she opened the Pink Adobe "to give herself the independence to "cook, paint, and support herself all under the same roof." Rosalea passed away in 2000. Her family published this cookbook to honor Rosalea Murphy's creative genius with both food and art. In addition to many personal photographs and amazing photos of prepared dishes, this book also features many of Rosalea's paintings. Needless to say, the one featured on the cover is a personal favorite. This book is a treat of both food and art!

Needlepoint in Progress with Rooster Scissors by WASA

I'm at work on a wonderful canvas that depicts the various motifs found on Quimper pottery. A friend and fellow collector designed and hand painted this canvas for me to stitch. I hope to complete it in the coming months!


If you are a big fan of roosters and hens, then you may want to add this delightful book to your bookshelf. This is a book of "great recipes and splendid objects for the passionate collector". This book is the ultimate SHOW US YOUR ROOSTERS PARTY!

Once again, thank you for joining me and my rooster fellows. It's been fun week of Rooster Celebration! There are more of these guys roosting around here at HFTS, but I'll save them for another time. Right now I'm eager to get to all the great Rooster Parties out in Blogville. See you there! Just click here to go to Barb's @ Bella Vista to see a list of all who are participating in the SHOW US YOUR ROOSTERS PARTY.

See you tomorrow for Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound. Yes, there will be a
Pink Rooster!

The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Good Morning Hyacinth,
    Another great clutch of roosters to delight and amaze us.
    You know that I covet (dreadful vice, but true) the Aude Goalec roosters and the Priscilla Hoback mural is fabulous.
    I have so enjoyed Hyacinth's Rooster week and can't wait to see your pink rooster tomorrow.
    As you know I have posted 2 rooster blogs today, my own at Normandy Life & a second post on the Quimper Club blog, which also features WWI plates similar to yours.
    a bientot

  2. You do have lots of roosters you lucky girl! I do love your display of plates and the clay mural is wonderful.
    Sandi - My Roosters Party On

  3. Love, love, love your collection. My favorites by far are the "wordy" couple that you got in Paris. They are wonderful!!

  4. I love your home and I love your rooster box and plates! Beautiful collection.....Christine

  5. What a fun post and such gorgeous roosters. I love them all. You have such a great collection. I love the plates and the tiny little ones on the tray. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

  6. I really like your iced tea rooster tablescape.

  7. Hi Sarah, you have such a grand and lovely collection. I love all the wonderful variety and each one is displayed so beautifully. Thank you for helping me to make this so successful. You are a gem.

    I am so glad you joined and shared!!

    Hugs, Barb :-)

  8. Hi Sarah! Thanks for stopping by. You just have the most amazing and unique collection! I kept going "ahhhhh, love that"! I signed up to follow your blog.
    Blessings on your day!

  9. I love the roosters and the needlepoint you are doing. The Hoback rooster is amazing. Blessings, Janet

  10. Splendid, Sarah! Just absolutely splendid. You have a extraordinary and fabulous collection. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Hi Sarah! My gosh, I LOVE ALL the roosters I am seeing here today!.. So many I just can't pick out a definite favorite! LOVE the two paper mache ones from France!.. Very unique, and beautiful! I did have to smile at the fact that the one rooster is designed by New Mexico artist Mark KLUCK!!! Did anyone else besides ME today find that his name, and then his association with roosters a little FUNNY?!!.. Or did I just have a little too much Rooster Wine?!!! Maybe I better switch to coffee now!! (0; Hope you're enjoying all the rooster festivities today, and that you have a wonderful weekend! ~tina

  12. Sarah....It looks like you have taken so much care over the years to create your rooster collection. It's lovely and I bet you've had fun doing it! Your paper mache' roosters are just striking....I think the way they're posed that sets them apart. And my goodness I love your Italian pitcher and tray! I've seen so many lovely things today that I'd love to have, but one thing for sure.....I'm totally convinced I need some rooster glasses like yours! lol
    Elaine :)

  13. Hello Sarah, Your extensive collection is awesome. I am so impressed with your collection of Quimper and gorgeous roosters from over seas as well. Your French decor is lovely. Every part of your collection is so tastefully displayed. Thank you for sharing your collection and the time involved in sharing your rooster party. I enjoyed it so much.


  14. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you so much for sharing your very lovely collection of our feathered friends. Happy Rooster Day! Have a great weekend.

    ♥Ana~A Petite Cottage

  15. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for the visit on my blog earlier. Come back again anytime. I'm having my very first giveaway so please enter if you want.

    I love your collection. You have so many lovely roosters. I think your french roosters are my fave as well. I was just noticing the e for an eye and thinking it was smart. Then read you caption underneath. You are right. It is clever.

    ♥ Rebecca

  16. Hi Sarah,
    What a wonderful collection of roosters you have and I love how you have displayed them.

  17. Oh I love your blog too, thank you for visiting my site, such beautiful roosters dear, love them all aren't we blessed not to have to choose which one is the very best of all roosters, lol wow I love them all big and small, hugs thanks

  18. I love your collection of roosters, hard to pick a favorite. Debbie

  19. Hi Sarah-
    What an incredible collection of roosters! I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of your home...and your travel. I loved the papier mache hens!!! There is much humor to be found in many of your roosters. Thank you for sharing...

    And thank you for stopping by my post. I truly appreciate your comments. (I stopped by your Julia Childs post, too)

    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  20. Hi Sarah,
    So nice to meet you and I so enjoyed your rooster party post. You have some amazing beauties in your collection and I love the wordy couple. Gotta love the e~eye!

    You asked about the rooster sitting on chair plates. They are unknown as for the maker. Thay have no markings and I believe for decorative use only. I found them at Ross several years ago. I did see another blog have the same set. It came with 4 altogether. I use them as a back drop in my open cabinets. We have never eaten on them. They look to be silkscreened or raised design. I have enjoyed them. Hope this answers your question just a bit.

    I have so enjoyed my visit at your lovely blog and hope to see you again soon.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comments. Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  21. I gasped when I saw those glasses...they are fantastic! Rooster glasses are not easy to find.
    Your entire collection is great..but the glasses...ok...the whimsy Rooster is adorable...but still the glasses get my vote.
    :) Loved visiting you!

  22. good morning, enjoyed your rooster parade, you have some awesome pieces, have a great day.

  23. What a great collection!!!!! You have them all displayed to perfection. This has been so much fun getting to know all of the other Rooster Lovers.


  24. You have the most sophisticated rooster collection I have seen, yet. If we had to crown a "rooster queen", my vote would be for you!!!
    I love all of them, but here are my favorites: Parisian paper mache couple, Clay mural, and the whole Morning Room corner.
    I looked on the back of my spatterware pieces. All of them were a little different, but included a black marker type, elongated loop or swirl shape. One plate had a 3 digit number impression, and the soup tureen has three blue straight comma shapes in a row and the black loop. Who knows what they are. But they do not have any kind of Quimper signature. Thanks for your interest.

  25. I am loving your collection and the charming way you display it. Your French roosters are my favorites (I have a "thing" for France).

    Thank you for sharing your goodies.


  26. Oh how i love the paper mache rooster and those adorable glasses!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.. Valarie

  27. You have THE best rooster collection of the party!
    Your home must look like a boutique!
    You have an e for eye!

  28. Oooo, I love all the roosters. The wordy rooster set and the Artful Chicken are my favorites. They're all just wonderful. Happy Pink Saturday..have a lovely weekend.

  29. Hi Sarah! I'm still working my way through the rooster list. I love your Plymouth Rock rooster. He's a handsome guy!

  30. Thank you for visiting my rooster party and your kind comment.
    I haven't seen a paper mache rooster and really like yours. You have some very lovely roosters and thanks for sharing them.
    deb :)

  31. WOW you have a BEAUTIFUL and unique collection of Roosters! Thanks for sharing them.....they are wonderful!

  32. OK I am just drooling over the rooster glasses. What a grat find. I really like the newspaper rooster as well. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Sarah, I love all your roosters but the French Pair made of newspapers have to be some of the prettiest that I have ever seen! I dream someday of going to Paris and love to talk to people that have actually been! I am so happy that you stopped by the farmhouse for a visit and for leaving that sweet comment. Please stop by again, we love having company.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection with all us other rooster lovers!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  34. Hi Sarah
    I hope I'm not too late for the party. Your rooster collection is great . My favorites are the papier mache ones.

  35. Hello Sarah,

    You have such gorgeous roosters. The Priscilla Hoback mural is fabulous! I also like the little ones on the tray.

    ~ Tracy

  36. What a lovely Rooster Party! Love the glasses.

    Irma :)

  37. Oh what a wonderful collection of roosters! I have just a few Quimper pieces, and I'm afraid I am a little jealous of your Quimper and your Faience. I love all of it. And what gorgeous artwork! This is my first visit to your blog, and I have a strong feeling that it won't be my last! I enjoyed your post so much. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. laurie

  38. Sarah,
    You have some awesome roosters!!!

    love the little guys in the first pic, and really love the paper one with the "e" for the eye.
    Wonderful work.

    Have never seen a pot hanger like your wood one on the wall.
    really like that and may have to pick up on that idea with an old board i got at a sale.
    Of course yours is much nicer. mine would be rustic.
    thanks for coming by.


    barbara jean

  39. Wow, you have quite the collection of roosters! My favorite is the one covered in French newspaper. Very cool. jan

  40. What a terrific rooster collection you have. I especially like your little scissors. Thanks for joining in and letting me have some fun.

  41. Those paper mache roosters are incredible. Love the platter you posted today (Saturday) as well.

  42. Thanks for stopping by to visit me & for leaving a comment. What a wonderful collection. I love them all. The Paper Mache ones and the clay mural are my favorite. So special.

  43. Wow! What an eclectic collection of roosters. One is more beautiful than the next. I've never seen a glass rooster filled with peppers before but yours is lovely. Thanks for visiting my little blog and hope your weekend is going well. xxoo

  44. Oh love the paper mache roosters ! You have a wonderful collection.

  45. You have a huge - and beautiful - rooster collection. Fabulous Rooster Party post!


  46. Fabulous Frenchie fine feathered collection. WOW. They are all lovely. I think I favor the golden McCoy but I'm going looking for the scissors! :) Thanks for sharing. I haven't made it to everyone but I'm coming back to see your other posts. Thanks.

  47. So many beautiful roosters here ♥ They are all so charming. I love all of your rooster plates. What a nice collection you have.

  48. I absolutely love your wonderful rooster collection! My favorite, hands down, is the beautifully, unique paper mache pair from Paris! I also appreciated learning what the rooster symbolizes!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and visiting!
    I will definitely be back to yours!

  49. Your collection is incredible! I really loved looking at it, and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  50. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your Rooster collection is "WOW"...thanks for sharing.

  51. I love your rooster collection. You have some unique pieces. Thanks for sharing.

  52. My granddaughter's birthday was this weekend & I was very busy getting ready for it so I am just finding the time to visit those from the rooster party....sorry! are a rooster lover! Those rooster glasses were a great find & the paper mache roosters are them!

  53. Sarah -

    Wow, your roosters are lovely! My favorites are the paper mache' roosters (how clever), the rooster pitcher, the wooden bowl by Susan Winget (would love to have one like it), the Plymoth Rock rooster (so country), the black with white spots rooster in your folk art display, and the Warren Kimble glasses, which I also have :-).

    The striped rooster in my first photo was a gift. I can't recall who gave it to me :-(. I do like it very much though.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful collection. How fun this has been.


  54. WOW.. I am amazed at all your roosters.. what a lovely collection!!!

  55. Hi I love yor Roosters, Yes I am still trying to get to all the great party's.... I am having a give-a-way to celebrate my 1 month Blogoversary.... Please stop over at my place to celebrate ...

  56. Hi Sarah!

    I'm so late in visiting! Your roosters are so fabulous!! My favs are the french paper mache roosters, tres chic!

    You do some wonderful stitch work Sarah. Love your new post of the lady your stitched with the lavender. Nice work!

    Hugs, Sherry

  57. My, my, my, but you have a lot of roosters. I love it!!! I love anything that reminds me of France as well. So I love your French paper mache rooster & hen the most. Thanks for visiting my rooster post & leaving me a comment. As you can see, you are not the only one late getting around to visit.

  58. You've got some of the best looking roosters at the whole party. The paper mache are my favorites. I can't believe I didn't bring back any roosters from my trip to France. BTW, you collect roosters about like I collect pigs.

    You asked about my tin ornaments. They may have been part of a group of ornaments I got several years ago when Raz Imports did a whole country French collection, complete with toile ribbon and a toile tree skirt. But then again, they could have come from someone else. I looked on the back of them and didn't find anything except "Made in China."

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

  59. You took my breath away. Incredible collection of roosters beautifully displayed! The paper mache duo is so so fabulous. Here's wishing you a Happy Anniversary a day late! How wonderful to have a long and happy marriage. Blessings :) Nancy

  60. I am just going through all the rooster posts, and what a beautiful blog you have! I absolutely LOVE your two birds from France! What a cleaver idea, and how wonderful they are!
    Have a great week,

  61. I'm still trying to get around to all the rooster posts too. This has been fun and I've seen some amazing roosters. Thanks for commenting on my roosters. I love them. Your paper mache roosters are beautiful. I love all your plates and your clay mural too. You've got some uniquely beautiful roosters. THanks for sharing with all of us.

  62. I don't think I am going to make it to all the parties!! Bummer! But thank you for stopping by mine! Wow is all I can say! You have a beautiful collection of roosters! They are all unique and wonderful. Your special paper mache roosters are so neat! I bet you were relieved when you finally placed them on your table! Thank you for sharing your delightful collection!

  63. Sarah you have quite a collection of roosters. I love the paper mache and the clay mural is stunning.

    It certainly was a fun party. I couldn't have imagined that there would be so many different roosters.
    Take care ~Sue

  64. I'm still getting to the rooster parties!!! I hope I make them all before Friday! & I'm so glad I made yours!

    OOOOh! I love your petit roosters! (too cute!) ...but then you show your paper mache pair & ooh-la-la! ...and french pottery! ...but then you don't stop with the French birds!!! I love the rest of your international roosters! (we love collecting a little something from wherever we've lived or visited too.) ...and your sun porch rooster!!! ...and your lovely needlepoint! ...your party was quite lovely!
    Blessings & Aloha!

    (thank you for stopping by my party :o)

  65. I'm salivating...! OMG!!!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Can't wait for the next Rooster Blog Party!!

  66. Hello
    I must applogize for being so late.I got home just last week from my trip to wales.I am making return visits to all who left a message on my rooster post.First thank you for you comments.I did enjoy my visit here,your roosters are all wonderful,it would be very hard to have to choose one as a favorite,but I think the paper mache would be the winner in my heart.
    Have a blessed day
    Tracy (Gracie)
    I will follow


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