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Friday, July 23, 2010

Pink Summer Sunsets

Summer sunsets are some of my favorite things.

Especially when they fill the sky with brilliant shades of pink.

During a recent trip to Santa Fe, NM, I was treated to spectacular sunsets each evening. Join me for an alfresco sunset dinner here.

Before the sun completely sets, stop by Laurie's A Few of My Favorite Things
and Beverly's Pink Saturday. On Sunday join The Tablescaper's Summer Sundays where you'll find more summer inspiration.


  1. What a beautiful sunset. When we lived in Naples Florida we had amazing sunsets in the summer. The sun sets gently here in the mountains of NC....

  2. Beautiful shots, it looks like you really had a great trip!

  3. What amazing sunsets! Beautiful shots, Sarah! I love our pink sunsets too. Thank you for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday to you. Enjoy your weekend.


  4. Sarah, I too have been "absent" from the blogging scene for a while. Busy with travels, work, family.

    I love your beautiful sunset pictures, and I'm looking at a gorgeous sunset out my window right now.

    Thanks for visiting.

  5. These sky scenes are spectacular!!!

  6. Sometimes, I think the word "splendor" is the perfect word. It is in this instance. Those photographs are just lovely and literally draw me in.

    I wouldn't want to come home!

  7. The sunsets are indeed beautiful, but I have been browsing your whole blog. Very nice and I intend to come visit you often.
    I look forward to seeing your roosters too.

  8. I'd love to see a desert sunset. These photos are just as I'd imagined such a sunset would be. I hope you had a grand time there!

  9. So Pretty! We had a beautiful pink sunset a couple of nights ago, but did not come back in for my camera. Don't know which was worse the heat or mosquitoes! Same thing tonight.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. Santa Fe, what a lovely place. We went on a wonderfui southwest trip several years ago and Santa Fe was one of my favorite cities. Pink sunsets are what we see in the summer and they are so spectacular.

  11. Sarah, these photos are gorgeous! You captured the beauty of the sunset perfectly, and what a wonderful post for Favorite Things Sat. Hope you have a fab weekend. laurie

  12. Each sunset photo is just beautiful!

  13. Stunning. I do the love the southwest and this is just one very big reason.

  14. One of the best parts of summer is being able to sit outside and watch the evening sky as it puts on a show for us. It's even more exciting to see the heaven's light up with stars.

  15. What a lovely sunset. Thanks so much for sharing!


  16. So elegant, serene & peaceful ... beautiful Sarah.

    Have a lovely PINK weekend ~
    TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

  17. These are lovely Sarah..doesn't it feel great when you are in the moment taking them and even better when you see the result on your camera. I love the anticipation of getting them on to the computer to see them up close. A+ to you!


    PS...thanks for your comment, always nice when stop by :)

  18. Gorgeous, Sarah! I loved this!


    Sheila :-)

  19. Dearest Sarah,

    THANK YOU FOR VISITING MY BLOG YESTERDAY! I was out all day and never got a chance to visit. Thank you for coming my way. I see that you enjoy French things....my blog is always peppered with something French; I am a French teacher and of course, love all things French! COme again for I will be featuring some French recipes and images of my beloved PROVENCE!

    Enjoy your Sunday, Anita

  20. Hi Sarah~ Beautiful sunsets~ I would love to visit NM!

    I do hope you enjoy your book as much as I did :-)

  21. Happy Pink Saturday,thank you for your 'Pink Inspiration'.

  22. What beautiful pictures you took. I think there is something so spiritual about sunrises and sunsets and when I am on vacation we always make sure we see them. I need to do that in real life too.

  23. Those are beautiful, Sarah!
    I have never been there, have a cousin who lives there.
    We never get out of here, but then people pay a lot of money to come here, so I shouldn't complain!
    A change in scenery is nice though!
    Happy Sunday, we are off to the ocean...:)

  24. Gorgeous photos! You captured the subtle changes in hue to nicely.

  25. Those are gorgeous photos! The colors are beautiful...you just can't beat nature and her prettiness! Linda

  26. It is the same sky but it looks so different every night. Lovely shots.

  27. Such glorious photos. You're so right, there is nothing like a summer sunset. The breadth of color is fabulous.

    Thanks so much for being a part of Summer Sundays! Looking forward to having you with us next Sunday too!

    - The Tablescaper

  28. Goodness that is a lovely sunset. From our house it almost looks like the sun sets into or behind the lake - it's usually bright orange.
    I love your outdoor tablescape. You had some amazing tablewear to play with.

  29. Such beautiful sunsets Sarah! I think the ones with the clouds in them are the most spectacular and you get the most amazing colours! I can only imagine how beautiful a New Mexico sunset is in real life! I hope you had a wonderful time. Thanks for stopping by my new blog and leaving a comment. I look forward to getting back into the swing of things. I have some catching up to do, looking at some of your previous posts! I've missed you : ) Hope your week is off to a great start! Sherri : )

  30. These images are just breathtaking!
    So lovely. :-)

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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