Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pancakes at the Counter

Pancakes at the counter for breakfast today!

I'm linking this post to Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday and Michael @ Designs by Gollum for Foodie Friday.

Many mornings we simply have oatmeal with fresh berries, or during the hot summer months, it is cold cereal with fresh berries. But sometimes we just feel like hot pancakes with maple syrup. The petite counter space between the kitchen and the morning room includes two counter stools and provides a perfect informal dining spot for two.

An Italian planter with pink cyclamen adds a bright backdrop to separate the space from the farm sink in the kitchen.

Fruit inspired textiles from the south of France lend a touch of Country French.

These 100% cotton placemats with matching napkins are typical of the textiles available in France. I found these at a small shop in Nice for a very reasonable amount.

Our everyday pottery is Petite Fleur by Sigma. It is made in Italy and hand painted.

The mix of French Provencal textiles with the simple decor of the hand painted Italian pottery compliment each other.

These yellow pockets are actually hot pads. The fact that the fabric mixes polka dots, stripes, and checks caught my attention immediately, but my first thought was . . . "Wouldn't these be perfect repurposed as little pockets to hold flatware at a table setting?"

What do you think?

It's a mix of Italian and French, though both with a country feel, and a blue and yellow color palette is always cheerful for breakfast.

We like warm maple syrup with our pancakes, . . .

and this spicy variety is a special treat.

A couple of sausage patties are the perfect side dish. Have to have a little protein to start the day!

Yum! Pancakes are a nice treat once in a while!

If you want a quick, easy, fail proof recipe for pancakes, here it is. I've made these since my single days of sharing an apartment with roommates. Thanks, Margo!

Thanks for joining me today. Don't forget to head back to Susan's @ Between Naps on the Porch for a list of others sharing a table for Tablescape Thursday, and on Friday, Michael @ Designs by Gollum will have delicious recipes to share.


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  1. ummm, this breakfast is fit for a king...and his queen, of course! :O)

    To my dismay, we started our first phase on the South Beach Diet today and no sugar, flour, starches for 2 weeks. Then we can add a little can bet I'll be making pancakes for us..with sugar free syrup and fat free sausage...:)
    Thanks for the recipe...
    Your table setting is just wonderful. I love your dishes...

  2. Sarah, my actual birthday is Monday, too! Jan. 18th for us both :D :D :D How cool is that...we share our special day!!!

    I wish I had seen your pink cyclamen for my table. It would have gone perfectly & certainly lasted longer than these roses will.

    Your pancakes look delish & your settings are beautiful. You have lots of *pretties* :D


  3. Love it! How can I want a pancake now after I've had dinner already!!

  4. What a pretty breakfast bar! I really like your linens...French Country at its best! I've never made pancakes from scratch (I normally use Bisquick), but they look so delicious, so maybe I'll give them a try! Thanks for sharing and happy TT to you!

  5. What a sweet breakfast table setting. I love your cyclamen. They are so pretty and it's the perfect backdrop.

  6. I wish I had those pancakes for my breakfast tomorrow morning! They look yummy!

    I love the silverware displayed in the cute "potholder!"

    Neat pattern mixes in your pretty tablescape!


  7. What do I think?

    What time is breakfast is what I'm thinking.

    To answer your question tho...I think I like your brainstorm of using the pockets for your flatware presentation.

    Thanks for visiting my site and leaveing a message. It meant a lot.


  8. Breakfast is my favorite meal. This looks too good. Love the flatware holder!

  9. Great mixture of the patterns on the linens, I really love it all together! My kitchen colors are blue and yellow and I always think of it as being a very cheerful color combo too!

  10. I wouldn't mind having this yummy breakfast everyday. I love your Italian pottery with the cyclamen, pretty. Your setting is so pretty....Christine

  11. Good morning Sarah,
    I read your post whilst eating a bowl of hot porridge (oatmeal to you!). I have to say that your breakfast is way more appealing.
    At least now I know what to serve when you visit us!
    Have a wonderful day.

  12. Love it. Great placemats and napkins and your dishes are just perfect. The pancakes and sausage sound just wonderful too. Hugs, Marty

  13. Oh, yum! The breakfast looks so delicious, and I love all the mix of pottery and textiles. The planter is fabulous. I love your idea of using a hot pad as a flatware holder.

  14. Love your textiles, the color are just wonderful. Breakfast looks good toooo.

  15. How pretty, and a wonderful way to start the day.

  16. YUMMO!!!! I can smell the sausage way down here!!! Love the repurposed pot holder...very creative! I love ginger..I'll have to try the syrup...details please :) Thank you for sharing your morning can send any leftovers to:

    My House
    63723913 My Way
    My Town, My State My Zip!!

    Have a creative day
    Warm Hugs...Linda

  17. I love finding recipes on blogs! made these cakes this morning for my little ones! yummmmmy!


  18. They look yummy Sarah. Love pancakes, and sausage is always goo with them. Have not tried that particular maple syrup but bet it's good.
    Your creative use of things is to be commended.

  19. I like your table a lot! MMMM! Pancakes! Something we don't get to eat very often!

  20. Oh boy, nothing then better then a pancake morning. Your table setting was lovely but those look like they would have been delicious even eaten off paper plates - the mark of truly yummy food! Glad you started your day so "sweetly"

  21. Love the mix of Italian and French. The French linens are exceptional. Enjoy!

    - The Tablescaper

  22. Sarah, this looks so lovely. What a wonderful way to start the day. I LOVE that planter, and of course I love the colors of your linens and china. How smart to use those pot handle holders for flatware. They look great. Breakfast looks pretty good too! I'll be trying the pancake recipe. Thanks for sharing it. laurie

  23. Lovely, Warm and cheery..and I would give Margo a very good grade in handwriting..or is it yours?
    The breakfast looks delicious!

  24. oh you have done it now! My husband is going to have to make his pancakes tomorrow for breakfast...they are crunchy on the em!

    Thanks for the reminder!!!!!!

    love, kelee

  25. Your pancakes look delicious. I may have to make some for supper. lol.. Love the flatware caddy. Wonderful idea.. hugs ~lynne~

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