Friday, May 13, 2011

Celebrity Cook Along ~ Paula Deen

is hosting a

Celebrity Cook Along

with the favorite southern chef,

Paula Deen.

I'm joining in with Paula Deen's recipe for

The Best Ever Carrot Cake Cupcakes.

You can find the recipe here.

It was created for Smithfield,

and let me tell you, it's a winner!

This recipe substitutes

crushed pineapple and applesauce

in place of the large amount of

oil typically found in carrot cake recipes.

That's a good thing!

I made them for Easter and topped the traditional

cream cheese butter icing with green sugar sprinkles.

Then I topped that with sugar carrots and

rabbit cupcake toppers from World Market.

Both tasty and cute!

Paula Deen's
Best Ever Carrot Cake Cupcakes

are moist and full of flavor.

The chef requested that I make mini

ones to keep in the freezer for a quick snack.

That too is a good idea!

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  1. I'm so glad you found out about Sweets for a Saturday and could join in. I do it every week so feel free to come back and link up anytime. Your carrot cake cupcakes look so good and I love that they're healthier with less oil. Thanks for linking them up.

  2. These look fantastic. I love carrot cake but have never made them in cupcake form. Your Easter ones are so adorable. I feel like cooking all Paula Deen recipes for a while - it might affect my waistline though!

  3. I read your comment at Sweets for a Saturday - I had to come back and comment again! Isn't that the most decadent party ever? It is midnight and I am just drooling over everything, thinking when can I possibly try all of this!

  4. Carrot cake is a favorite of my sons Sarah, I will try this recipe for sure! I'm always looking for ways to reduce the oil in baking, so it's nice that they already did in this recipe. Your little carrot toppers are so cute! Thanks for joining the Cook-Along, have a great weekend:@)

  5. Sarah~ What a great idea for cupcakes & how adorable with your little Easter embellishments! I love the idea of subbing the oil with pineapple & applesauce too!

  6. Oh YUM!! Carrot cake is one of my very most favorites & your icing looks finger-lickin' good, too.

    I've substituted applesauce for oil before but never pineapple, too. I bet they make for a very moist & flavorful cuppie. I must make a note to try that next time.

    BTW, your white garden flowers are spectacular!! Just beautiful!! Wish we had smell-a-puters. LOL


  7. What a fabulous recipe for cupcakes! I love carrot cake! Your Easter cupcakes are just too cute!


  8. Hi Sarah, You had me at cupcakes!
    I love carrot cake and this recipe sounds yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Sarah, these cupcakes look and sound great. Perfect for Easter or really any old time. I love the way you decorated them with the green sprinkling sugar. Have a great weekend! xo,

  10. I love carrot cake and these cupcakes look yummy! Sounds like a great substitution, I'll have to try that next time I make one. HAPPY SATURDAY!!!

  11. I love how you took carrot cake and made it into an Easter dessert...and healthy. Want to try this!

  12. I love how you took carrot cake and made it into an Easter dessert...and healthy. Want to try this!

  13. I love the idea behind along with a celebrity! I love carrot cake, and it is healthy. Thanks for sharing your cupcakes with us!

  14. Oh, Sarah these look soooo yummy.

    - The Tablescaper

  15. Sarah, now you've done it!! I'm going to have to bake.. OH YUM!! do those look and sound "the best". Carrot cake is a favorite of mine and I like your idea of mini muffins kept in the freezer for a snack... at least they are out of sight so I won't be tempted to eat all of them. :)
    Hope you're having a great Saturday,

  16. Reminds me that I haven't even had a cupcake in ages!

  17. I'm really craving something sweet now. :-)) These look delicious. I'm going to have to try these soon. thanks for sharing.
    hugs ~lynne~

  18. Yum! These are fabulous and can't wait to make them.I love Paula Deen myself.What a great idea, mini cakes! I'm on a diet but still like a lil something & how perfect are a couple lil mini cakes.~Cheers Kim

  19. hi Sarah, The carrot cake cupcakes recipe sounds delicious. I am going there now so I can save the recipe. I'll make them next time for a family gathering.
    Your sure had your cupcakes all decorated with all the frills of an Easter Bonnet! Darling.........


  20. These sound delicious, and I like the idea of less oil. Paula Deen isn't a chef/cook that I know at all - and she's all over blogland today.

  21. SARA!!!! Wow those look fabulous!!!! I think I need to try these because the applesauce and pineapple sounds GOOD in place of the oil! WOOOOO HOOOOO, you are joining in on the PARIS PARTY! MAGNIFIQUE! I will put your name down immediately with your link. Do whatever YOU WANT..this will be a fun ONE DAY TOUR of our Paris dreams. Have fun dearest one, Anita

  22. Delicious looking morsels of carrot cake yumminess, who could resist!
    Stashing a few in the freezer for when a snack attack occurs is a fab idea too.

  23. Wonderful Yummy Choice! I definitely will be making these. I LOVE the cupcake version and I may just leave the frosting off and call them muffins. They look So Darling dressed up for Easter! Thank you for sharing...NOW I'm off to copy the recipe.
    Big Hugs to you,

  24. Those look so good Sarah and love your decorations. Paula is so fun to watch and has great recipes.

  25. They look good, Sarah! I am surprised they are not full of buttah!
    I like to sub applesauce for most of the oil, keeps it moist, and healthier!

  26. We love carrot cake and these cupcakes look yummy, Sarah!

  27. Yum, any extras? Or do I need to make a batch here!
    xo Cathy

  28. Yum - and adorable. I guess I am too late to get one of these.♥

  29. These are not only cute but sound wonderful!

  30. I like this healhified version of carrot cake, Sarah, You decorated the cupcakes so beautifully for Easter!

  31. Oh Sarah - I knew your blog would be the best place to come to for some yummy inspiration!! Now I have a plan for the baking this afternoon. Thank you :)

    Just grabbed 5 quick minutes to pop by and see how you were. Thanks for sticking with me even though I'm not around much


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