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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Star of Winter

Pink Camellias

This time of year, camellia trees 

offer up a cheerful pink treat for cold winter days.

These lush pink petals 

are the stars of this week's table.

Pink Paired With My Favorite Courtly Check

More Fresh Flowers For The Table

Compliment the 

Pink Stars of the Evening

Crisp White Linen

Layers of Shiny Black, 

Courtly Check, and a Ruffled Woven Mat

Antique Ivory Salt and Pepper

Tasty Daube a la Provençal Made with Lamb

You'll find the recipe here at Dean & Deluca

Fresh Spinach with Citrus, Beets, Red Onions, and Olives

Tri-colored Roasted New Potatoes

Pink, Purple, and Cream

A Tower of Corn Muffins

Made For a Delicious Winter Dinner

Hope you have pink camellias 

blooming in your garden this winter.

Definitely Star Quality

Adding a fresh flower blossom at each place setting 

is a simple, inexpensive touch that makes an elegant statement.


Open House @ No Minimalist Here


  1. How absolutely beautiful.
    We won't have camellias here until March, and much will depend on the weather. A wet March will mean brown and wilted camellias, but in a good year they are fabulous.
    Your table is perfectly lovely - the pink and the black, always elegant.

  2. We don't have camellias here in Philly Sarah, they sure would be a pretty pick-me-up in winter! Your setting is beautiful, love the chicken dish:@)

  3. I love how you paired the Mackenzie-Childs courtly check with the pink camelias. It really pops! I love your antique Ivory salt and pepper shakers. You have so many beautiful pieces Sarah.

  4. So gorgeous, Sarah! The Courtly Check looks wonderful with the bright pink! I miss camellias. We had loads when we lived in Tallahassee and Baton Rouge, but they don't seem to do well in our limestone soil here. Those must be the most beautifully presented corn muffins I've ever seen!

  5. I love camellias. They are blooming well here too. I love the pink. Have a great day. xo

  6. We don't have camellias in Ohio either so I really enjoyed seeing yours, especially combined with all your pretty black & white Courtly check! I love pink & black together & freq. wear that color combination.

    ♫♫ Happy *Mutual* Birthday ♫♫ tomorrow (Jan. 18th) Let's celebrate together, virtually!

    Warm Hugs,

  7. Oh so true...winter beauties! Your menu looks sooo YUMMY and all of your pinks beautiful. Photographs capture them perfectly...
    (love your S&P shakers!)

  8. What a beautiful post, Sarah. My sister-in-law gave us a cutting from her camellias. I hope to have some blooms next year!

  9. How pretty. Good to see some spring color when all we have here is gray and wet.

  10. I love the pink white and courtly..

    It's all very Mary:)

    Thank you for the inspiration..I won't see any blooms till late April early May..

  11. Sarah, I so admire your camellias. I have never grown any, but aren't they a pretty sight on a January day?? Your post is just beautiful how you've arranged everything so artfully. What a pretty sight to see this morning. I just love your serving pieces and the layers of dishes on your ruffled placemat.

  12. I love Camelia what a beautiful post I don't have camelia in Miami but whent I was living in California I do have one tree on my back yard it a beautiful and roamntic flower.
    youre arrenged so pretty!

  13. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the black with the pink flowers! I have two camelias in my yard but they just don't seem to grow very much. Blessings, Tammy

  14. How wonderful it must be to live in a climate where you actually get flowers in winter!!! Everything here in Missouri is a drab, uneventful brown, and it will remain that way until April when the first spring flowers poke their little heads out of the ground. I guess I'm used to it after 54 years, but it sure would be nice to see something different for a change!!! Those camellias are beautiful!!! You did an outstanding job on the whole floral centerpiece. I love the array of flowers your used with the pine cone and pear for variation. And yellow always looks so pretty, especially this time of year! Bright, beautiful colors to offset the black...so pretty! Looking at your feast, I am reminded I have not yet had breakfast. My stomach is suddenly screaming very loudly at me!!! Have a beautiful day!!!

  15. Sarah our Camellias are just starting to bloom but it's been so rainy that I've not been able to enjoy them! Love the black, white and touches of pink! You always set the loveliest of tables, and your food is also gorgeous! Enjoy your lovely french inspired table!
    hugs, Linda

  16. I think I just drooled all over the keyboard! We have no flowers here, sadly to say - and we won't for quite a few months.....Lovely post showcasing your beautiful M-C ~ and the dinner looks delish!

  17. Hi Sarah, what a beautiful table you'v set, your meal looks delicious, how can it not with those beautiful flowers. Thanks so much for stopping by, I'm not sure why my blog is plagued with issues of those leaving comments. Hopefully it's been fixed. hugs ~lynne ~

  18. What a beautiful table Sarah! And your dinner sounds perfect for a cold winter day.

  19. Your table is so beautiful.....and the food looks even better!!!! Thank you for fussing!!! hugs...cleo

  20. Sarah,
    Your tablescape just seems so vividly fresh with the pop of the camellias against the courtly check dinnerware!!! Your soup, salad and cornbread make a tempting Winter's Menu choice!
    Nothing growing here on the Prairie this time of year, dear friend! But thank you for sharing your lovely blooms with us!!!

  21. Stunning! I forget that others aren't in frozen tundra land. Your camellias are so very pretty. I love them with the Courtly Check. The food looks absolutely enticing! Joni

  22. Whow, Sarah, you have overdone yoursef. The Camellia is such a elegant flower and the combination with the black elements remind me to an tuxedo with Camelia in the buttonhole. Really elegant for the evening. And your dishes look so exiting. All your menu courses are tempting for me. I guess yu had a wonderful evening with that dinner. Thank you for sharing this.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  23. When we got home there was a big red bloom the first one ever, on one our little bushes. I was so excited! Your table is just beautiful with all the color against the black.

  24. I love camellias too. Your bush is dripping with blooms. My pink one is just about ready to burst forth. I have two blooming right now. I have a red camellia too. I am all for any flower that blooms now.

  25. I forgot about camelias! Thanks for reminding me! They are on the side of my house and sure enough there are blooms!
    Beautiful table, delicious food. Great post! ~Delores

  26. I love Camellias, and yours are a gorgeous color.The pink looks so nice with the Courtly Check.
    I have only one camellia, a Sasanqua, and it's a pale pink single which blooms in Oct. Every year I say I'm going to buy a japonica to put by the corner of the house, but never remember when they're available. Beautiful table! Love the potatoes in the chicken tureen.

  27. Sarah your camellias are gorgeous and the pink is such a wonderful contrast to the black. I'm pretty sure we don't have camellias here in Connecticut! Everything outside here is frozen solid right now, with colder temps expected. Your lamb stew recipe sounds delicious too. Quite different from the one I make but I do like stews so I may try it! Linda

  28. Very striking table, Sarah. Your menu looks delicious, too. I am thinking of making the stew this weekend.

  29. How pretty! We have red and pink camelias in our yard but it is behind bushes at the bottom of the hill and I am too scared to go down there to cut some flowers. I will just admire yours...Christine

  30. This is just gorgeous and it's so refreshing to see fresh bright flowers! I am in love with your tower of corn-muffins! The lamb dish looks scrumptious!

  31. Beautiful Sarah! Camellias are a welcome sight to see this time of year! Love the pop of pink at the table with your wonderful Courtly Check! Delightful to see after a week of cold, dreary rain. Dinner looks delicious too :)

  32. These pink camellias are just beautiful...as is your table this week! Thanks so much for your visit to my blog and for sharing this lovely table! Have a great weekend! =)

  33. Dinner @ Sarah's house!!! Yummy! I love camellias. We have several in our garden, and they are Alabama's state flower!

    What a pretty table, and the MacKenzie-Childs compote used as a salad bowl looks fantastic. What pattern is it, Sarah?

    Oh, and I bet the recipe is great. Dean & Deluca is a favorite stop of mine in NYC.

    Enjoy your weekend!!!


  34. I love Camillas! I have one bush that I planted last year! Im going to plant more this year They are beautiful!

  35. Such a cheery combination! We don't grow Camellias here, but I enjoyed some in bloom on my CA trip. You're so lucky to enjoy them in winter!

  36. How gorgeous! I don't think I've ever seen a camellia. I love your pairing it with the black, it is so showy and stunning.

  37. Dear Sarah, Camellias are such a lovely addition to the garden. Sadly, I haven't had luck with them here. Your pink beauties look lovely with your Courtly Check. Love the ruffled mats for the place setting and the menu makes a perfect winter meal. Great photos!

    The French Hutch

  38. How I wish we had beautiful pink camellias in our garden, they are so lovely.
    Winter arrived in St M du R last night bringing snow & freezing temps. That wouldn't be good for camellias!

  39. such a pretty table and so wonderful to see fresh flowers and such good looking food! so love your potato bowk~

    where's the bday cake??? or should i say frosting ;-)

    i am embarrassed to say i didn't know dean and deluca was a chain... i thought they were just in napa! they have a fun bakery, very clever treats.

    wishing you a very happy bday!

  40. woow.....lovley tablesetting....
    and just LOVE the Magnolia...
    and do not miss....




    it is FUN :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  41. Oh my, what a beautiful sight on this cold Jan day! It must be wonderful to have color in the garden all year!
    Your table looks beautiful with your MC, and the flowers are so pretty!
    Dinner looks good too!
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish! Don't forget the WINTER CHALLENGE
    next week! :)
    And I read you picked up some GW treasures. Secret? :)

  42. Hi!Just beautiful ~ one of my favorite combinations; pink with black and white checks! Happy Pink Saturday!

  43. Beautiful, just beautiful! Are they Mackenzie Childs dishes or are they look a likes? Either way, they are very courtly! And pretty!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


  44. Oh my, I adore your Camellias! They do not grow here. I saw them in bloom a few years ago when hubby and I visted the Carolinas. They were stunning. I love the pink against the black. Your winter meal looks so delicious! I love the color combination of the potatoes. I would love if you linked to my party, Share Your Cup Thursday sometime!

  45. Just thought I'd let you know I have just become one of your followers. Beautiful, what a lovely post. Happy Pink Saturday, Please feel free to visit my Pink Saturday Post http://laraslovelycreations.blogspot.com/2013/01/happy-pink-saturday.html


  46. This meal is acceptional - I have memories of Camelias as a child in Virginia but haven't see one for years! Yours are lovely and the table as well! Have a great weekend Sarah!

  47. Your winter flowers are beautiful! We don't have any flowers blooming here til spring~April! Happy Pink Saturday!

  48. Love those flowers!

    Hopping from Pink Saturday.
    Here's MINE, your comment is always appreciated.

  49. So pretty! Love the shot of pink. It looks great with all of your black and white.

    Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  50. I can't imagine what it would be like to have flowers in January. Beautiful. You always have such interesting meals.

  51. Those are absolutely gorgeous flowers Sarah. I can't wait to see Spring around here soon.

  52. I was just here and tried to leave a comment, then for some reason lost my internet connection. I tried going to the Back Porch and there was your comment. Musical blog hopping tonight.:-)

    I love those gorgeous camellias! I don't think they will grow here unless they are indoors.

    Your table and meal look wonderful.

  53. Hi Sarah, Your post is so pretty and I adore camellias so much. The pink ones especially. Your dishes are beautiful and the food looks delish. A very nice PS post.
    xo, Jeanne

  54. Hi Sarah! Happy New Year!

    The pink and black is beautiful together.

  55. Camellias are one of the most beautiful flowers and I can't grow them out here in this dry, wind-blowing area. Yours are just lovely...as is the awesome table. :)

  56. Oh Sarah, how gorgeous! Love your Courtly Checks, and the flowers are just wonderful. I wish we did have some blooming in our yard. Great idea to create a corn muffin stack. The food looks so delicious. laurie

  57. Oh, Sarah, this is so beautiful! I love your dishes and the tablesetting and then you added the gorgeous food! :) The little chicken bowl is just down my alley! :)
    Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  58. Oh those flowers are just gorgeous and your dishes are beautiful!!

  59. It's so cold and dreary here! YOur gorgeous camilias certainly brightened my day!!!! LOVE that color pink!

  60. I have always loved pink and black together!! That rooster server looks like a Mackenzie Childs design. Don't know if it is or not, but it looks like it. Their stuff is beautiful.

  61. Hi Sarah,
    OH Lucky you!!! The Camelia are gorgeous, a beautiful brite pink!! So cheerie!! My buds are big, but not popping for awhile, it is so nice to see fresh garden flowers:-)

  62. What a beautiful post dear Sarah, with all the lovely Camelias in a sweet and pretty pink flowers and beautiful china in, black, white and pink..gorgeous!! Thank you for visiting me, I love it when you do!

  63. I'd just adore a camellia, but live in South Florida where I'm a stranger to them. They sure are showstoppers with your tableware. Artfully photographed as well!


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