Sunday, July 5, 2020

Independence Day 2020

~ July 4th ~ 
American Independence Day!
As we all have learned,
2020 is different.
I never miss the neighborhood 4th of July Parade,
though this year, there was no parade. 
Instead, neighbors were encouraged to decorate their
laws with a patriotic theme
I missed sitting on the curbside! 
It's always heart warming to see the hundreds of neighbors,
young and old, who come out on the 4th of July to 
participate in these little community parades.   
All parades were canceled because of COVID-19!
No large outdoor gatherings for family and friend meals!
No public parks open!
No Austin Symphony Orchestra concert along the 
grassy banks of Lady Bird Lake,
culminating with a spectacular fireworks display 
above the beautiful Austin skyline. 
None of the traditional festivities for the 4th this year!
Fortunately these two didn't let COVID-19 
dampen their patriotic spirit.
They had their own little solo parade!
There were no plans to join friends for a traditional gathering.
For us it was a quiet evening at home, dinner for two
with our sweet Sadie girl at our feet.
I kept the decor simple this July.  
Between our ongoing remodel and no entertaining 
at home, I hesitate to bring much out.
Though I am enjoying this new cachepot 
filled with summer blooms.
 A tray filled with flags and 
Uncle Sam figures sits on the buffet.
I couldn't resist these special 4th of July party crowns,
though admitedly they were strictly to add a festive touch.
These fun party crowns are by Bethany Lowe Designs.
They came in red and blue, each with a different sentiment.
Do you have a favorite?

They give a festive party feel to the stack of dishes,
Blue Pinstripe Chargers ~ Neiman Marcus
Royal Check Dinner ~ MacKenzie-Childs
Red Italian Salad ~ Spode
Royal Linens ~ Crown Linen Designs
Mother of Pearl Flatware ~ English Antique
I think a varried stack makes for an interesting table.
This one alternates the red and blue 
with a touch of black and white.
Love Letter Placemats ~ Hester and Cook
Black and White Ruffled Placemats ~ Crown Linen Designs
We are fans of colored glass, and these blue glass stemware and tumblers are pieces we have enjoyed for decades.
  What about you, do you like colored glass?
No fireworks here! 
Our finale was a Stars and Stripe 
cupcake with faux sparkler.
~ America the Beautiful ~
Happy 244th Birthday!


The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Hopefully next year our 4th celebrations will be back to normal! Our neighborhood had great fireworks, but like you, no parades nor big parties!

  2. You set a delightful table.Your plate stack is elegant and creative and your sideboard all decorated with flags and Uncle Sam's are unique and perfectly curated. I love Sadie with her patriotic hat. The stars and stripe cupcake is so cute and festive.
    I love the couple in your neighborhood that dressed up and didn't let the parade being cancelled dampen their spirits.

  3. Sarah, I love seeing Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty wave their flags and that they didn’t let Covid dampen their enthusiasm for Independence Day. I always enjoy seeing your collections for the holidays and your Uncle Sam collection is no exception. Of course your patriotic plate stack is spectacular. You DID get Sadie to pose with her party hat, what a good girl, she deserves some extra treats ♥

  4. I loved seeing Sadie all decked out in one of the cute patriotic crowns!! Your collection of Uncle Sam’s on the tray with the flags, was such a sweet display. I love all your dish stack, and the placemats. I’m sorry for you and for all of us, how the Covid has dampened our festivities and our lives. May you have a happy week! ❤️🇺🇸💙

  5. I admire your patriotic spirit, with all your fine little details in the table setting and sideboard. I honestly cannot believe our city put on fireworks. Even though they encouraged people to distance responsibly and closed the boulevard, we could see from our balcony that they weren't! The upside was we were thoroughly entertained from our balcony bird's eye view of the fireworks!

  6. Oh Sarah, this is delightful! I love that people decorated their lawns instead of gatherings and such so you could all still enjoy, rather like a one-car parade! It looks so festive and fun, as does your beautiful table. And yes, I love colored glass!

  7. Dearest Sarah
    The spirit of the day got even more valuable this year as true freedom seems to be fragile in the eye of so many...
    You did create a perfect setting and I too love your cachepot! Still got many but since we have felines this millennium, my windowsills are free from cachepots with plants.
    PS this week I will be able to upload our book... so happy for having accomplished this complex scientific book on my own! That way, Pieter's intellect will live on and since we opted for self publishing through IngramSpark for worldwide POD (Print On Demand) printing, it was the most difficult way too. But all is under my control, copyright and all, which otherwise is not. Apple only reaches 80 countries and NO print and Amazon and Barnes & Noble is also less and complicated through high cost shipping. We do eBook, Paperback and Hardcover. 433 pages with 245 Figures and 30 Tables... It covers it all and no doubt will again be labeled 'The Mushroom Bible'. On my blog I've started my pioneer scientist Pieter's Memoirs and also honoring his former scientist friends that no more are with us but need to be remembered. History IS important! Yes, we've come upon very nasty plagiarism from his previous English book. Copyright is for life + 70 years but 'respect' seems to be out of the window nowadays!

  8. Love your Fourth dining table and sideboard, the Uncle Sam tray and the darling party hats. Seems the adorable Sadie loves them too.......

  9. so cute Sarah. like I said before your collections are amazing! Sadie looks darling. Your table is beautiful. Your Patriotic spirit is shining through.

  10. Sarah, I love that neighbors decorated their lawns! Your table for two is perfectly patriotic with the stunning dish stack. The NM pin stripe charger is gorgeous, I don’t think I have seen it. The cache filled with hydrangeas and tulips is such a lovely centerpiece! I love your Uncle Sam collection and Sadie is adorable!

  11. Happy 4th, Sarah. I wish all our street would decorate but a lot don't. Fuddy Duddys!! haha
    You put lots more out in your sweet home than I did, I concentrated on the outside this year. I simply love your stack of dishes. Nothing I have seen is prettier and your little American pup!!..Stay well..xxoJudy

  12. I so enjoyed seeing all your decor and those dressed up to celebrate. Loved the place setting! This definitely is a year we'll never forget.

  13. Sarah, your Patriotic tablescape was beautiful! Those party hats are adorable, and Sadie looks precious in hers. Our Fourth of July was very different, too, with just my husband and our two children. I sure missed celebrating with all of my family. I pray that next year we can all celebrate with all of our family and loved ones. Take care, and have a most beautiful week!

  14. I like everyone's yard decorations! What a beautiful tablescape.

  15. Hi Sarah, I'm so sorry about your parade, but how fun that people decorated their yards! I love love love your tray of Uncle Sams!! The stars and stripe cupcakes with sparklers are the best!! So glad you made it festive even though it was just the two of you 🇺🇸

  16. Hi Sarah, I look forward to your fourth of July post every year. I love that people decorated their yards, and that you were able to make it festive. Hoping the celebrations will be back to normal next year. Our lake friends had beautiful fireworks and campfires, and we all made the best of it.

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  19. Ah, Sarah, it sure wasn't a normal 4th of July celebration. It's a huge thing for us to spend time together up at the lake where I grew up. And I didn't and haven't and won't leave the house. I am really keeping social distance. (High risk, yay.)

    So appreciated all your RW and B - the dishware was swoon-worthy to be sure!

    I hope you are staying safe, and staying well. Big hugs.

  20. Your table is so dreamy, Sarah, I love it! 2020 is definitely different. We participated in a boat parade, because it's easy to social distance with families on their own boats! I love the idea of decorating lawns. What a festive and fun idea!

  21. What a wonderful post! I've missed you and happy I am back to blog land. Hope to see more of your posts soon!

  22. GORGEOUS table! M-C works so well here. It has been a rather depressing spring and summer, and likely to continue into fall, but I think the fact that you (and a lot of us) continue to press on says so much about our unfailing spirits.


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