Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Red ~ White ~ Starry Blue

The red and white and starry blue

Is Freedom's shield and hope. ~ John Philip Sousa

Flag Day ~ June 14th

A few thrifty finds just in 

time to honor the Stars and Stripes!

Staffordshire Liberty Blue 

Promotional Pattern Developed for 

Benjamin Franklin Federal Savings and Loan

to Commemorate the Company's 50th Anniversary in 1975

and the American Bicentennial Celebrated in 1976

The dinnerware features fifteen 

different historical scenes, all from Colonial America.

The borders are a typical floral 

often seen on English transferware.

The cereal bowl features Betsy Ross,

the legendary seamstress credited with 

making the first American flag.

Each piece is marked on the back 

with the name of the historic scene.

This dinner plate 

features Independence Hall.

The mark on the dinner plate is much more 

refined and includes specific information about the 

original copper engraving used to produce the scene.

~ Red ~ White ~ Blue ~

~ Stars ~ Stripes ~

The perfect patriotic dishes!

Tutorials, Tips, and Tidbits @ Stone Gable

I like to buy vintage hankies and scarves to use as 
napkins and tray covers.  The added texture is unexpected.

~ F is for flag ~

It's red for love, and it's white for law, 

And it's blue for the hope that our forefathers saw 

Of a larger liberty.



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  1. There is nothing more patriotic and beautiful than those lush blue plates. How stunning. I adore your napkins, it makes one stop and want to put their hand over their heart. Such a special treasure to own plates like that!

  2. Dearest Sarah,
    What a lovely patriotic tribute to the beautiful Flag of the United States of America! We do have several Georgia Plates in blue Wedgwood Queensware and one I took with me as a gift to Japan, our sister-city when I was the chaperone with 6 students.
    Lovely photos and I must thank you for the shout out. When you left me a comment, I checked my sidebar and your new post did show up; that made me so happy. Just finished writing my post for Friday...
    Also here on your sidebar it shows up again. So I can happily go to bed now.

  3. I love those dishes Sarah! I'll bet it was fun collecting them back in the day and it's even more special to find them now-enjoy:@)

  4. Sarah~ Perfectly Patriotic Plates Indeed! I have a serious case of Liberty Blue Envy :) Flag Day completely skipped my mind for a table this year~ shame on me! Glad to know your feed is working again, Hurray for Mariette! :)

  5. Sarah, this is a wonderful post. I think we all own some of the Liberty china, but I never knew the story behind it. Your place setting is so beautifully set and photographed - I love your blog!!!

  6. Hi Sarah, I love your Liberty Blue and you have displayed it so fittingly to showcase its beauty! Thank you for the reminder of Flag Day.
    Hurray for Mariette in solving your blog problem and walking you through it.

  7. I especilly love your Betsy Ross plates. This was indeed a clever and creative post from A-Z. I share your love of vintage plates and to explain the history is a great way to remind us of our blessings and why we celebrate July 4th. You tablescape and artistic post has touched me this morning. I have several plates of this collection and must dig them out and use them. Thank you for your inspiration. I also love your quotes and the book you featured.

  8. Long may she wave! I have a few of those pieces. Very interesting to know the background.

  9. I love those dishes! And you augmented them perfectly with the napkins, runner and other items. Happy Flag day. xo marlis

  10. Love your Patriotic post Sarah! Beautiful dishes.

    Jocelyn @

  11. Dear Sarah,
    you have made a breath taking patriotic setting. The compination is really wonderful. I am happy that Mariette helped you. Her knowledge is amazing.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  12. I have a set of these liberty dishes but I did not know the history so thank you so much for that. I have always loved them. You always set a beautiful table, Sarah. I cannot wait to see my package. I will be home on Tuesday...Christine

  13. Your blue dishes with the different scenes are just wonderful. I would love them for the pictures even if I didn't love red, white and blue.

  14. So many people love and collect this Liberty Blue china! Perfect for the Fourth of July, of course. So beautiful here with your red, white, and blue. Stay cool!

  15. Just beautiful Sarah! I have a set of Liberty Blue and love what you have done with yours!! So patriotic and pretty!. I might have to copy your tablescape for the Fourth! I was born on Flag Day and I love having my birthday on such a patriotic holiday! Thanks for sharing your table!

    Miss Bloomers

  16. This post is absolutely gorgeous Sarah. I love to celebrate our patriotic holidays using our red, while and blue stars and stripes. I love how you’ve added your beautiful dinnerware, for another patriotic touch. Great flatware and what a great idea using the hankies and scarves! So happy your blog is back on track!
    Happy weekend.

    The French Hutch

  17. Sarah this lovely post makes me want to stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance! I love our country's flag and I'm so proud of being an American. Love your china and gorgeous linens. What fun to use vintage hankies and scarfs!! Thanks for linking with TTF this week!
    Linda & Diann

    **Glad you feed is now working!!

  18. Fantastic that Mariette helped solve the blog issue Sarah. I'm going to sign up for email updates. I've always loved the Liberty Blue! Thank you for the reminder of Flag Day.

  19. Sarah,
    Hurray for the Red, White and Blue!!!
    What an amazing trayscape with such lovely and historically patterned transferware!
    A special thank you to're coming across My Blogs in perfect timing!!!

  20. Love your red, white and blue...I had service for 24 of Liberty Blue, but pared it down to just 12 placesettings! My husband teases me that those dishes are the reason he married me. I got mine each week at the grocery store in 1975. They are the only dishes he ever has said that he likes.
    Enjoy the week, Sarah...

  21. Wow what a fabulous job! I'm glad you posted this because I had forgotten that Flag Day was coming. I'll put my flag out to remember to hang it tomorrow. Love your Liberty Blue plates. The red really gives them a fabulous background and those napkins are great too! Oh to have been smart enough to collect those plates back then!

  22. Wonderful red, white, and blue tablescape. You did a great job putting it all together.

  23. Oh Sarah these dishes are so beautiful I'd probably be nervous eating on them. Wow, what a table!
    Leslie aka gwen moss

  24. These are the perfect plates for your tribute to the Flag! I like the way our draped the banner behind the plates, it really sets them off.

  25. Sara, You really know how to put together a tablescape tribute to the red, white and blue!!! How creative to use scarves and hankies as the linens! Very creative and patriotic!

  26. In Maryland, we fly the 13/13 flag in honour of the Battle of Baltimore and the writing of the national anthem. The 13 star/13 strip flag flew over Fort McHenry when Francis Scott Key wrote the words to the anthem.

  27. Hmmm! I think you know how I feel about blue and white. :) LOVE IT!
    I even have a couple pieces of Liberty. Fun post! :)


  28. You have such a talent at these table settings! I look forward to them all and what awesome dinnerware! So glad you shared at Open House!

  29. Thanks for the history lesson on the Staffordshire Liberty Blue plates. I've got a few of them and it's nice to know the background. Happy Flag Day!

  30. I just have some of the dinner plates, I wish I had more.
    I love your festive tablescape, it's so colorful and perfect for the 4th.

  31. Such a pretty post, Sarah. I love the Betsy Ross bowl. I have a couple of odd plates in this pattern, and love bringing them out for patriotic holidays. The scarf napkins are so pretty. Happy Flag Day! My sweetheart is out putting flags up around town right now for Flag Day - a project of our local Lions Club. I love to see all of the flags flying around town. laurie

  32. Happy Flag Day! Your post is perfect for today. I love your Liberty pattern. How wonderful, and the plate with Betsy Ross? *perfect*

    Very pretty place settings, Sarah. The runner is so pretty, too (in the first photo). Great idea for hankies!

    Have a blessed weekend!


  33. Beautiful dishes, Sarah & so cleverly displayed! Love all those special little touches that you think to add to the vignette.

    I was unaware that Liberty Blue even existed. They are just PERFECT for patriotic celebrations!

    As I always say, I never fail to learn something from your posts. You're STILL teaching, after all these years of being retired. LOL


  34. Forgot to tell you that I just signed up to get your blog posts via email. I never knew you had that before! Now I'll never miss a post! ~~big grin~~

  35. and another thing! Flag Day is Ms. C. birthday, so she is marching all around Cedar Point! Upon buying her ticket, DD made them aware of the fact & the staff gave her a pink glittered sash to wear all day & every person who sees it is wishing her "Happy Birthday". Her Mom just sent me photos...too fun!!!

  36. I LOVE the dishes and that are absolutely perfect with the red! Thanks for sharing!

  37. Sarah,
    You are amazing! Your photos and tablescapes are always perfect! MAybe someday you, Linda, and I can meet and have lunch. What a wonderful time we would have! Thank you so much for reading my blog, I promise I will be posting more this summer, school is so time consuming as well you know. I am gearing up for the WLYS and hubby and I go thrifting on the weekend. I am also repurposing lots of furniture. I have learned to make chalk paint, that I really like, and have been painting and sanding furniture at our new little work shop. Have a terrific weekend!

  38. Oh wow, this is a fabulous tablescape. I love the dishes and all the accessories. Perfect. Hugs, Marty

  39. Darling Sarah!

    Your flatware is identical to a set I have that we bought in Boston many years ago, and that I love to bring out for French style dinners! Gorgeous and colorful post, as I sit here under thunderstorms! It seems as if every day has been wet, but we still press on and hope for the sun...thank you for coming to see me. Bless you! Anita

  40. Your patriotic setting for Flag Day is so pretty. Somehow Flag Day snuck up on me, but we did fly the flag, so I guess I wasn't so bad. The Liberty Blue pattern is perfect, especially the Betsy Ross bowl.
    Great post, Sarah! LOVE your monogrammed napkin ring, too.

  41. Oh, forgot..glad your feed is working again. Thank you Mariette!

  42. Sarah,
    That is the perfect patriotic pattern. I have seen a few pieces over the years. I should collect it for a summer table! Very pretty!

  43. I have a setting for 10 in this awesome pattern. I love it, too. :)

  44. Sarah, thank you so much for visiting and saying a prayer for our Duchess. I so appreciate this. Brilliant table settings, my dear. My son was born on July 3rd so we have always celebrated the 4th along with his Birthday. I wish I had that collections for our table.

  45. What a wonderfully patriotic and colorful tablescape, Sarah! I especially love the historic plates! I'm heading off to catch up...up to my eyeballs in babies as usual! lol Hugs...Debbie

  46. Ohhhhh! I love your place setting! It's so cute! I have a soft spot in my heart for blue transferware!

    Happy day!

  47. Thanks for sharing these beautiful transferware blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Sarah.

  48. So pretty, love that blue and white china.

  49. Well, this one sent me straight to a search for Staffordshire Liberty. Such wonderful, rich colors! Liberty is now on my 'list.' Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  50. How do you do it? You create the most gorgeous tablescapes. I love blue and white china, and yours is lovely.

    Have a beautiful evening.


  51. Beautiful shots. I played too. Mine are here and here.

  52. WOW !!! What a glorious post! AMAZING.I love these plates.I am going to try and look for them.Thank you so much for sharing all the RED, WHITE,& BLUE.
    Happy Days to you,
    Marie Antoinette

  53. How beautiful your blue dishes are. I have never seen the American one's before. They look lovely with the red.

  54. what a wonderful post, i loved it! the dishes are such wonderful pieces, brava! i guess italian is rather unpatriotic, ok, FABULOUS!

  55. Love this design - the wide floral edge to these plates are gorgeous - beautiful red-white and blue post -I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  56. I featured your post at Open House today!

  57. Hello Mariette,

    I love your red, white and blue!
    The china is beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing them
    with us.

    Bear Hugs,

  58. The perfect flag day your dishes and utensils...they are beautiful!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...


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