Wednesday, June 30, 2010

X is for . . .

Warning: This post is not intended for those with xenophobia.


is for

eXtraordinary ~ eXtravaganza ~ eXperience

Each July, the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, NM hosts an International Folk Art Market. This incredible event brings together artists from around the globe. The 2009 market featured over 140 artists from 46 countries. Each booth was a treasure chest of beautiful handcrafted items that reflected the traditions and cultures of the countries represented.

As you might imagine the weekend event is full of colorful sights, music of the world, dancers, international food, and eXtraordinary art from around the world, not to mention thousands of visitors eager to support these visiting artist.

Costumed ladies entertain on stilts.

Attendees dress in colorful clothes 

and hats and watch the amazing sights.

Thousands of visitors shop the market during the two day event, and over 1500 volunteers make this event possible.

Note the sign: these baskets represent a year of work on the artist's part. Last year's artists averaged $15,100 in sales. The artists retain 90% of their sales and their revenues are used to support their families and help sustain their local communities.

These colorful paper 

maché roosters are from Haiti.

A talented blacksmith from Uzbekistan

hand forged these whimsical scissors.

The embroidery on these "bayeta",simple hand 

woven woolen cloths, depicts scenes 

of daily life in the Andean village of Chijnaya, Peru.

These brightly colored hand embroidered 

textiles reflect the flora and fauna of Peru.

Mud resist block prints are created 

by a family of brothers in India.

This mother and daughter from 

Kyrgyzstan are experts at felt making.

They create these charming little felt dolls. Each doll has an expressive embroidered face and wonderfully embroidered details on the clothing.

Look at the joy on the face of this artist 

from Namibia, as she weaves a handmade basket.

These coiled baskets are made from palm leaves 

and bark and used as everyday domestic use.

Another artist from India wears a 

distinctive mirrored and embroidered dress.

Notice the amazing work on this patchwork 

and embroidered quilt from Pakistan.

Batik dyed fabrics from Nigeria 

were sold in various lengths.

Intricate images were carved 

on these aluminum panels.

This elaborate seed beaded 

collar is from Ecuador.

Here the artist from Ecuador 

demonstrates her beading skills.

These beautiful carved horn bracelets 

were created in Lima, Peru.

There were many amazing textiles 

from the People's Republic of China.

One can see the results of many hours of work 

on this detail of the textile in the previous photo.

To learn more about the International Folk Art Market view the excellent video below which is narrated by Ali MacGraw.

The market is truly eXtraordinary, and this year, the eXtravaganza will feature more than 170 artists representing 52 countries. To eXperience the market is a treat beyond imagination.

7th Annual International Folk Art Market
July 9-11, 2010 ~ Santa Fe, NM

On going during market days will be an opportunity to groove to the beat of music from around the globe, savor international flavors of various cultural foods, and purchase amazing folk art treasures to add to ones personal collection, all while contributing to help sustain these individual and their communities.

Hope you'll get the opportunity to attend this eXtraordinary eXtravaganza eXperience sometime. Now click here to catch up with Mrs. Matlock and the other students participating in Alphabe-Thursday.

Folk art is definitely a favorite art form here at HFTS, so the post will link to Laurie's A Few of My Favorite Things on Saturday, and since this is one of my favorite summer activities, I'll also be linking this post to Summer Sundays with The Tablescaper. There certainly is Pink among the photos to qualify for Beverly's Pink Saturday.

Special Note: Much of this post was recycled from my September 1, 2009, post on the International Folk Art Market.

The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. I love all the different examples are arts and crafts.

  2. Awesome post...what beautiful treasures and a feast for the eyes..amdist all those talented love the felt dolls..everything stunning! thanks for the adventure!

  3. It looks like a fantastic showcase of artisans and artistry.

  4. What an amazing event. I could spend days there. I love it all, but my favorites are the aluminum panels and the coiled baskets. What gorgeous artistry they have showcased here. Great choice for X! Kathy

  5. That sure would be fun to attend. I have always wanted to visit Santa Fe. Those are some very talented artists.

  6. I adore Santa Feand I would love to attend a Folk Art Show of that size! What a wonderful experience and thank you so much for sharing it with us. I feel so lucky to have seen all that lovely art!

  7. I would LOVE being at this festival!! (Santa Fe is an amazing town on it's own too!) I loved the pic of the peruvian floral fabrics! Thanks for sharing a great X post!!

  8. What an eXceptional folk art fest! I'd love to attend something like that.

  9. What bright and colorful photos of cultural diversity! I enjoyed my walk with you.

  10. Oh Sarah, you sold me! I want to go. What a wonderful market. So many beautiful and unique treasures. It would be such a learning experience as well as a shopping experience! And to be able to think that my shopping might benefit someone in great need would certainly make make me feel better about buying!! I really enjoyed this post, and I'm so glad you'll be linking it to Fav. Things (which is already up!! I've never been this far ahead with a post!) laurie

  11. I would LOVE to make it to this market. Fantastic. I want to know what you came home with, and how did you decide?

  12. Looks like a really cool festival! Great use of X!

  13. What a wonderful thing to attend!! It's like visiting all those countries without having to go through the inconvenience of today's air travel!! I've been blessed, in my lifetime, to travel throughout the globe and I hold those memories close, now that I'm retired and finances don't allow me that liberty so often. I miss the contact with other cultures, the wonderful foods, the crafts. This would be so nice to help ease my longing.

  14. Recycled or not I truly enjoyed seeing all these talented artists and their beautiful hand made goods.
    I do hope to visit one day but until then your beautiful photographs will have to suffice.

  15. What a neat post Sarah!
    I felt like I was there with you. The handiwork is amazing!
    I would love to go to Santa Fe~
    Happy 4th!

  16. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I wish I could travel. I'd be there this year!!!

  17. Oh WOW! I so want to be there. I'd probably clean out our savings as I would want to purchase a sample of EVERYTHING. Thank you for sharing these amazing photos.

  18. Wow, some of those things are amazing! I have a feeling I would have an empty wallet if I attended!

  19. Sarah, this may well be my favorite post you've done. What a wonderful festival! I'm fascinated with all of the goods these people were selling and making! WOW! I would love to go to this.

    Please tell me you bought some of those felt dolls and scissors! And some of those glorious textiles. This is a magpie paradise!


    Sheila :-)

  20. That looks like a wonderfully, fun place to visit. I love all the work. Those people on stilts were really fun. Wonderful post.

  21. what a colorful fun place to go :D

  22. What an X-citing link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "X"!

    I loved how vibrant this post was. Many years ago I attended this event. I have an Aunt (or perhaps she is an Uncle now) that lives there. It was an amazing time.

    Thanks for the wonderful memory.

    And thanks for helping make this meme so X-cellent each and every week!


  23. Hi Sarah!

    Oh, this looks like it would be such a fun day! i loved taking a little tour with you through all these amazing crafts!

  24. What wonderful art & artisans~ I'm coveting one of those patchwork quilts! I've never been to NM...I certainly would like to go now. Thank you for recycling & sharing this eXceptional post :-)

  25. Xcellent X post, I loved seeing all of the different artists work, thank you!

  26. Now that is something I'd thoroughly enjoy!

  27. I feel like I've been on an Xtensive Whirl Wind Tour. Wonderful photos of all the XtraTalented Artists and their Xcellent crafts! Thanks so much for posting such a well pictured and informative post!

  28. What a great post of such a glorious event...I would just love this global folk art...great pictures:-) Peace and blessings

  29. Fascinating post, Sarah! It's wonderful to see beauiful images representing so many cultures from throughout the world. So often our views of other countries are influenced by negative stories in the media. This is a reminder of the power of arts and of the skills and dedication of artists and artisans who just want to share their gifts (as they provide for their loved ones).

    Have a happy 4th!

    Warmest regards,

  30. Wow, that looks like an amazing festival! We love Santa Fe and have traveled there several times. We always go to the artists market there, but nothing like this! I'd so love to attend one day.

  31. Isn't it amazing how they travel all the way to Santa Fe for this show. I attend the Internation Gem Show each year in Tucson and there are dealers from everywhere with huge tables piled high with pearls, semi-precious stones (the ones sold by the hanks), and then the dealers of the truly magnificient gems. It boggles my mind, I've never been to all the venues, but keep thinking I will one day. I know how much fun this must be for you. Love, Marsha

  32. Hi Sarah! Oh, this looks wonderful! I do love seeing all of the crafts. Love Santa Fe, love New Mexico. We lived in Roswell for 10 years while our children were growing up!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  33. omgosh how do you go there without spending every penny you have ... those were some amazing examples of craft!!!

  34. Wish I could go. I love folk art. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Wow. What a delightful, visual feast of color and textures. I wish I could attend. The craftsmanship, diversity, and beauty are amazing. Lovely post. Thank you.

  36. Total eye candy!
    Oh how I wish I could really hear see and feel the event LIVE...
    what a wondrous and resplendent activity!

    I too was in the X class...
    Please drop in when you can for my X-Post
    ~Excursion of Xeranthemum~
    on my blog here:

    Isn't Ms Jenny the best?
    So nice to meet you!

  37. gorgeous photo's and blog!

  38. I would LOVE this event. So cool.


  39. Oh, another thing to add to my bucket list!

  40. O my...these crafts are indeed, art.
    Very beautiful and your photos are stunning.

    I saw a movie just this week on tv and it had the statues you posted about in Central Park. Just amazing.
    It seems I learn something every time I visit you. Such a pleasure.
    xo bj

  41. Hi Sarah, Thank You for posting all the pictures. It is great to see different artwork that people had created. Have a great 4TH.......Julian

  42. I wish I had money in eXcess and could jump on a plane and attend this event - I would need lots of $$ because I would be buying loads and loads of stuff. I "need" me a pair of the scissors crafted to look like birds just to begin with!

  43. I plan on getting to Sante Fe sometime. I would love to attend this cultural event. What awesome pictures to inspire us. Thanks so much Sarah!

  44. How wonderful!! Love all the different mediums for art and creativity. I'm really in love with all those textiles! Fun trip!

  45. I have friends who live in Santa Fe. I've just got to find out if they're going to this. I wish I could magically transport myself across the country just to see and feel all of these wonderful colors. I'm totally blown away by the beauty you captured. Except for the crowds, I'd be in heaven here.

  46. This looks like quite an amazing event! What do you think the chances are of finding a pair of scissors shaped like a pig??? Happy 4th!

  47. What a wonderful event! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  48. I'd never heard of this amazing festival - how outstanding it is! Love that the actual artisans are there with their beautiful crafted items......making that much in sales will certainly help their families at home, I love that!

    Thanks for sharing this event Sarah. Happy holiday - I'm in New Hampshire celebrating and it's as hot as it was at home, ugh! Head to Montreal next week.

    Mary X

  49. A very interesting and colourful post.
    Happy PS and 4th July to you

  50. Sarah, I just looked through all of the crafts on here again, and I reallllllllly want to go to that festival! You lucky girl, you!

    Just dropping in to wish you a Happy Fourth! Hope you have fun and stay safe!


    Sheila :-)

  51. I would love to visit the International Folk Art festival one day in person as I really enjoyed looking at all the crafts you showed in this wonderful post, Sarah.
    When my husband retires in a few years we hope to spend more time in the West, and sights in New Mexico are definitley on our list.

    Thank you for becoming a follower! I've been one of yours for awhile as i love your blog.

    Happy 4th of July!

  52. Hi Sarah,

    Such an interesting array of wonderful and beautiful artist things! What a wonderful event! Thanks for sharing it! Hugs!

  53. Hi Sarah! I've been away from blogland too long and I'm trying to catch up! I remember your blog about the Folk Art Festival last year! Looks like fabulous fun! You'll have to be sure to show us what you find there! Love your red, white and blue post! You have the best collection of Uncle Sams...hands down! And the tea cute! I hope you have a wonderful 4th with your friends!...hugs...Debbie

  54. How fun!
    I am crazy about those scissors!

    I hope you have a safe and Happy 4th!

  55. This is wonderful Sarah! What a great post and look how much fun you had taking all these fantastic photos. It shows!!

    Hope you made a few purchases too. I would have loved being at this one.

    Happy 4th!!


  56. Such a great post! It sounds like a marvelous mix of cultures and artistry.

    Thanks so much for joining "Summer Sundays"!

    - The Tablescaper

  57. What a fun festival and event, Sarah! It is so colorful. I love Sta. Fe!. Happy 4th..Christine


    Please pick 2 to 5 awards from the post.
    Enjoy the fun!

  59. We were in the Land of Enchantment a few weeks too early! I loved visiting Taos and Santa Fe. This would have been so enjoyable. Perhaps another time! Thanks so much for sharing. ♥♫

  60. What a great festival this must be to attend!! I'll have to try and schedule our next trip to catch it...we loved Santa Fe!! Beautiful photos!

    Happy Fourth Sarah,

    Miss Bloomers/Sonia

  61. So colorful and festive!--You got some super pictures! Jacqueline

  62. This truly was XXXXtraordinary! I would have loved to have been there. You captured the event so well. Such fun variety in the crafts and artwork. I truly wonder how they stay on those stilts. It gives me a thrill to see someone on them. Thanks for the fun post.

  63. I am just checking in and what do I find? An experience not to be missed! Wow..did you buy one of those roosters? I don't think I could have resisted...but then...I'm like that when it comes to roosters. What great photo's!!
    Made me almost feel like I was right there with you!

  64. Hi Sarah...what an amazing looking festival this is...I have never seen anything like it....those wonderful scissors caught my eye...and the textiles..just wonderful...thanks for sharing...Sue.

  65. What a fabulous event! Did you buy lots?


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