Friday, February 1, 2019

Where in the World?

Rabbit, Rabbit!
February1st, and it's cold outside!

Miss Merri Mac and I love to travel and enjoy being a part of
the Traveling Tote group of ladies.
As much fun as it is to travel with our totes,
they are not always practical for some excursions.

When Debbie @ Mountain Breaths traveled to Italy in the fall
and couldn't take Miss Aurora, she cleverly took a traveling mug. 
We all thought it would be fun to do the same 
and have a bit of a guessing game.

 Miss Merri Mac and I also took an international trip last fall.
If you are regular reader of my blog, 
you likely already know our destination.

One of my Courtly Check mugs tagged along.
It was an overnight flight with dinner, so after dinner,
I pulled out my travel mug for coffee with dessert.
Chocolate sundaes are the perfect tonic to help one sleep.

Shortly before landing, breakfast was served.
The hostess had washed my mug and
delivered it with hot tea on my breakfast tray.
She was fascinated with my Courtly Check mug
and intended to place an order for a set of her own.

Hot tea with a tasty mini cinnamon roll
was the perfect morning wake up!

The evenings of my trip always included the best 
cappuccinos ever and a variety of rich desserts.

Outdoor markets were part of our days' activities, and food
vendors offered wonderful options to fuel our energy.
Orangina, anyone?

Evenings often consisted of light meals.
Any guesses where we traveled?

If you guessed France, 
you would be correct!
You can read all about the trip here.

 Much of the US is in the grips of the Polar Vortex.
Texas may not be in the extremes of low temps, 
but all the same, you'll find me staying indoors by a cozy fire.

No travel plans here!
Just a trip to and from the kitchen to retrieve
a hearty cup of cheese soup and a healthy salad
with apples, pecans and goat cheese.
You'll find me snuggled in by a cozy fire at home.

Wing your way on over to the other travelers linked below.
They are sure to have much more exciting times to share.


The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Sarah, don't you just love the flights where you get breakfast just before you land! Love seeing your mug shots in France, and I can just imagine the evenings sipping cappuccino and noshing on rich desserts. Now I'm getting excited about our upcoming trip to Provence and Paris in May!

  2. Rabbit, rabbit! How wonderful to have had that trip to France and to be able to share the love of the MKC brand right from the start while in flight! I am so enjoying visiting my tribe's travels, near and far, while sipping my own cuppa this morning! It's a great escape from my current project, ;)

  3. Sarah, so wish I could have been on that flight with you to France! I love you began your trip in MacKenzie-Childs style. Who know bringing our cups along on a trip could create even more fun. I'm sure your cup got lots of attention in France but I think I enjoy using my cups for warm drinks in my cozy home during this winter blast of cold is even better. After reading your post I'm ready to book a flight to France!

  4. Dessert in France has to be the best treat! Your lucky mug looks so happy to become an international traveller! And you are so lucky to have taken such a fabulous trip. Cute post, rabbit, rabbit!!

  5. Love anything MKC, especially mugs & glasses! NE Texas is chilly & I can't wait for Spring. Thanks for taking us on your travels!

  6. What a wonderful trip to France, Sarah, and in traveling with such style with you mug. I always love seeing foodie pics, and your home pictures with your cheese soup and salad by your fire were the best!

  7. Oh Sarah, I can't believe you got the flight attendant to serve tea in your mug, that is so fun! Your trip to France was definitely full off gorgeous good food, but your cheese soup and salad by the fire really appeals to me! I love to be cozy at home. We had some extreme weather mid week but back in the 60s for the weekend, I don't know how people can live with all that snow!

  8. Sarah, such a great adventure. Taking your own mug to France is priceless. Beautiful food to enjoy and fun travels. I have so enjoyed this post. There is nothing like Home Sweet Home. Have a great weekend. So sorry to have missed participating in this post.

  9. I LOVE that you traveled to Paris is your mug. Love it more than I can say!

  10. Oh Sarah that was the best that the stewardess got into it to help you out. Right Away I knew you were flying in style to get a hot fudge sundae! Ooh la la Paris! My favorite. Now I will never be able to travel without taking along a MC piece!

  11. What a trip and what a special treat to have your MC mug with you! I love MC and have the mugs, they are wonderful! Great post, sweet friend,

  12. Now that’s the way to fly! I adore that your attendant wants to order her own set of mugs. She obviously has immaculate taste. We’ve been hanging pretty close to home, too. That’s what January is for...coming back down to earth after the holidays! Love you, friend. CherryKay

  13. Hi Sarah, my first thought when you said flight at night was France. I have been in and out often with my MS from blogging. It's great to be back more than out. These are very fun.

    Beautiful sights and always fun to see a Mac


  14. I love that pic of your soup and salad by the fire, Sarah. It is the epitome of warm and cozy! Hope that you are having a cozy weekend with you handsome hubby!!!

  15. Rabbit, Rabbit Sarah! (adorable towel BTW :) Love seeing your tales of the travelling Courtly Check mug. Fireside dining has lots of appeal to me this week after chilly mornings in the 'teens. We're on a warming trend with temps in the mid 60s. The poor garden plants are going to be so confused. Happy Sunday! ♥

  16. Dearest Sarah,
    Wow, that mug no doubt did give you a feeling of home and luxury at once!
    Clever idea for having that on hand.
    Lovely photos.
    We had a balmy afternoon as we together biked. It feels great and I hope it stays like this.

  17. I remember your wonderful visit to France.

    We're waiting for my leg to heal before we book our European vacation. Maybe I'll write about our trip from the viewpoint of Steve's old green backpack that has been with him on every single flight he has taken since 1994. He only uses it for travel.

  18. Super shot of La Tour D'Eiffel! And that cute bunny tea towel all bundled up for winter made me smile. LOVE seeing your cozy fire!!! :D Lovely photos and post, Sarah!

  19. Sarah,
    Your rabbit towel and your Courtly Check Mug reminded me of our travels while stationed in Germany. Our sons were young and we took along a "hippo" puppet! "Mr. Ed" would entertain our sons and any of the other children ( and adults) nearby while riding the tour buses.
    Loved seeing your photos of France.
    I, too, have traveled to Paris.
    Loved your post!

  20. Such a wonderful idea to take the 'travel' mug! So many wonderful meals and how fun to take it to Paris! x Karen

  21. The next time you go to Paris, please bring me along. I'll pretend to be a courtly mug :) Hugs L
    PS - Love seeing pics of Sadie on your Instagram - more please!

  22. How fun. I can't wait to read about your trip. I love France.


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