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Friday, March 4, 2011

A New Look for Hyacinths

Notice something new at

Hyacinths for the Soul?

That gorgeous new header above was a gift from Vicki @ Curly Willow DYI. A few weeks back, The Tablescaper was sporting a new header made by Vicki, a talented graphic designer who had offered to create new headers for a few of The Tablescaper's followers. I was one of the lucky ones selected.

Vicki contacted me with a few questions. Then she visited my blog to look around, and after a few more exchanges my header went from boring . . .

To this gorgeous new look.

It is the essence of Hyacinths for the Soul.


Vicki and her long time friend, Barb, share their adventures of decorating, antiquing, and traveling at their blog Curly Willow DIY. I hope you'll stop by to visit this delightful blog. You can click here to see more new headers that Vicki created around Blogville and arrange to have a new header designed for your blog.


The Tablescaper is known for her gorgeous tablescapes. You can visit her here. Each Sunday she hosts a delightful meme, Seasonal Sundays, to which I'll be linking this post. After all, hyacinths are in season, and saying "Thank You" is appropriate any season of the year.

to both Vicki and The Tablescaper.

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  1. Wow, Sarah! What a pretty header! She did a fabuloous job! I hope you are having a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  2. Sarah;
    Your new header is wonderful! It's perfect for you.
    I hope you have a restful weekend, my friend.

  3. It's fabulous Sarah...I meant to tell you that yesterday..I love it!

  4. How exciting Sarah. It's always nice to rearrange the furniture every once in awhile. I love the hyacinth photograph. So vibrant!

  5. Sarah,
    Look at you. . .wearing a new header! Doesn't it feel a little like a new Spring outfit? Eleganty designed. . .just for you. . .how wonderful! Thank you for sharing with us!

  6. Very nice and bright! I love the quote that is displayed.

  7. I love your new header! It is sooooo perfect for your blog.

  8. Oh Sara,
    What a wonderful gift to receive!! I really love the new look...what could be prettier than a purple/blue hyacinths -except a header with hyacinths!! Don't you love their sweet fragance...it's a treat to buy one and put in the house! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

    Miss Bloomers

  9. Dearest Sara! I SO LOVE THAT NEW HEADER and the quote is stunning. WOW...I love blogging so much because of the PEOPLE. Every one is so kind, so considerate and creative, that it is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite things to do. Thank you for coming to share in my joy of celebrating 29 great years with my husband. YOU HAVE many wonderful years in your memory album of life as well, and I wish you many more. Oh, are you ready for Spring? I think I am...I want to see the hyacinths pop up all around the lake area here in the Twin Cities. Have a splendid day my dear! Anita

  10. Hello Sarah,
    your new header is absolutely fabulous. I love to see the poem with the flowers as well. Vcki did a great job and I will visit her also.
    Greetings, Johanna

  11. It really is gorgeous, Sarah! I love the color scheme, and the quote is wonderful! Very stunning!

  12. What a nice post Sarah! Thank you for your generousity and your kind words. :)

  13. As soon as I saw it, I thought, "Wow, that is such a great header for Sarah!" She did such a great job on The Tablescaper's. I noticed hers right away too. The woman has a lot of talent. How fun and what a great way to advertise and show off your talents so other people know. Have a great weekend!

  14. Congrats on the new header. Have a great weekend....

  15. The new header just exudes thoughts of spring. It's lovely. I'll go over to Curly Willow for a visit.

  16. I gasped when I clicked on here, Sarah! It is beautiful, and the essence of your blog.

  17. Happy Birthday!!! I adore your pink flowers, they are lovely. A hint of color is a reminder that spring is just around the corner. It is gray and cloudy at my house today, also an indicator of spring. Have a wonderful weekend. I forgot to sign Jeff out but this is from Mrs c.

  18. Lovely new header - lucky you !

  19. Sarah honey there is nothing boring about your site or you! I did not think your other one was boring but I do really like this one that she created for you. It is very pretty.
    How are you doing? I have missed coming by to check on you. As always I am behind with blogging visits

  20. Your new header is just in time for Spring :) Gorgeous it is too. Hope you are well dearest Sarah

  21. Spotted a familiar face while returning a visit to KBeau and just had to pop in.
    Beautiful new header and will visit these creative ladies.
    Hope all is well in your world. I am pushing myself back into blogland. I miss my 'friends' across space and continuing to connect.
    Blessings from my heart ;-)

  22. Your new header is simply perfect. What a great addition to an already beautiful blog.

  23. Oh Sarah, this header fits your blog perfectly!!
    You are a lucky girl to be chosen..and this lady is very talented. I love that about blogging....there are sooo many talented girls out there sharing.
    My hyacinths are just starting to pop up. Every year I get some for Easter and plant them afterwards along a floor to ceiling window. This way I can see them, oh and the smell...just wonderful.
    Hope the rest of your weekend is nice,
    hugs, Evi

  24. I love the new header...colors are gorgeous!

  25. Very pretty, Sarah! She did a good job!

  26. Oh, I really love your new header. It's gorgeous!


  27. Sarah! The new header is just gorgeous. Lucky you! And you're also lucky as you are the winner of my book giveaway, Angels Harp. Please send me your address and I'll get this lovely book on the way to you. Thanks so much for entering my giveaway.

  28. That beautiful deep purple color just pops in your new header. Gorgeous.

  29. Sarah:

    Thank you for all of your kind comments. Vicki did an amazing job. I'm so happy you're enjoying your new header. Thanks also for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  30. Wow a great new header!!! I love the pop of color. congrats on being selected. Happy sunday.

  31. Hi Sarah,
    I think you already know how much I love your new header?
    It is truly gorgeous.
    Pop by NL later today to see who's moved in to the Presbytere this weekend.

  32. Fabulous header ... congratulations ... you are a lucky girl! Fun post.

  33. Sarah, I noticed your new header right off. I swear I can smell the hyacinths! It's beautiful! xo Lynn

  34. Your new header is so very pretty and makes me feel all of the splendor of spring!!

    Susan and Bentley

  35. Congrats on winning that beautiful header, Sarah! It looks fabulous!...Christine

  36. Sarah, I'm so glad you linked your post about your beautiful new header to Favorite Things, because it's a favorite of mine too. laurie

  37. It is gorgeous! It literally jumped off the page when I clicked over here and took my breath away. I love the colors...perfection!

  38. Gorgeous new header. She did a wonderful job. So bright and cheerful when you open up your blog. ~~Sherry~~

  39. I have the honor of being your "linky neighbor" over at Met Monday, stopping by to say your new header is gorgeous! Have a wonderful week, xoxo tami

  40. Hi Sarah~ I've been meaning to comment on your new header! I love the colors & design! Don't you LOVE Hyacinth season?!

  41. I am so loving your gorgeous new look.!♥!♥

  42. What a beautiful new look for spring! It feels good to change things up now and then!

  43. Your new header is perfect ~ fits the name of your blog to a T.


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