Friday, April 22, 2011

Bunny Crossing

Each spring bunnies begin 

to hop about here at HFTS.


welcomes them with open arms.

Have you noticed that burlap is

all the rage around Blogville these days?

I spread a length of burlap across the dining room

buffet, filled a vase with spring flowers, and . . .

before long, bunnies had settled in.

It all started with this guy

causally sitting beneath the flowers.

Sisal hopped into my life a few months ago.

He was a birthday gift from a friend.

Did you notice he likes to dress in Courtly Checks?

Come a little closer, 

and I'll introduce you.

Wallace is an rather old rabbit.

They say the average lifespan of a rabbit kept indoors

is 9-12 years, but he's been around a lot longer than that.

Basil has lived here for many years too.

Remember the winter of the

Government Shutdown in 1995-1996?

The "chef" and I had planned to vacation in DC over the holidays, but with little to see and do in Washington that week, we scurried out of town over to nearby Annapolis. I happened upon the work of local folk artist Natalie Silitch. Basil and the cute Mother Bunny and baby hopped right in my bag and flew back to Texas that winter. If you are interested in the work Natalie is doing now, you can visit her web site here.

Brambles is just a mere 2 " tall.

Cecil is a long ago needlepoint project.

He's still trying to learn to tie a pretty bow.

Homer is the new guy on the block.

He's filled his tummy with jelly beans,

but he's always ready to share with friends.

Sweet, shy Honey is the work 

of artist Nicol Sayre, 2006.

With so many bunnies hopping about, I quickly fixed

a bed of burlap on a large tray to corral the others.

Harvey is a tall good looking

guy capable of transporting huge baskets.

His sister Lulu is dainty and likes to

carry her eggs in a pack on her back.

Kipper is a dapper gentlemen

by ESC Trading Co. in 2002.

Rain or shine, he'll always

greet you with a fresh bouquet.

Priscilla, the work of Dee Foust,

is a fancy girl who likes glitter and shine.

Muffy likes to hop about the garden

filling her basket with colorful blooms.

Nibbler is from 

the House of Hatten.

Jessie and Jake 

are a serious pair.

Nutmeg frequently entertains

the group with her stick puppet.

She was born in the studio of artist Debbee Thibault.

You can visit Debbee's site here.

You'll find Oscar riding his

three wheeler out on the sun porch.

While Oliver is galloping about

the daisies on his pet rooster.

Fluffy is snuggled in among the

eggs on the living room mantel.

Morning Glory and Twitter

are hiding nearby among the flowers.

Morning Glory 

has the sweetest little face!

And we can't forget 

the Bluette Sisters.

A bit of Bunny Advice before you hop off.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket

Everyone needs a friend who is all ears

Everyone is entitled to a bad hare day

Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits

Author Unknown

Click the links below to hop on over

with Cecil to the following memes.


The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. What a precious Easter post!!! Wishing you a very Happy Easter!


  2. Wow, you have the whole litter at your house. I adore the idea of the burlap and your cute burlap bunny. It is so homey and innocent looking. New Harvey with the candy in his belly is just about my favorite. I also like sparkly Cecil was it? They are all just adorable. I realize I don't have many when I see all of yours parading around the house. Your posts are always so lovely! I am so glad I "hopped" on over.

    I have to make another cabbage cake as I gave that one away and I want one for Easter Sunday.
    Have a wonderful Easter!

  3. Your bunnies are adorable and I love that they all have names!

  4. Pricilla and Oliver make a great couple! Happy Easter Sarah!

  5. You really do have the most wonderful collection of rabbits ever Sarah - bet just keeping them dusted and then wrapping them up for storage keeps YOU hoppin!!!!!

    Happy Easter dear, may many blessings always be yours - you are such a delightful friend.

    Hugs Mary (and Bob of course!).

  6. Sarah, I think you need to be very careful!! Something is multiplying like rabbits around your place. You need to check every crack and cranny. They are all over the place in every shape, form or fashion.
    They are all very beautiful. However, I think those bunnies know they are lovely and will give you an attitude. I am not sure who is contributing to the proliferation taking place but I think her name starts with "S". I know it is not Jessie or Jake. They are very busy guarding those eggs.
    Sarah, an absolutely charming post. I was chuckling all the way through.
    Have a joyous Easter. Ginger :)

  7. Wow..we're talking the multiplying factor here, aren't we.? :)
    I've never seen so many beautiful bunnies anywhere. I love every single one of them...and your flowers in the vintage jars, too.:)
    You have a lot of collections, my dear...and that is a GOOD thing.
    A joy to come visit with you.
    xo bj

  8. What a wonderful collection! Regarding burlap...I absolutely love it and I've been sewing with it a lot recently. My poor craft room is COVERED in burlap lint! Oh well...the price we pay! -diane

  9. You have to watch those bunnies, I'm told that they can breed like rabbits! LOL.
    Great post, your eclectic collections always fascinate me.
    BTW I think that Twitter's twin is sitting on my hall table, next to a Q swan basket filled to the brim with Easter eggs!
    Have a fun weekend, my dear.

  10. Beautiful collection of rabbits and beautiful displays you have made for them to romp in. ~~Sherry~~

  11. You have the most darling bunny collection Sarah!
    I always love seeing your charming displays.
    Happy Easter to you,

  12. Now they're the type of bunnies I like! Much nicer than the ones I keep shooing from the garden! Lovin' the one riding the chicken:@) Happy Easter Sarah!

  13. Sarah, Your bunnies are absolutely adorable!! I love the names you chose and each with his/her own personality. I do have to say yours are some of the most interesting I've ever seen, and with such personality and style of dress. I'll bet everyone who visits your home just loves to look at them. Except Jessie and Jake. I don'tknow about those two. They look a little too serious to me. LOL
    Have a great Saturday, and a wonderful Easter.

  14. SARA!!!!! I LOVE RABBITS and we have our share of REAL (shhhhhh...) rabbits in our garden! Luckily, we have a lovely garden of boxwood hedges and they usually live there. Mummies make their nests there and soon we shall see the little ones scurrying out to fend for themselves. Oh what joy and THANK YOU FOR COMING to my birthday bash! George the Lad is a smiling boy, isn't he? Much love and happiness to you today and on Sunday as we celebrate a lovely time of year...Anita

  15. Such sweet bunnies, what a collection. I couldn't pick a favorite!
    Happy Easter, HE is risen!

  16. and the most amazing thing about all those precious bunnies is they have names! You need a Chef and a Sarah. Happy happy Easter Ms. Sarah xo

  17. What a beautiful nest of sweet bunnies. And a very full nest. Cute post. Happy Easter.

  18. You have the sweetest collection of bunnies - they are all just adorable and I'm sure a joy to bring out each year! Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter to you...

  19. Happy Easter..Darling collections..and little scenes..I love your windows too:)

  20. What wonderful collections. I love them. Have a very Happy Easter!

  21. What a great company you have there , dear Sarah !
    Thank you for your visit and KIND comment ! I wish you and your family a wonderful blessed Easter !

  22. I have to say, I really like "MY" bunny!!

  23. I love all your bunnies Sarah and the names are spot on...perfect for your collection. It looks like you are well prepared for Easter. Wishing you a wonderful celebration Sarah and thanks so much for your lovely comment today ;)

    Jeanne xx

  24. I love all your different rabbits, and the quotes too! Happy Easter to you and your hubby!

  25. Adorable collection of bunnies! I must say, though, I just love Sisal!!!!

  26. What a fabulous collection of bunnies~~I just love them all..but your newest burlap bunny is wonderful! I love all their names! Happy Easter Sarah!

    Miss Bloomers

  27. This has *got* to be the *best* Easter bunny collection in Blogland! It's so eclectic! I love the green Herend bunny. Thanks so much for sharing it with us! :D

  28. Hi Sarah! What a wonderful bunnilicious post! I love seeing all of your little bunnies and you do have some cute ones.
    Happy Easter to you sweet friend,
    Shelia ;)

  29. Happy Easter Sarah!!! I'm SO HAPPY to see that I'm not the ONLY Household that has "Hare's Multiplying"!!! I LOVE your collection, they are SO SWEET. You are such a good Mommy to remember all their names! One of my FAVORITE artists is Nicol Sayre, I LOVE your little bunny box...I will be exploring the OTHER new artist you introduced us to. AH, I see you have "HARVEY"...I will be watching his MOVIE tomorrow(Kind of tradition, LOVE Jimmy Stewart)... Sarah, did you get your email? I Got my incredibly "WONDERFUL Tartan Cookie TIN", and I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the tea towel you gave me too...Everything is "So Special", AND More so because it came from you! Thank you again and again...
    Big Hugs,

  30. Heehee---you have some lovely bunnies here and what fun that you have named them as well! I am glad I am not the only one who is a little bit bunny-crazy! :-)

  31. Thank you for sharing... we are desperate for sun,green,flowers and spring in New England!Happy Easter!Happy Pink Saturday!

  32. Wonderful collection!
    Happy Easter to you and yours!
    :) Laura

  33. It's no surprise that you have a wondrous bunny collection, but I love that they all have names!!!! It would be hard to choose a favorite so I'm pleased I don't need to.

    Have a very blesed Easter.

    - The Tablescaper

  34. Bother! I knew I should've been going somewhere other than Wales! I'm putting all my eggs in one basket and I should be in Texas where all the Easter bunnies are.
    I think of you fondly often too Sarah - not least EVERY TIME I paint turquoise.
    Happy Easter
    Big hugs!

  35. Love the post. Happy Easter!


  36. Oh my goodness, quite the bunny of everything.
    Wishing you a Happy Easter.
    Blessings ;-)

  37. What a delight, Sarah! Bunnies everywhere & I love them all. How fun!
    Have a wonderfully Blessed Easter, my friend.


  38. Delightful! What a wonderful collection of bunnies! Thank you for the links to the artists, too. I love handmade. Your post was so much fun. Happy Easter!

  39. Good Morning Sarah Sweetie...
    Oh my what a glorious Easter morning surprise here at Hyacinths for the Soul. I simply have adored my visit this morning.

    Goodness have the bunnies multiplied at your house. They are each so precious. I think that Oliver stole my heart right off the bat. He could ride the chicken right on out here to Phoenix. Isn't he the sweetest thing ever. And ofcourse who wouldn't love to see Oscar ride by on his three wheeler. He could race me on my 3-wheeler bike. We would have fun.

    Now that Nibbler is pretty sweet. He likes to Nibble on things so he takes a back pack of goodies along with. Can never be without. Isn't that precious.

    Oh and Sarah I love the burlap, on your buffet. How gorgeous it looks. So festive. Sisal rules the roost over there. Isn't he precious.

    Happy Easter sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  40. Holy Moly girl! You have a major collections of bunnies! I'm even more impressed that you've named them all!
    Thank you for creating such a creative post to share with us all.
    Happy Easter...

  41. How delightful to meet all the members of the Hare family. I do love their names, each one so fitting to their character. Happy Easter. Please come visit if you have a chance, I'm having a monogrammed napkin giveaway!

  42. Such pretties! Wishing you a very Happy Easter!


  43. You have the cutest little bunnies...Love the all!
    Happy Easter and thanks for stopping by!

  44. Your bunnies are wonderful Sarah!

    Happy Easter!

  45. have à hole collection With cute, I like the way you have named them..soo happy Easter
    / Marie

  46. Oh Sarah, You have such a sweet little bunny family. I just knew my favorite was surely going to be Sisal, with that courtly check ribbon, but then I scrolled down and found Oliver on his pet rooster I had to change my mind. How adorable is he......Your buffet looks so festive with the burlap and spring flowers. Lovely. Thanks for sharing your bunny crossing.......

    The French Hutch

  47. Goodness - they are hopping and hiding and keeping you company all over the house. Not only does each have a great name but also a great story and memories.

    Earlier today I was visiting a burlap link party online.

  48. Love your that they have names.... and love it that you can remember them from year to year!!!
    My memory is not what it used to be.
    Sigh. :)
    Happy Easter friend.

  49. Happy Pink Saturday, Sarah. I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

    I think the most attractive and interesting bunnies have made their way to your home. Things must really be hopping with them around.

  50. Oh Sarah, what wonderful bunnies, and your names for them are soooo perfect! I love the arrangement on the burlap, and I love the big burlap bunny. I remember your "bunny crossing" sign. I've been on the lookout for one since I first saw yours. What a pretty box you have eggs and bunnies in on your mantel. Susie (our mutual friend) collects vintage wood boxes, and that looks like one of hers. Thank you for linking all of this bunny love to Favorite Things! laurie

  51. Oh I'm so glad I hopped over to your blog! How sweet your wonderful collection of fun bunnies are! Just adorable -- love all their names.

  52. Oh my goodness...the multiplying wand! I love the white and blue ones and the serious bunnies too. I love this fun, happy and sweet bunny collection...gosh, I need to start collecting too! I'm at Marty's TTT.

  53. Everything is so pretty! My favorite is Oliver on the rooster!

    Susan and Bentley

  54. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful bunch of bunnies! Adorable! I love the rooster rider,too funny!
    I didn't drag out my things this year, as I didn't have it here. Just a few things for tables. Now to put it all away and get ready for summer.
    Wishing you some rain, I know you need it!

  55. Wow, what a fabulous collection of bunnies. Each one is magnificent. I also love that Bunny crossing sign, how perfect is that. Of cour the bunny riding the rooster just stole my heart. Gorgeous vignettes. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  56. I think you win the prize for the cutest stuff, Sarah! Look at all the cute rabbits!!! Love it!


    Sheila :-)

  57. Your buffet bunnies are awesome! Love them nested on all that burlap! And the vintage mercury glass beads are making me swoon. I wish I had some as they remind me of the ones on my grandmother's tree each Christmas!

    Happy WW!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  58. What a fantastic bunny collection! I especially like your new burlap bunny! Thanks for your visits, Sarah! You leave the loveliest comments! See you in summer? I'll have to learn to scan pictures. All my old Scottish wedding photos are on film! But I love your ideas!

  59. Sarah, I love how you have given all of your "hares" such fun names! I think Oscar and Homer are my favorites. :-) I love jelly beans- especially the Starburst tropical flavors. Just wanted to say that I really appreciate all of your visits to my blog.
    ~ Sue

  60. Pretty finds and creative decor ideas...I am still making rounds for W.W.Thank you for sharing,beautiful blog and post.

  61. Sarah~ You have the most wonderful holiday collections! I'm so enamored with the whole kit & caboodle! What adorable names...Nutmeg, Bramble, Basil & Wallace, Nibbler! I think Nutmeg is my hands down favorite :-)

  62. Sarah,
    AND I thought I had a lot of bunnies! Lovely collection, my dear! I adore how you've named each one, too cute! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous vignettes!


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