Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It's All About the Shamrocks

"Céad mile failte"

A hundred thousand welcomes!

It's time for Kathleen's 

Annual St. Patrick's Day 

Blog Crawl

May good luck be with you 
wherever you go and your blessings 
outnumber the shamrocks that grow.

I was the lucky one to receive the traveling Irish topper!

If you don't know the history of this vintage cloth full of 
shamrocks and Celtic knots, Marigene @ In the Middle of Nowhere 
first sent it to Kathleen @ Cuisine Kathleen with the stipulation 
that it be passed on to another blogger for the following year.  
Kathleen passed it along to Rett@ The Gazebo House , 
who then sent it on to Mary @ Home is Where The Boat Is.  

Only the leprechauns know 

where it goes next year!

To continue my good luck I bought a shamrock

plant to fill a favorite vintage ironstone sugar bowl.

I had a bit of good luck when I found this piece while

shopping the fields at the Round Top Antique Shows.

It was missing its lid, but I didn't mind.

Just look at the details on this beauty!

I fixed a special 

tray to help us celebrate.

Used a favorite Lucky Four Leaf Clover napkin

with vintage mother of pearl and silver flatware and . . .

Shamrock linens to join the

traveling vintage Irish topper.

A stack of green!

says, "Stack, stack, stack!"

A stack of beautiful plates makes 

for an interesting placesetting.

Clockwise above, 

~ Ambiance Vintage Garden Charger ~

~ Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage Leaf Charger ~

~ Bordallo Pinheiro Dinner ~

~ Wedgwood Napoleon Ivy Salad ~

How about a mug of Irish coffee 

made with Bushmills' Irish Whiskey?

I topped it with sweet whipped cream

and green sugar crystals.

What have we here?

I think the leprechauns 

have made us a special treat.

A cake of rich, dark chocolate 

with a cherry on top!

Our Sadie girl wants to tell you 

about our new Courtly Check tote.

We call her Miss CC.  We will join 

Pattie @ Pandora's Box along with a group of others

who have their own Courtly Check tote.

You can read about The Traveling Totes here.

Unlike the Traveling Irish Topper, Miss CC won't be traveling 

to other blogs, but you can follow along as 

Sadie and I take Miss CC on adventures.

Long live the Irish, 

Long live our cheer, 

Long live our friendship year after year.

It's all about the shamrocks, 

so put on some green and join in the fun.

Cuisine Kathleen's 

St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl

Also joining


The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    Une publication extraordinaire ! Tout est parfait et réuni pour célébrer la Saint Patrick d'Irlande... avec le moindre détail et tout en raffinement. Bravo ! Et merci pour l'ensemble de ces formidables photos.

    Gros bisous ❀ ♡ ❀

  2. We have a street party this Saturday for St. Patrick's Day and then on the 17th there will be Irish music and dancers on the next street over. There is no way we can miss that event.

    Love your beautiful table settings.

  3. New Orleans celebrates on Saturday with a parade along Magazine Street. I love your setting. You have the most beautiful dishes. Where do you store all of them? Happy St. Patricks, Sarah!

  4. Fantastic, Sarah! I especially love your four-square layout of stacked plates and, of course, your MacKenzie-Childs bag.

  5. Beautifully done- love the dish stack. I remember reading about the Irish table topper. That's great that you got it!

  6. I was wondering who had the traveling Irish topper!!! Your ironstone sugar bowl is so pretty as a holder for the shamrock plant, Sarah. Your stack of dishes is gorgeous and yes please, I'd love some Irish coffee and a cupcake. Slainte'!

  7. What a fun, fun, fun post, Sarah! I just love it. I am trying to think of the manufacturer name of that leprechaun. I have Christmas ornaments by that same company. My mind is blank right now (lol) comments on THAT needed!
    Love the table topper and EVERYTHING else for that matter.
    I do so love the Shamrock plant. xo Diana

  8. It is all fabulous Sarah! Congrats on receivng that stunning tablecloth, you display it beautifully. Your vignettes are so festive, and love your sneaky leprechaun. Your plates are gorgeous, beautiful stacks.

    I'm displaying a tea towel with the hundred thousand welcomes sentiment for the crawl. Yes please, I'd love an irish coffee. :)

  9. Sarah,
    I love all your plate settings and your home is such an inspiration for St. Pakricks day. Hope you plan a party!
    Enjoy the day,

  10. Thank you for your green post!
    I am Irish and celebrate in a big way!

  11. It is said that each of us has a little Irish in us - and I like that!
    Your table, created around the traveling topper is pure joy - made me smile! The Wedgewood ivy pattern was my aunt's and it brought back some memories and the rest of the post - well, it was just so upbeat and......Irish!
    I look forward to watching the progress of the traveling tote!

  12. Hi Sarah, I didn't know about the table topper so thank you for sharing the history. You have put it to good use and it looks beautiful with your iron stone bowl and shamrock. I have to say that leprechaun is just a tad scary looking, but I am in love the Wedgwood Ivy plate!

  13. The shamrock topper couldn't have gone to a better home for the next year. I love how your "stack" looks with the topper and the white tray. Great details on the sugar bowl and it is perfect with the shamrock plant. Love the green and white! Keep a close eye on sweet Sadie girl so she doesn't run away with all the leprechauns........Yes, Sarah," long live our friendship" and what a great post to celebrate the green!

  14. Sarah, You did the topper proud and I'm glad to see the wee leprechaun is enjoying your hospitality and making treats instead causing mischief! I love your stack of plates, especially with the handsome Bordallo Pinheiro dinner plate. I just read Pondside's comment above, I like the idea that we all have a little Irish in us too :) Looking for the adventures of the Traveling Tote. I hope it's large enough to tote Miss Sadie ♥

  15. Hey Sarah,
    That's a lovely stack of plates. I see we are thinking alike this year. I used the Wedgwood plates today too....
    Love, Mona

  16. The topper works fabulously with your beautiful plate stack! I also love the ironstone with shamrocks, how clever! I couldn't find any where I live so I had to improvise. Thenk you for sharing! :)

  17. That cloth is fabulous. Love all the layering, too. Happy St. Patrick's day to you...

  18. Sarah,
    Congratulations on receiving the traveling Irish topper!!!
    It looks lovely on your St. Patrick's Day Tablescape, dear friend!!!
    Sadie is adorable with her sparkling green bow!!!
    You have a stunning collection of Bordallo Pinheiro!!!
    Of course, the cabbage chargers caught my eye!!!
    Much like your saying. . .long live our friendship year~after~year!!!

  19. Had a ball reading your post. Clever, festive and delightful. I could go for a mug of Irish coffee right now.
    Awesome collection of stacked plates!

  20. What a gorgeous stack of dishes! I love your post and so glad you got the traveling topper. Your tray is just the piece you have turned into a planter..great find! Just beautiful Sarah!
    Miss Bloomers

  21. Sarah, I am green with envy over your stack of plates. The Bordallo Pinheiro dinner plates make for a grand St. Patty's celebration. The only Irish in me is when I have an Irish coffee ;o) You did the topper proud! Looking forward to our adventures of the Traveling Tote. I know Miss Sadie is a good sport and fits nicely in it.

  22. So you got the topper! Your setting is wonderful. Now what I am really lusting after is that flatware -- I want some! The coffee and cupcake are looking pretty appealing, too.

  23. LOVE all your Irish touches and the "stack o' green" plates. Cute leprechaun, too, and love sweet Sadie, with her Irish bow. Everything is lovely. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Sarah.

  24. Lucky you for receiving the traveling Irish topper! The Luck O the Irish??! You have so many pretty Irish things to display. Your plate "stack" is just beautiful! Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  25. Dearest Sarah,
    What a lovely post with perfect Saint Patrick's setting you present us.
    You always find something beautiful and special like that ironstone sugar bowl, converted into a perfect planter.
    Also the napkins and especially your cute Sadie girl I loved very much.
    Sending you happy Saint Patrick's blessings your way!

  26. Sarah:

    Love your Irish spirit! Great mugs.

    - Allma, The Tablescaper

  27. The leprechaun did good creating those yummy looking cup cakes. Oh my! My lazy leprechauns just stood there hanging around watching me work today. The stack is lovely and perfect for Saint Patrick's Day. You have done the traveling shamrock topper proud - you are to be commended on a job very nicely done..... Candy

  28. I love your shamrock St Patrick's Day post, Sarah, and all your touches of lucky green! Miss Sadie looks smitten by your Courtly Check tote--very pretty and a perfect accessory for many occasions.

  29. Cute idea about the tote, I'm interested in hearing what/where CC takes you!


  30. You did the Irish topper proud! What a beautiful post, filled with such special touches! Your stack is wonderful, texture, color, so inviting!
    Thanks for taking part again this year! I know you will send the topper on to someone who will do it justice!
    I don't have a tote, but I may have to crash the party! I don't have a dog either, maybe a stuffed one? :)

  31. Very pretty, and very interesting post, Sarah. I'm glad I didn't miss it (I haven't been around as much as I used to be, and I've missed visiting you!). I saw at Have a Daily Cup, where Jann was sweet enough to feature my Peter Rabbit birthday party post, that we've been looking for the Peter Rabbit wheelbarrows, so I thought I'd pop over and tell you. I ordered them through Amazon, from Meri Meri (I think that's how it's spelled; I have it in the post), but it seems to me they were running low when I ordered them last year, so I don't know if they're still available. Since you bought your shamrock plant you might be lucky and find them! :) ~Zuni

  32. Sarah,
    You did Yvonne at StoneGable proud with your beautiful stack of green and white dishes for St. Patrick's Day. The traveling topper landed in a good home for this year, and the sugar bowl is the perfect container for your Irish shamrock plant. I loved looking at all your green.

    Yes, Long live our friendship year after year.


  33. Sarah - I love all the green and Miss Sadie looks right at home in your Courtly Check tote. I think I need to get one to carry my needlepoint. Happy St. Paddy's Day!

  34. Sarah - seeing the pieces of your beautiful mother-of-pearl flatware collection is a reminder of an Irish friend of mine. Years ago, after a trip home to Ireland, she brought me an antique mother-of-pearl serving fork, which I treasured for years. Eventually, it was broken by a dinner guest who, also, broke a crystal goblet (no alcohol involved!). It was heartbreaking. However, now I get to enjoy your collection and see all of your beautiful china, which you have stacked perfectly for St. Pat's! As always, your post is full of beautiful "eye candy"!!

  35. Stop! You're making me itch to do some St. Patrick's Day decorating and I said I wasn't going to! Love every bit of this post.

  36. I love your plates. Every. single. one. of. them!! And the pearl handled flatware - can you hear me swoon? I now wish I had St. Patrick'd up the house a bit and set a table to go with it. Shame on me. I live vicariously through your posts and the beauty you show us. Thanks for lifting up my day. xo marlis

  37. Delightful! Love all the layering going on. Sadie looks adorable in your tote, but then Sadie looks adorable no matter where she is. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  38. Sarah, Your vintage sugar bowl filled with shamrocks looks so good with the traveling topper! I've been so excited waiting to see where it landed this year. And I am in love with those plates, especially the BP with the brown border! I've never seen that one before. You have an wonderful color sense and ability to combine the right textures. Simply stacking random plates doesn't work--your stack is so artistically done, especially with the linens underneath. I can't wait for the adventures of the Traveling Totes to begin. I am a real traveler but also an armchair traveler, so this is perfect for me! Linda

  39. I oohed and ahhed my way all through this post. Everything is so elegant and lovely. I particularly like the layered plates and linens. May I ask where you found your small, round, floor-length tablecloth for your side table? I recently unearthed a table from the bowels of the house and have it in the living room. I'm happy with it there and, unlike me, it has a great pair of legs, but for spring I'd like to drape it in the way in which you have draped yours. Thanks, Sarah!

  40. Sarah, I love this post. Your table setting is so pretty. You have so many lovely things. And, of course I have a soft spot for Sadie. What a sweetie.

    Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Saint Patrick's Day.♥

  41. You were the perfect host for the traveling cloth! Love the stack and the cute food choices. Makes me want to dance a jig (now wouldn't that be a sight). I have some new cabbage dishes I need to do my tablescape if I can ever find a few minutes to put it together. I'm off to the dentist today.

  42. The traveling tablecloth is such a fun tradition and all of your pretty Irish treasures compliment it perfectly. The shamrock napkins are so sweet and I, too, love to stack (That Yvonne is so creative and classy!). So, what is on your menu for the 17th? I've never tried Irish coffee, we always have a bottle of Bailey's around to splash into our after dinner coffee. After recent weeks maybe I need something a bit stronger!! ;-)

    Jane xx

  43. I have never wanted a green cupcake as badly as I do now!! :)

  44. How lucky you are Sarah to receive the traveling Irish topper! I love your tray loaded with your pretty plate stack~and your friend in the courtly checked travelin tote looks ready for some Irish mischief! Happy St. Patrick's Day~

  45. Don't send the traveling Irish topper to me. I might be too tempted to keep it! Your plate stack is gorgeous. Those cabbage chargers are so beautiful. The ironstone sugar bowl is so pretty, and it looks great with the Shamrock plant in it. Who needs a lid?

  46. How fun Sarah! I love the traveling topper and the stacked dishes are fabulous!! Such a festive table full of luck! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  47. How fun to have received the lovely topper. Your table setting is wonderful with an amazing plate stack. Charming!

  48. You really got into the spirit of St. Patrick's day and created a great table. I always enjoy your Round Top finds. Are you going in April? I'm hoping to make it to Marburger for at least one day.

  49. Hands down the prettiest St. Patrick's Day display I have ever seen!
    I would love for you to stop by my blog and join our Something to Talk About link Party each Monday-Thursday!
    Have a great weekend!

  50. Hi Sarah. You always do such a wonderful job of doing something festive for special occasions!

  51. Dear Sarah,
    I always enjoy your visits to my blog. Thank you for taking the time to come by and leave a comment. I appreciate every one of them!
    I had to show my little ones your leprechaun. They LOVED him! We're in the works of building a "leprechaun trap" in hopes of catching one next week. Wish us luck :0)
    And I enjoyed browsing through your many St. Patrick's themed photos . . .you have so many beautiful dishes and linens!!
    LOVING your Courtley Check tote!!
    Have a wonderful weekend sweet Lady,

  52. Such a festive post filled with lots of green goodies. You reminded me to check my local grocery store for shamrock plants. My mom had them all throughout the house growing up. I always buy one in her memory.

  53. The tablecloth is gorgeous and you have used it beautifully. Love your cabbage dishes and your plate stack.

  54. This is so fun and festive! Nice to see you getting into the spirit of the holiday. Hope that luck comes all the way to your door.

  55. It is all so nice .Like the MC bag . Everything is in a great grouping
    HPS Laura

  56. thanks for sharing all things Irish love the table cloth visiting from rattlebridge hop have a great day

  57. Sarah, you did the roving table topper proud, you have a great eye for putting things together. Your beautiful plate stack is so perfect with it. Sadie is adorable.
    Enjoy the's going to be a long year wondering who the next recipient of the roving table topper will be!

  58. Well, what an awesome tablecloth tradition! Your especially festive post made me SMILE.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day, and every other day.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  59. OH I LOVE THIS GREEN! Emerald green is my absolute favorite in green's family of hues, and those shamrocks are darling! YES! And I am so impressed by the world, "Mile" - that has to come from the Latin influence because it's "Mille" in French!

    Dearest Sarah, enjoy your celebrations and thank you dear one for coming to visit! I am having so much fun reading, writing and putting my book together. Much love to you! I WILL BE BACK again in a month or so! Anita

  60. Oh my goodness, if there was a contest on the best St. Patrick's Day post, you win hands down. I adored your festive post so much. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and yours.


  61. Hi Sarah! Oh, look at little Sadie! She's adorable all Irished up! Your greens are so pretty. The dishes, the linens and not to mention your info you so sweetly share with us all.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  62. The luck of the Irish is with you! How fun to be the recipient of the topper! You made it even more gorgeous and filled the table with wonderful goodies. Your stack is beautiful and of course I want a bit of the cupcake.
    I am in love with the MC tote - what a fun idea. Let's see where they go! Stunning!

  63. What a beautiful table setting. I love the tablecloth. It is just gorgeous!! Sadie is so cute all dressed up. Thanks for sharing.


  64. Your table to honor St. Patty is gorgeous! Every detail is perfect. The stack of dishes is awesome and so is that square topper and the sugar bowl with the shamrock plant is fabulous! You outdid yourself, my friend.
    Happy St. Patrick's.

  65. Wonderful St. Patrick's Day style Sarah! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  66. Wonderful tradition! Beautiful photos and so festive! xoxo

  67. Your plates and mugs are gorgeous! Love the leprechaun, it's very cute. Irish coffee sounds really great :)

    Spring cleaners Battersea

  68. What a delightful post, here. With lots of eye-candy! : ) Thanks for stopping by recently. I hope you find yourself a fluffy chick. I got mine at a little out-of-the-way local boutique a few years ago.

  69. Fun! I love your Shamrock plant. I wish I would have picked one up.
    I hope you had a great St Patrick's Day!

  70. What an absolutely fun tradition!. You are truly the perfect choice for this years recipient of the topper. Your entire tablescape is completely charming.
    Thank you so very much for your kind comments on my blog. Your sweet words are a balm to the soul. Have a wonderful weekend!

  71. hi Sarah! Oh, the rain will be good for all of the spring green that's coming. Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  72. Love this post! Dishes, cupcakes, linens, trays. All things I love too.

  73. Fun St. Patty's Day decor. LOVE the ironstone compote you found!!!
    Mary Alice

  74. Your FaB SHaMRoCk Pics Sooooo Say S*P*R*I*N*G's around the corner!!!
    How Fun!*!*!
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  75. I believe spending St. Patricks Day with you would be so much fun! You were truly in the spirit. I love that little green and white table topper that you pass on each year. That's the perfect backdrop for your Irish decor. The food looked yummy and your tablesetting was very perfect for the occasion.


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