Saturday, October 24, 2015

Witches Tea Party ~ 2015

Come on in

the party is about to begin.

Members of the Black Hat Society 

have been seen arriving at various parties.

Many with black cats frocking along!

And, yes, of course!

All dogs are welcome to join the fun.

Vanessa @ A Fanciful Twist

is hosting her annual

Witches Tea Party!

Thank you, Miss Vanessa!

Cleo and some of the "girls" here at

Hyacinths for the Soul

have prepared a simple tea tray

in hopes you will join them.

Nothing too fancy!

Miss Tilly made some sweet treats,

and Greta brewed a fresh pot of her favorite tea.

Of course the

 black and white theme

was totally the girls' idea.

They flew straight to the cupboard for their

favorite Courtly Check tea service.

Like I said,

nothing too fancy.

But they do love the beautiful

brass and carved cinnabar finial on top.

The "girls" chose to use our

best black plaid china.

Care for milk and sugar with your tea?

One lump or two?

French Macaroons are Miss Tilly's speciality.

Lemon ~ Passion Fruit ~ Salted Caramel ~ Chocolate

Yum and Double Yum!

And what's a tea party 

without a sprinkling of candy corn?

Grab your broom and 

to wisk yourself over to all the other 

Witches Tea Parties.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Halloween!

Also Joining


The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Oh I love your Halloween decorations, and that teapot is most excellent!!!
    Hope to see u soon at my party too
    Mad Madam Mel xx

  2. Sarah, you know how to party! I love your plaid cups and the M-C tea set. Your wonderful, elegant style is such a delight to behold.

  3. I love how the Courtly Check lends itself to so many themes. It is perfect for a witch's tea and perfect for so many other celebrations. I look at it every time I go into Chintz and Co and am sooooo tempted - but then I think about my bulging China cabinet......
    Best to enjoy it on your posts!

  4. Sarah I enjoyed your tea party and yes please to one of those pretty Macaroons. Love the witch and black cat silhouettes on your lawn. Bewitching post ... Happy Halloween.

  5. Sarah, I think your party is fantastic! Courtly Check is perfect for a Witches' Tea Party, don't you think? I would love TWO macarons, please! And I'd like some tea with milk and sugar. BTW did you get that adorable tray at Target? I do love it with the Courtly Check!

    Happy Witches' Tea!


  6. I love your pretty black plaid tea cups Sarah! I'd say you and the girls are all set for the party:@)

  7. Your post is beautiful! Thanks so much for stopping by to see mine. Happy Halloween!

  8. Your post is beautiful! Thanks so much for stopping by to see mine. Happy Halloween!

  9. We will join you and the girls anytime! Such a fun time of year to be party girls!
    Of course everything is gorgeous as always! Why does October have to "fly" by!!!???

  10. Sarah, love your party. I pinned the outside witch figure right away. So cute. I'm trying to go through the list and visit everyone, It will take awhile.I'm so glad you told me about it. Already planning for next year and BTW, I was lucky to find ONE cup and saucer of the black and white plaid at HomeGoods a while back..Happy Halloween..Judy

  11. Wow. I love your lawn decorations. Magnificent. Your party is so elegant, and I love your witches and teapot. We named our special witch "Martha'. Happy Halloween! xoxo Su

  12. That is adorable Sarah! I love that MC tea kettle and your witches are so cute! Happy Halloween!

  13. That is adorable Sarah! I love that MC tea kettle and your witches are so cute! Happy Halloween!

  14. I love your front yard and how you decorated it! Simply wonderful!

    Sincerely, Citrus and Neon

  15. I love your Courtly Check and black and white plaid tea set, and the girls are so cute. Happy Halloween!



  16. I love the blach witch...and the sweets...thanks for let me be a part of your Rea Partty...Bewitching Halloween...

  17. Your witch's tea is simply charming. The silhouettes in your lawn make such a statement. I love your witches, and your dog! I would love to come try some of those macarons! Joni

  18. Fabulous spooky yet elegant post dear Sarah! I'm late with Halloween decor as we've only been back a week and there's so much 'normal' stuff to do - however I'm actually doing a little outside this lovely afternoon involving pumpkins and such!
    Normandy was awesome and I'll be posting on more locations we visited soon.

    Hugs - Mary

  19. Wonderful party! Thanks for having us!

  20. Yum! Macaroons! Thanks for the tea!

  21. Such darling little witches ..... and some super amazing baking skills (just look at those macaroons !!!)
    I adore you big garden witch and her furry friends.
    Such a fun party.
    If you have a moment, please stop by .... my cauldron is bubbling, come on in and enjoy a cup of witches brew, with a cookie or two.

  22. It might be a small tea party, but it was cozy. Macarons always make it special, and the black and white theme was perfect of course. I'm not currently updating my blog, so I'm not on Vanessa's party list, but I did have a witches tea party this year and you are welcome to view all the fun here -

  23. Sarah,
    A wonderful witchy tea party with all your girls who each have an excellent eye (of newt?) for the perfect black and white dishes... So glad you joined in the witches tea party...


  24. Thank goodness for free parking, I ran out of change four cottages ago. Love the yummies and your tea set, especially that exquisitely red top of the teapot.

    Thanks a million for having me. Happy Witches Tea Party and Happiest Halloween!
    Magaly Guerrero

  25. Bewitching!!! I love that you do the outside--I'm not so thorough, especially this year. Good for it all.

    Jane xxx

  26. Very pretty! And those macarons look yummy!...Christine

  27. Dearest Sarah,
    Those black cats outdoors look cute!
    That sign for free broom parking is aso great.
    Lovely table setting and yummy French macaroons.
    Hugs and happy Sunday.

  28. Absolutely wonderfully Witchy! Love the Witch on the lawn with the kitties and the inside "girls", too. I adore all the designs of MacKenzie-Childs, but especially Courtly Check and it goes great with your black & white teacups. A terrific party!

  29. Sarah, Your Courtly Check is perfect for a Witches Tea Party and I'm mad for the plaid that Miss Tilly and Greta have chosen! I love the witch silhouette and cat decorations! That dog statue is a lot more cooperative to outfit and photograph than my girls are :)

  30. Sarah, I think these girls have excellent taste! Choosing the lovely black and white Courtly Check and pretty plaid pattern is a perfect party theme for the ladies with black hats! Yum is right with all the treats and I love the vignette on the wicker settee. Lovely tea party…………..

  31. Now this is My kind of Tea Party.I too love the black and white China, Lately that's what I've been buying when I find look a likes to the most expensive.It was a pleasure seeing the real thing.I enjoyed My visit.Trick or Treat ! Denise

  32. Now this is My kind of Tea Party.I too love the black and white China, Lately that's what I've been buying when I find look a likes to the most expensive.It was a pleasure seeing the real thing.I enjoyed My visit.Trick or Treat ! Denise

  33. Sarah, What a fun post! So much eye candy. Love your tea party, and thanks for the smiles. The girls have impeccable taste. :)

  34. Thank you Sarah for such a fun tea, gotta love the dog and the tea pot and Miss Tilly's speciality. Such a great witchy convene - Happy Halloween! Love Queen Marcheline from Royal Doll Town :-)

  35. Nothing too fancy you might say, but perfect I shall add! These girls did a good job ;) One lump of sugar for me thank you! Happy Halloween!

  36. What a sweet and fun party you have here. But especially glad you welcome dogs.

    Do visit my dog witch party:

  37. Oh what a great tea party - loved all the yummies and the girls looked terrific. Such a grand time they had.
    Happy Halloween.

  38. Your girls did a fine tea party, Sarah, and I wish I could join you all. I'd be happy to partake of a cuppa tea and a delicious French macaroon.

  39. I looove your home and your garden silhouettes. Your tea set is ahhmazing! Just love it all so much. Thank you so much for joining in the cackling fun <3

  40. Fun and the macaroons look yummy!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY.

  41. A stunning feast!
    Fancy another party? Please join us at

  42. Hi Sarah,

    I love your fantastical party. I spotted the blue cloth peeking out.

    Thanks for playing today.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  43. Sarah,
    Your "girls" certainly know how to throw a Tea Party!!!
    LOVE your Courtly Check Tea Pot, creamer and sugar bowl, dear friend!!!
    Black and white plaid china tea cups and saucers are spectacular!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  44. love the witch on top, excellent post.

    do check out bluebell short story slam today.

  45. Sarah, this was so cute! I love the black and white and your witches are so adorable!


  46. A lovely post. I like the dishes and everything else.

  47. Couldn't be any cuter and what a fun way to use your MC. :)

  48. Absolutely beautiful! Belatedly making the party rounds now that I am back home!
    Happy Halloween, Dear!

  49. These are just adorable.All the black and white teapots and teacups. Very pretty. Well, I'll put my witches hat on and be right over, keep that pot brewing.

  50. Miss Tilly is a wonderful hostess. What a beautiful tea try with the Courtly Checks, and I love that plaid throw. I think your "girls" are throwing a much nicer party than my witch hosted. I love that yard décor too. Is that your yard?

  51. What fun, Sarah! Love all of the black and white! Just wanted to stop by & return the visit ;)

  52. Isn't it amazing how clever witches can be when it comes to celebrating their special season. The dog is pretty cute all decked out.

  53. I was late for the tea! Looks like it was beautiful and fun! Always something fun here with you!

  54. Such a fun tea Sarah. How fun are those plaid teacups and saucers? The witchy girls look like they are having fun! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  55. Oh my, Sarah, you outdid yourself! Such fun you had with your tea partying witches. Thanks so much for linking up with Vintage Charm--hope to see you again next week!

  56. But of course I would love the black and white theme! Beautiful tea party. Thanks for sharing. If you dare, please stop by for a visit. My party is still going on.


  57. I'm a little late but glad to come by and see your Witches Tea Party. Love everything including the silhouettes, the decorated dog and the tea set!! All is witchy and wonderful. Take care, Darlene


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