Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vietri Bellezza

Bellezza Celedon and Bellezza White by Vietri

Since the creation of my blog in August, I find that I look at many everyday things with the prospect of how I might use something on a post. I carry my camera in my purse, always ready to record the moment that might eventually show up on my blog. Today's Tablescape Thursday post is just such an example. I don't have a tablescape of my own to share this week, so I'm sharing some photos of two different settings I've recently seen using Vietri's Bellezza pattern. These tables were at two different stores in two two different cities. It was fun to see these dishes used in various creative ways.

Bellezza Celedon and Bellezza White by Vietri

Bellezza means "beauty" in Italian, and each dish is handmade in Tuscany. This pattern comes in five different colors: buttercream, celadon, sky blue, tomato red, and white. Ornament rolls are used to create the simplicity of design on the various pieces. Antique Italian plates and fabrics were the inspiration for this collection. As seen in these photos, these dishes provide much charm for a dining experience.

Fall Tablescape of Bellezza by Vietri
The leaf motif of the table cloth brings out the fall theme of the colorful leaves used as a centerpiece, but the leather placemats under each place setting provide some depth to set off the subtle colors of this pottery.

A Sampling of the 32 Different Forms in the Bellezza Pattern
Each place setting was set using a different flatware, but I tend to like the Ricci Argentieri bamboo pattern with these dishes. The organic feel fits in with the leaf theme and the hand crafted nature of this pottery. The metal leaf napkin rings used with black napkins are a nice contrast to the soft tones of the dishes.

Bellezza White Small Bowl with Cow Head Handle
Two of my favorite accessory pieces in this collection are two figural form pieces. This one is a small bowl with cow head handle.

Bellezza Celadon Small Pitcher with Rooster Head Handle
Being a fan of rooster forms, I find this small pitcher with the rooster head handle delightful, but it's the cow form above that puts a huge smile on my face.

Table Set with Bellezza Italian Pottery by Vietri
The tall vase with double handles is very graceful at 21 inches in height. It's perfect for this simple arrangement of branches with fall leaves. There are 32 different forms offered in this pattern, including this vase, a 16" tall urn with birds in relief, and two different pitchers. This tablescape uses the larger of the two pitchers to hold more branches with leaves.

Bellezza White Small Bowl with Cow Head Handle
About a month after I had seen the first setting I happened upon another Vietri tablescape while shopping in another city. This little charmer immediately caught my attention again.

Pineta by Vietri
This Vietri tablescape used the Bellezza pieces as accents to coordinate with another Vietri pattern, Pineta. Pineta is inspired by nature with pine, bark, and bird motifs. I was enamored by all the various textures of this tablescape: the woven placemats on the wood planks of the table; the color block napkins in neutrals; the twig nest set between the bowl and the salad plate; the pattern of the Vietri flatware; the pine cone candles sitting in the bowls; and of course the pine leaf and bark patterns of the pottery.

Layers of Pottery Pieces in the Pineta Pattern by Vietri
I personally like the shapes and textures of this pattern which offers 36 different forms. This pottery makes a beautiful statement, especially for the fall season.

Four Piece Place Setting of Pineta by Vietri
Pineta comes in three different colors: the "soft white of winter snow", the "glorious red of a fox's coat", and the "rich brown of an acorn". Even the color descriptions by Vietri are charming! I must admit that I think the square handled trays make beautiful chargers, but at $144 a piece, it would be a pricy place setting.

I hope you've enjoyed my little "photo journal" of Vietri tablescapes. Please leave me a comment to let me know you stopped by today. Then click here to join Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch where you will find a list of tablescape offerings that will amaze you.

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  1. Sarah:

    How fun to see!

    What a fabulous store.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Hello Sarah; What fun to see all the different ways to set a table.. I love them all... thanks for sharing them...

    Have a great week.


  3. Great store and so much eye candy. Everything is just beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  4. Sarah, I love the mint green & black setting...so different!

    I think we should keep an eye out for some neat trays, similar to the Vietri ones, that could double as charges. It really makes a statement & wouldn't be hard to duplicate.

    *Rettabug furiously makes notes to herself*

  5. wow, I especially like the second setting!! Love the nature theme. Of course I do love the cow handle and the little chicken or was it a rooster handle. So much to like in both of the tablescapes!

  6. Hi Sarah, Love all the tables that you have shared...
    Happy Thanksgiving

  7. What fun! And the inspiration from that store is wonderful. Great pieces.

  8. What fun! And the inspiration from that store is wonderful. Great pieces.

  9. Sara, thank you for sharing these beautiful tables, and giving me some interesting information.
    The twig nests in the last tablescape is so creative and adds interest. I have enjoyed looking at all the lovely designs.

  10. That is one perfect place to put together tablescapes. I also liked your choice in dishware. The colors were gorgeous and they had a very organic feel to them.

  11. Sarah, this was such a great idea to show the same pattern in 2 different settings. Isn't is amazing how different the china looks when put into a different setting with different accessories? I really enjoyed seeing these. I'm so glad you told the price of the trays, because I was thinking "wow, those are great looking; I may have to get some of those". Then, you told me the price, and I realized I wasn't even going to get one of those! laurie

  12. Morning Sarah,
    Super choice of tablescapes to share.
    Table settings in stores & in magazines are great sources of inspiration and I have made notes about one or two examples here today!! The Bellezza collection is gorgeous.

  13. These table settings are so amazing. I love the different textures and the great use of colour. Thanks so much for sharing these great pictures.
    You know Sarah, I always come to visit your beautiful blog but had never signed up to follow...so weird! Anyway, have signed up now!
    Best wishes always, Natasha.

  14. Hi Sarah!!!!
    thanks for your visit in my blog...i hope you came here ever and commets too!
    I loved your blog !!!!
    big hug

  15. Another superb job Sarah, what a clever idea. Aren't you the smart one to take your camera when shopping. These pieces are charming indeed.

  16. lots of great ideas, i always love the natural colors.

  17. Sarah,

    Thank you for sharing those beautiful tables with us this week. I love to see how different designers use the same pieces but each table comes out so unique and beautiful! Dee Dee

  18. I love the tablescapes, wish I could make a hobby out of collecting pieces to use and post about them, but I have no where to keep them! I'm putting up Christmas trees today, thanksgiving is at our neighbors this year so I feel I can decorate early in here, and I am hosting a Christmas social at my house on Dec 4th so I want to be all done for then ;)
    Have a blessed day Sarah

  19. Sarah-Smart girl to carry that carry. I am always interested to see how the pros do it. Love Vietri and love it in the nest!

  20. Hi Sarah. It's so nice to know you're blogerated!:) You just never know when you might run upon a perfect snap! :)
    These dishes are great and I love those little animal head handles.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  21. Sarah, I love the look of these dishes, especially the "critter handled" ones! Charmante..and drôle, too! You always find something so classy! Beautiful..Hugs...

  22. Those are both fabulous. Love the vietri look!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  23. Sarah,
    Great tablescapes, I loved the little bowls. It was wonderful how they used the natural elements. Thanks for sharing and for visiting.

  24. Yes - I know what you mean - since I started tablescaping -- I look at almost everything with a different set of eyes - thinking of tablescaping!

  25. Yes, I did enjoy seeing the Vietri china used different ways. That cow head handle is amusing! The tray used as a charger is fabulous!


  26. The dishes are beautiful and fun! I appreciate the information, I wasn't familiar with the pattern. I also started my blog in August. I was already writing for a different website, so I was used to the camera with me thing...now, I'm always looking for things that will go on my tablescape:)


  27. Hi Sarah,
    Great idea to let someone else do the tablescaping! Thank you for taking your readers along and allowing us to benefit from the expertise of the stores' display artists!

    I tend to focus on shopping at estate sales and antique malls and sometimes forget what charming, innovative, and original tabletop items are available in retail stores. Thank you for the reminder!

    Hope your weekend goes well.


  28. Hi sweet Sarah,
    Just wanted to let you know that I read your Pink Satruday post for last week. You are very sweet to have mentioned my posting on my sister. Thank you dear friend. I love how many sweet, kind and wonderful people I have met through blogging and that certainly includes you. Again thank you.

    By the way, the tablescapes are gorgeous. Wonderful setting ideas. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  29. In the first tablescape, the plate looks pink...is it? It is beautiful and I think my pesonal favorite would be the rooster serving piece! LOL

    Thank you for sharing!


  30. Sarah, I love Vietri dishes. I have a charger with a large palmetto frond that I just love. The ones you shared today are wonderful as well. Love the cow. :-)

    I've been MIA due to my wireless going on the blink. It's been acting up over time, and then finally went bye bye. But one thing I've noticed. I am a follower of yours, and for some reason lately, blogger hasn't been showing some of the posts to the blogs I follow. I know I would have commented on your cupcake because I love them (I just did a post on them for Pink Saturday tomorrow), and I didn't see this one either before my computer fritzed on me.

    Anyhow, I loved the post, and I can't wait to read about the cute cupcake below.


    Sheila :-)

  31. Beautiful Tablescapes Sarah! I really love the bottom two. It would be so nice to have dishes for every season (and mood LOL) like you I have started carrying my camera with me. You never know! Sometimes the ideas come easy and other days I don't think I'll ever have another post!! Thanks for sharing! Sherri : )

  32. love Vietri and I have a bit of it. I will do a tablescape this year with my Rosso Vecchio. How lucky you are to have a store where you can actually go in and touch it!

    Have a great day!



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