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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

B is for Beau

B is for Beau's Birthday!

beau- (boa) beautiful, fair, pretty, lovely, handsome

Welcome to Alphabe-Thursday. You're just in time for the Birthday party.
Beau's first Birthday just happens to coincide with Alphabe-Thursday's B post so his grand auntie decided to have a party.

We have Birthday cake . . .

Blue Balloons . . .

and Bottles of Bubbles for everyone!

So come on in and join this Beautiful Baby Boy's Birthday Party!

The guests have already started to celebrate.

This would be Bruce.

He's always the first to arrive when there are crumbs to be had.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Beau,
Happy Birthday to you!

Make a wish and Blow out the candle!

Hooray Beau is ONE!

Happy Birthday, sweet Big Boy!

Here is a quick recap of Beau's First Year.

Last year on this day the Birthday Boy was a new Born Baby.

Now he is a Big Boy working out with Barbells.

Baby Beau would Bag a few zzzzzz on Buses.

But these days Big Boy Beau is Busy on Bus rides.

You can see the Birthday Boy is good at multi-tasking as he sits in a Box, on a Blue Blanket, reading a Book,while juggling Blue balls. Ah, yes, he is Brilliant and Bilingual! Did you notice that he is learning to read in French?

This Boy in Blue has seen the sights.

He's Braved new heights.

He has Basked on the Beach.

He's let Bubbles tickle his feet.

Some even think he looks a bit like Brad!

Yes, Beau has even flown high into the Blue skies across the Blue Atlantic while riding in this Blue Basket on his first trip to the United States.

I know it appears that I'm working on a baby theme for my Alphabe-Thursday posts, but the first two Thursdays just happened to coincide with Annabelle's birth and Beau's Birthday. I promise next week will be C is for Change, the royal Courtly type. Until then, stop by to see me on Saturday for different kind of B related post. I'm participating in Jain's Food for Thought with a book review on THE MANY LIVES & SECRET SORROWS OF JOSEPHINE B., the first in Sandra Gulland's trilogy of Josephine Bonaparte. Hope to see you then. In the meantime, click here to see Jenny Matlock's list of more Alphabe-Thursday participants.

Thanks for joining me today. Oh, and don't forget to take your party favor!


  1. Have a happy Birthday Beau! Great post from a great auntie!

  2. Have a happy Birthday Beau! Great post from a great auntie!

  3. How fun!!! Happy birthday to the bouncy baby boy!!

  4. Sarah, what an absolutely adorable post! Loved reading every word, and Beau is a beautiful boy of boundless boldness! Hope his birthday was happy! :-)



  5. Oh, I am just smiling away at this B eautiful post! And although it would be more appropriate to give you a B - I must give you an A+! What an adorable little fella.

  6. This post is Beau-tiful! Happy Birthday to such a sweet boy who has a wonderful Auntie!

    I'll take a piece of that cake :0}

  8. awww!! what a precious baby Beau you have!! When I get married, my last name will be Bobo...which originally was beau-beau! lol doubley handsome!!

  9. awww!! what a precious baby Beau you have!! When I get married, my last name will be Bobo...which originally was beau-beau! lol doubley handsome!!

  10. I'm a Bit prejudice (as Beau's Granny) but he is one cute Boy! Very sweet post. :)

  11. I actually don't have to read all the others to know that this will be my favorite this week. You deserve a gold star.

    And that's probably just what you had in mind.....playing the teacher's pet and handing your paper in before everyone else. Don't worry, we're not bitter....Just don't turn your back on the playground!

  12. this is agreat post!!!! beau is so adorable!!! the brad pit photo made me LOL!!

  13. That was great! You certainly covered the letter B. Enjoyed the read and great pictures to go along with it.

  14. What a handsome boy! He is adorable, and what a fun party you threw for him. Is the birthday cake from Hey Cupcake? Bruce looks like he is enjoying the festivities too! Loved this post, lots of fun to wake up to. Kathy

  15. Bravo!!!
    What a wonderful post Auntie H, you have set the bar high.
    Il est beau!

  16. Oui, c'est vrai...le petit Beau est beau!! lol What a cutie, Sarah! And I love the way you incorporated all of those B words! So, are they here right now for his birthday? I know you must be in heaven with little Miss Annabelle, too! The doctor has said that we can expect our bundle on Feb 15th...a week early. Yaaay! Hope you are having a wonderful week!...hugs...Debbie

  17. Oh, what a sweetie! Birthday Blessings, Beau! :)

  18. Adorable Beau, Happy Birthday! & Bruce is cute too!

  19. Happy Birthday Beau! You are delicious!!!

  20. What a FUN post! Happy Birthday to Beau!

  21. What a great post. Happy Birthday Beau! Lots of B's in your life. Today is also my son's birthday...he's 34! Now why didn't I think to do his birthday for the letter B?

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  23. wow, beau is a busy boy, bouncing from beautiful picture to beautiful picture :D

  24. Good Morning Sarah,

    A & B are both beautiful miracles and lovely additions to the AlphabeThursday! The birthday party was fun...Happy Birthday Beau!

    Thanks for sharing.

  25. What a great and loving post. I liked how you incorporated so many B's into Beau's birthday. Good job LOL. Oh, and your right he is a beautiful boy. Happy birthday to him.

  26. adorable...what a lovely birthday party...i got to enjoy all the fun without any of the calories!

  27. What a handsome boy! And so lucky to have such a loving and creative grand auntie!!

  28. Actually, I remember reading about Food for Thought but haven't yet had a chance to check it out - thanks for reminding me, I was intrigued by the idea but it got buried by a million other things!

  29. What a 'B'eautiful post for 'B'eautiful 'B'aby 'B'oy.

    Thanks for coming by..

  30. Holy batman what a beautiful baby boy! Happy Birthday to you Beau! What a darlin boy he is!

  31. This was absolutely adorable Sarah! I hope Beau had a wonderful first birthday! He is so cute! What beautiful big eyes he has.

    My grandson recently turned one. Isn't it hard to believe that they will be toddlers soon!?

  32. Brilliant post about Beau and his Big year!!!

  33. so cute, I love all the B's. Hope you had a bounty birthday bash!!!

  34. Sarah, he is so cute, and your Birthday celebration was adorable! I love the blocks, spelling his name. laurie

  35. What a sweet young man your Beau is as he celebrates one year on this earth, making his parents and his aunt happy. He is a handsome young man and the pictures from his first twelve months were fun to see!

    Please check my site:

    Check out my "B is for Barcelona" at

    Somehow, McLinky didn't work for me!

  36. Now honestly - I think I'm in LOVE with a real BEAU ;-)


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