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Thursday, May 21, 2015

A is for Appreciation

A is for Appreciation!

I'm still here,

just not very visible these days.

I wish I could say I've

been busy in my garden.

Recent heavy rains have been delightful,

and have left the garden lush and green.

 Knockout roses

have bloomed and bloomed.

The day lilies, my "sure bet" perennial

are bright and cheerful.

What have I been doing?

Sorting  ~ Organizing ~ Donating ~ Packing

That's what my focus has been in recent weeks.

A move is in our future!

Thank you to all my blogging buddies 

who have written to check in on me.

This community is the best!

I much appreciate each and every friendship!

A is for Appreciation!


  1. Sarah, your boxes are so organized! I know this move will go smoothly for you Talk to you soon! xxxooo

  2. Great post. And beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. Hope your move goes well.
    Have a good weekend.

  3. Wow I didn't expect this! Wishing you the best on the sale of your home and the move to your next home!

  4. Sarah,
    Your garden is gorgeous which should entice someone to buy your house very soon. I hope you will be able to take some of the perennials with you to put in pots at your new house.


  5. Your garden is so rich and colorful
    Visiting from AlphabeThursday
    Have a splendid weekend

  6. Your garden is looking so lovely...the rain has been wonderful. You have been busy...all those beautifully packed boxes so neatly stacked! Will be sending lots of good thoughts your way as you make your move.

  7. Gorgeous flowers. Good luck on the move.

  8. At least all the rain is good for gardens...your flowers are beautiful, Sarah. I don't envy you having the task of sorting, packing and moving...that is such a major undertaking. I wish you nothing but luck in selling, buying and moving.
    You have permission to take a break and enjoy the upcoming weekend!

  9. I am getting ready to move too.

    I love the frog photo!


  10. Your gardens are spectacular!

    Now for the serious stuff---best wishes and love to you as you make this very BIG move!

    Jane (Huggggs)

  11. All looking very organised for a stress free move. Hope you find a buyer that will enjoy your beautiful garden.

  12. Wow, Sarah, big changes ahead with a move! I don't envy you all the work involved, but you seem to have it well in hand. I hope it all goes well. All this rain has been amazing, hasn't it? And high temperatures in the 60s yesterday??

  13. Oh yes, your garden in lush and beautiful Sarah. The roses and lilies are some of my favorites and I love the garden gate. Oh my, your storage is so neat and organized! I'm sure you are and will be busy for a while now with this big move ahead of you. Moving is so hard in so many ways, hope yours will be an easy one. Take care and don't over work yourself Sarah!

  14. Good luck with your move❤️

  15. Goodness me - this news is such a surprise dear Sarah! I can't imagine you not tending your beautiful garden, however deep down I too am ready to move to a place with less outdoor chores and upkeep. Perhaps you and M are feeling the same. I wish you good luck - have you found a new home - and wish I could be nearby to help you with packing up all those beautiful treasures you display with such love and creativity. I'll look forward to seeing them in a new setting and hope you'll find a wonderful place to enjoy the coming years.

    Much love - Mary

  16. Wishing you a successful sale and move Sarah!

  17. Oh wow, Sarah! I hope your moving experience is a happy, looking-forward-to one. The task of purging, organizing can be daunting, even when it's a project outside the larger scope of a move. I get a little anxious just thinking about it, but I hope you're feeling cool, calm and collected (no pun intended on that last choice of word). Your garden looks amazing. I think if and when I ever move, I hope it will be in fall, when the garden is going to sleep. It is one the things I would miss most, even though it is sometimes an overwhelming amount of work. Cheers to new beginnings!

  18. Oh Sarah, what a job, and I admire you for all that packing, sorting and organizing. I look forward to learning more about your new home. Love and hugs are sent your way!

  19. You're moving from that beautiful home! Oh...sad..but happy for your new beginnings! :)

  20. Moving is such a hard thing to do! I know you will be organized and happy to have that behind you. Your gardens are gorgeous and yes, so much rain in Texas! Glad you joined in with Alphabet Thur.

  21. Oh Sarah your gardens are absolutely stunning!! With a home as beautiful as yours I'm sure it will be a quick sale!

  22. Oh I do hope you are staying in the area. I had hoped to meet soon. The garden is just lovely!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. hi Sarah, I do know the feeling of working in the garden. Your gardens are beautiful and your hard work shows. Enjoy the weekend and good luck with the future move.

  24. What a busy time or you and M, Sarah. I wish I were closer to help out - or just to say 'come on, let's take a tea break!' You will get through the process and out the other side with a new nest to feather. Best of luck to you in this challenging business!

  25. You take great photos. I especially like the lizard photo. it's soo cute. Best wishes to you on your move.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  26. I had no idea you were moving!! BUT, it looks like you are very organized. I hope it will go smoothly. It is HARD WORK; I know! Where are you going? Beat wishes for a SMOOTH transition. Ours was not.....

  27. OOO, a move...oh dear..those stacked boxes so remind me of when WE moved...Such a traumatic experience...2 yrs later, I'm still not sure I'm over it. LOL
    Actually, it really has taken longer than I thought for us to feel "at home" in our new place, after being in the olden house for 40. We just love our place...and it does seem home to us, more and more.
    Good luck on the sale of your home.....wondering where you are moving.

  28. Best wishes on your move - and remember your friends here in Blogland have you in our thoughts & prayers.

  29. So nice to see you again!

    Wow- you really have been a busy gal!

    Are you pleased of the move? Is it someplace far away or just down or upsizing?

    Best of luck to you!

  30. Yes, moving is very time consuming. I moved here two years ago and I still remember!

  31. Moving is always a major project! But the clearing our is always good! Hope it goes well and you have a wonderful new home to enjoy!

  32. Your gardens are stunning and so beautiful! I wish you well on your move and your kind words are so appreciated! Have a lovely weekend. Always my pleasure to stop by and say hello.

  33. Dearest Sarah,
    Well, both of us fully understand what that means as we've moved three times across the Atlantic... it is a lot of work. But the good thing always is that you slim down your belongings and from time to time that's a good thing.
    Sending you hugs and blessings.

  34. Your garden is gorgeous! How exciting to be moving into a new adventure! I am not moving but I need to sort and organize! I am, but very slowly!

  35. Hi Sarah,
    I'd heard through the Q grapevine that a move was on the cards for you, what an upheaval to be leaving your beautiful home & garden. We have such very fond memories of the time we visited with you there, happy days.
    Hope everything goes well with the imminent move and look forward to hearing all about your new nest soon.

  36. Your garden is lovely and very evidently well loved.... Best wishes in your upcoming move....I am in the throes of updating the home, sorting, organizing and donating as well... Time to downsize is definitely in our future, too1

  37. Wow Sarah that is big news!
    Both you and Kathysue are moving from your beloved homes we have all grown to love!
    I wish you the best of luck with this new transition and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!
    Much love,


  38. Oh I just felt sad when I saw the for sale sign. Hope all goes well and you do not miss your garden too much

  39. Oh Sarah good luck with your move! I will miss your garden! Lol! It's beautiful! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  40. Oh Sarah. Moving can be so incredibly stressful.

    I'm glad you're taking a moment to look at the lovely flowers.

    I'm sending a big hug and a prayer that things go smoothly for you!

    Thanks for an amazing link for the letter A.


  41. Wow! This is big news. I wish you well, and I wish you many days of joy in this venture.

    Happy Pink Saturday. Thank you for sharing with us. This post is being featured in my Pink Saturday post this week as "the one that caught my eye". ♥

  42. Stay safe, Sarah! I'm catching up on your posts. Good luck with the move. I look forward to hearing more. L


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