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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Thyme" to Celebrate

January 4, 2011

"Thyme" to CELEBRATE

These little birdies told me that this . . .

Special lady was celebrating her 90th birthday. I know! She doesn't even look like she could be an octogenarian, much less someone moving into her 9th decade.

So to celebrate a special aunt's 90th birthday, some of the girl cousins gathered for lunch and an afternoon full of laughter as we shared stories of times spent together through the years.

I'd put away the reds and greens of Christmas, but left up this gorgeous wreath of fresh greens that I received from Liz @ Rose Vignettes. It still smells wonderful, and with its silver accents it fit right in with the party colors. Be certain to stop by Liz's for a visit this Friday as she hosts Fresh Cut Friday.

I added other white flowers with silver about the house.

Champagne mimosas started the celebration with a toast to the birthday girl.

Along with a few nibbles of pretzels.

The tables were set with mini pots of thyme,
details of silver and gold . . .

And black and white.

Hour glasses reminded us of times that we've shared through the years.

I layered black and white Courtly Check chargers on larger chargers in Ambiance Vintage Garden. These were topped with black plates and small white soup cups.

The smaller table was set with pewter chargers and checkered plates by Royal Stafford.

Shortly before the guest arrived I added a rose bud at each place setting for a touch of color.

The coasters with their elegant gold monogram were in the $1 bin at Michaels. I didn't use a table linen, so these were perfect to use under glasses of iced tea.

The luncheon offered another opportunity to use the little silver salts and peppers that were one of my birthday gifts last year.

The champagne bucket, repurposed to hold Winter Cloud phalaenopsis orchids, once belonged to my aunt. She gave it to me several years ago because she no longer entertains. It's perfect as a vessel for flowers.

Lunch was served buffet style.

~ Potato Leek Soup ~ Spinach Salad ~ Onion Walnut Muffins ~

And of course Birthday Cake!

The cake was Lemon Lavender Pound Cake. You can find the recipe here. It's a rich, moist cake made with sour cream. The glaze is lemon juice infused with lavender flowers. I highly recommend it!

Brownie bites, baked by a niece who couldn't be with us, were passed around as the birthday girl opened her gifts. Rich dark chocolate and yummy!

Everyone took home one of the small pots of thyme as a memento of our gathering.

I wish you special times with family and friends during 2011.



  1. Wow, I think your Aunt looks fantastic! Love the entire table and quite jealous that you can get an orchid to re-bloom... never happens here! What's your secret?

  2. Oh Sarah,
    Your celebration is "Priceless"!!! Your Aunt is so beautiful... "It is truly a timeless vision and she must have Loved it"! My VERY FAVORITE thing is "Of Course" your Aunt, then the Cake Plate!!!
    I LOVE the way you arranged your table, it gave it a clock look AND LOVE those hour glasses! They are wonderful...
    Thank you so much for letting us join in on your Aunt's special day... LOVE IT!!!
    Hugs to you,

  3. Loving the thyme and the black and white on your pretty table! You know how much I love my herbs. And those black and white chargers: beautiful! One lucky aunt there!

  4. Just beautiful Sarah! I'm sure everyone had a great time! Lovin' the little pots of thyme as party favors. Also that your Aunt saw you enjoying the champagne bucket she gave you:@)

  5. What a wonderful party! Love all the time related items....

  6. Happy Birthday to your precious aunt! Oh, what a lovely celebration you created for her, and she looks so YOUNG! Just gorgeous, and she looks like you. I see a family resemblance... very patrician and pretty.

    The food, the table, the entire ambiance was perfect. Great job!


    Sheila :-)

  7. What a wonderful thyme you all must have had! I need to know what kind of vitamins your youthful looking aunt takes~ LOVE the hour glasses on the table on pedestals!

  8. Wonderful! I don't know anyone who has a collection of hour glasses! You have everything. :)
    Love the favors, and lunch looks delicious.
    And the birthday gal looks fabulous.
    What a sweet gesture, just lovely!

  9. Happy Birthday to your beloved aunt. I loved this table -- what fun touches everywhere. I loved the idea of the hour glasses as a symbol of all the fun times that you have shared. What a great table and a great time. The cake looks yummy too. Joni

  10. So elegant and beautiful! What a wonderful celebration for such a special birthday! I just love that Courtly Check. Thyme to celebrate is so cute and what a perfect memento. They looked so perfect on the table too.

  11. A wonderful birthday party for a beautiful Aunt. I am sure she loved it. I love all of your pretty dishes and the flowers. What a fantastic menu as well. The pots of thyme are a wonderful touch. Just beautiful, Sarah!


  12. Sarah,
    Elegant. . .adorable. . .exquisite!
    I loved it all! The most unique feature are those hour glasses! My, how cleaver you are, dear! Congratulations to your dear Aunt on her celebration of 90 years.
    Thank you for sharing this special post of those close to you!

  13. Oh what a wonderful meal served on a wonderful tablescape for a wonderful celebration! This looks like such a fun start to the new year -- your aunt is quite lovely and I know that she must have been so honored to have been celebrated so cheerfully.

  14. That is so sweet. Everything looked so good too. I have those dishes somewhere packed away. I love the color scheme.

  15. This is a wonderful gift to your lovely aunt. Perfect memories were created around your tables! Which by the way were beautiful. I love the Thyme pots on the table.. perfect.

  16. Happy birthday to your beautiful Aunt! You hosted such a wonderful celebration of her special birthday, Sarah! I love your idea of using a pot of thyme as a favor and having hour glasses as a decoration. You prepared every detail so thoughtfully.
    The lemon lavender cake sound delious! Thanks for the recipe link.

  17. happy birthday to your lovely aunt! your tables are beautiful. i have the black and white royal stafford plates too....

    happy new year!

  18. Oh wonderful, Sarah! Your aunt turned 90 and that was a great reason to celebrate. Your party is just perfect for the occasion. Sounds like a lot of fun. I do not know the maker of the peacock napkin rings but I got them from Ebay about 2 years ago, Try serching them there cause every now and then, I would still see them...Christine

  19. Auntie is absolutely gorgeous and I agree she does not look her age, whatever is her secret?!!! I loved everything you did, what fun touches. She must have felt very special and all of the food sounds really fun. I love the roses in the drinks, what a fun touch that is. Hope I look somewhat that good when I get to be that age!

  20. Your aunt is beautiful. How lovely that you and your cousins could get together to celebrate her birthday. All of my remaining aunts live more than 3000 miles away - how I'd love to have a party with them.

  21. What a wonderful reason to celebrate! Everything was perfectly beautiful including the honoree.

  22. What a smart and pretty table! Love the checks. The food all looks delicious, and that cake looks beautiful! Wish I had some right now! ha! So nice for you to visit and comment. I'm especially glad, because you made me realize I had noted Wm Sonoma instead of Pottery Barn! Thanks! My darling Mother in law turns 90 next week and we'll go for a visit and a party! Yours was lovely!

  23. how special and SO beautiful. I al looks so lovely together! Especially fond of the black and white check- love their stuff!


  24. What a lovely celebration for a special lady. The table is gorgeous, as always. Love the way you used the champagne bucket! And those little pots of Thyme are adorable. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Kat

  25. Sarah you are the quintessential hostess with the mostess.
    Everything looks so wonderful, the party favors, the cake & the place settings too.
    You Aunt must have loved it and getting together with all of her neices, what a lovely surprise.
    Clever you, to pull it all together at the last minute for her in this way.

  26. You certainly know how to throw a party. That table and buffet are perfect. Love the hourglass idea. The champagne bucket looks wonderful with the orchids. I may have to get an orchid. The menus sounds scrumptious. Your aunt certainly doesn't look 90 years young!

  27. Dear Sarah,
    Happy Birthday to your Aunt. She is looking gorgeous. I wish, I would look at that age so delighted and vigorous. But I don't have a nice likle you. So probably I will not. Your table, buffet and all decoration is tastfull as always. I love the black white checked things combined with white and silver. Very very beautiful. It was surely a big fun party.
    Greetings, Johanna

  28. How beautiful. Love the thyme plant idea. Such lovely colors on the table and perfect details. I am sure you made your Aunt a happy lady. Lovely writing and pictures. Should be in a magazine.

  29. Oh Sarah, what a beautiful celebration for your beautiful aunt! How cute are those "thyme to celebrate" pots. Did you stencil that, or did you buy them that way? Love those beautiful hour glasses, and of course your black and white plates are wonderful. That cake looks soooo good. I'm so glad you did this beautiful party for your aunt. She will spend the year telling people about her wonderful b'day celebration. What memories you made for her and for your cousins. laurie

  30. What a lovely party, Sarah! And a happy birthday to your aunt! Your tablescape is gorgeous and the food looks yummy! Hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  31. What a gorgeous table. Your aunt is just lovely.

  32. What a lovely thing to do for your Aunt. If you can't spoil her at 90 when can you.
    Your table looks perfect at usual .

  33. I love your photos. Looks like your aunt had a wonderful birthday full of memories. I love hourglasses, so I loved your collection.

    But you are a meanie for showing so much good food during dieting season! Just kidding!

  34. What a pretty tablescape and a really neat and fun party! The cake and brownies look delicious as do the mimosas. Best wishes to your aunt.
    blessings, Beth

  35. What a darling act of love! Your aunt looks so lovely.
    Your tables were so festive, I love the "thyme" theme.So very creative!
    That cake looks soooo good! Now I want something sweet.

  36. What a magnificant celebration for your aunt. I love the touch of the hour glasses and your gift of time, or thyme. Actually, having prepared such a clebration is a gift of both.

    - The Tablescaper

  37. A beautiful celebration. Love how you added flowers to silver. Nicely done.

  38. Your aunt looks fabulous for 90 years old...happy birthday to her!
    I love the hourglasses...what a cute idea. I can almost smell the thyme all the way up here in Kansas. The black and white is so nice after seeing so much red and green the last month.
    Happy New Year, Sarah.

  39. Sarah, this is just so lovely and thoughtful! What a wonderful birthday luncheon.

  40. Hi Sarah...

    What a sweet and beautiful birthday celebration, Sarah! Your aunt is such a beautiful woman...and you're right...I would have never guessed her to be celebrating her 90th birthday! Your table is so pretty...I love the black and white check place settings! And...the hourglasses...awesome! I love the look and the idea! I bet you ladies had a fabulous luncheon...it sure looked delicious! Thank you for sharing this special day with us, my friend!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  41. Sarah...what a spread and your tablesetting....GORGEOUS!! Happy Birthday to your aunt and what a lovely niece you are to honor her and her 90th birthday.


  42. Oh, Sweet Sarah..you do know how to throw a fabulous birthday bash. I know your beautiful aunt just loved every single minute. Is she CERTAIN that she is that old??? She is so pretty.

    I just copied your cake recipe down..I want to try that. I don't have a CC cake stand to serve it on so mine won't come CLOSE to tasting as luscious as YOURS. :)))
    xoxo bj

  43. This looks like the perfect party. Your decorations are fabulous!
    Happy Birthday to the queen of the day.
    Another friday favorite for sure :-)

  44. Oh! My Friday post was about a lovely birthday girl too--what a celebration, 90 years! Your tables and all look SO beautiful. Menu sounds wonderful. Beautiful!

  45. Without having ever met you, I just know you entertain with such graciousness. It's all so elegant but I think my fave is the hour glass things. Just perfect! xo

  46. Oh my, what a lovely celebration! I certainly will be using many of these ideas in the future! So glad I ran across your blog....have become a follower and can't wait to spend some time wandering around your place a bit. :)

  47. What a beautiful party for a lovely Aunt. Your right... I would never have pegged her for 90ish. :) I love it that you are getting so much wear out of that wreath! It looks great! Your table scape is gorgeous! Love the MC pieces.... So much to love here! :) Thanks for linking in for Fresh-Cut Friday. I REALLY appreciate it!! :)


  48. Lovely blog and a lovely tablespace! :) Your Aunt looks much younger than 90! Happy Birthday to her!

  49. Hi Sarah! What a great time and event to celebrate your Aunt. Everything is lovely and the food looks fabulous. A very Happy New year to you and yours!

  50. Hi Sarah, What a wonderful birthday luncheon for your Aunt. The table is so pretty and the food looks yummy...especially the cake!

  51. Hi Sarah~ Love this- What a fantastic setting and so much fun for your sweet Aunt! I love the little pots of thyme and the silver champagne bucket~ gorgeous! Looks like it was a wonderful day~ thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  52. Your tablescape is so beautiful and so full of details! I love your post title and the hourglasses! Happy belated birthday to your aunt!

  53. What a stunnng celebration for very lovely lady - I wish her many more happy birthdays!

  54. Wow..such a magnificent post and what a lovely tribute for a special celebration! Hooray! much joy!

  55. What a beautiful gathering you created! You truly are generous. Thanks for the cake recipe - I love the idea for my lavender.

  56. Can't wait to try out all this black and white! You certainly have the best collection of table adornments!


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