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Friday, November 27, 2009

Goodbye to the Warm Colors of Fall - Welcome to the Pinks of a New Season

Pink Peonies, Sunflowers, & Tulips

This lovely arrangement was a "thank you" from one of dinner guests Thursday evening. These pink peonies are luscious and fill the room with perfume. I absolute adore the fall season and the rich, earthy colors that we all associate with autumn, but I'm ready to welcome the pinks and brighter colors of the holiday season ahead.

Wooden Tom Turkey

So I said good-bye to the browns and oranges of turkeys, pumpkins, and fall leaves as I packed things up until next year. I don't know about you, but having Thanksgiving late in the month makes me feel pushed into the Christmas season. I like a bit of time to savor one holiday before rushing headstrong into the next. But with December just days away, I'm packing up the fall decor and readying the house for the sparkle of the Christmas season.

Lemon Cyprus Topiary with Acorns

I took the lemon cyprus topiary with its accent of little acorns that were scattered around the base out of the brown cachepot . . .

Lemon Cyprus Topiary with Pink Cyclamens

and put the topiary into an antique French faience jardiniere by Geo Martel. Then I surrounded it with hot pink cyclamen plants. It instantly took on a whole new look. I will eventually plant the little 4 inch pots of cyclamen outside in the garden, but for now they brighten our dining room table.

Cyclamen plants are by far my favorite winter annual for my garden. They bloom well into spring, and a few even continue on into the summer months. The leaves have a silvery mottling pattern and the blooms can be quite fragrant. I've just planted some of this hot pink variety in the pots on our front porch, and I delight in the fresh fragrance as I walk up the steps. I planted white ones in the beds along the walk and around the base of a pot of purple fountain grass that is by the front door. I like to use white blooming plants near the house because they reflect the light at night.

More Pink Cyclamen in Handpainted Italian Planter

I was still satiated from Thursday evening's Thanksgiving celebration, and spent some time Friday afternoon with a cup of tea while visiting some of my favorite blogs. After my stop at 1st Floor Flat, Susie's art work had me craving a bit of something sweet. Do go by Susie's and have a look at her "Kitchen Collection"; new work that she has hanging in a Gallery Show. I think you'll find it a delightful treat. Susie is a freelance artist and designer based in London and works in mixed media.

Thank you for stopping by today. Please leave a comment below. I love to hear from each of you.

And "Thank You" to Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound for organizing Pink Saturdays for all of us who want a little PINK in our lives.


  1. Oh Sarah...
    Happy Pink Saturday sweetie. I love this post. You have done wonders with pink flowers. So beautiful. I love the Lemon Cyprus Topiary with Pink Cyclamens best of all. Such a beautiful contrast.

    Thanks for sharing sweetie. Please stop by and let me share my pink post with you. Have a beautiful Saturday. Country hugs... Sherry

  2. Sarah, I enjoyed seeing the changes you are making for the season. I will be late to change because I have a lot of things going on right now. You are so right. It is a push now, but I am just going to take it easy. I am not going to be entertaining in my home until Christmas and after. So I have cut myself some much needed slack. I've accepted invitations out, but I'm going to be late with my entertaining this year. LOL! This is going to be one of those years. ;-)

    I'm also late to get on the train for Pink Saturday and missed it for this week. But I hope to hop back onboard in the not too distant future.

    Have a Happy PS!


    Sheila :-)

  3. P.S. Love the arrangement your guest brought. They have lovely taste in flowers. Peonies are my favorites.

  4. LOVE your post, and now feeling all geared up for Christmas!

    Thank you so much for the vote of confidence and the "shout out" - I don't know that the pix are that good, but they are a bit of fun. Anyway, thanks a mil for your support. Happy Happy Pink Saturday! You're the best!

  5. My idea too, getting into the Christmas colours Happy pink Saturday

  6. Pretty pink cyclamens really do brighten things up.I like to have white ones around the house at Christmas time too.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Such gorgeous pinks. I need to get my act in gear and get things done. Hugs, Marty

  8. Lovely post Sarah, I can't wait for your Christmas ones to see how you decorate. I must confess I need to get some cyclamens to plant.

    Have a nice pink Saturday!

  9. Your cylcamens are so pretty. How lucky are you to be able to have winter annuals! All is asleep for winter here in MI. Your house is so beautiful. I really enjoy reading your blog. Have a Happy Pink Saturday!


  10. What a lovely post about the transition from Thanksgiving to the Christmas season. Those pink Cyclamen are beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  11. Oooh so pretty. I too am so sorry to see the fall colors leave us. They are by far my favorites and also here for the shortest time. What you have done with the plants is genius, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  12. The cyclamen are just lovely. They lend just the perfect touch to your topiary. I hope you are having a wonderful Pink Saturday.

  13. The changes you've made with real flowers is amazing. They are so bright and cheerful. I too, have put away all the fall and have been hit by the Christmas spirit. It is everywhere..lol.. hope you're enjoying a wonderful Saturday, hugs ~lynne~

  14. You have the most exquisite little white pumpkins up there in your first photo! What a green thumb you are too!The French Jardinière was quite a find too... It is time to say good bye to our oranges - time for the reds and pinks to bloom! Take care Ange

  15. You have captured the lovely pinks around you so well.

    Isnt that so nice that you would have such lovely guests to bring you such pretty flowers-- then share them with us!

    I have just signed up to FOLLOW you and would love if you have a minute stop by and say hi and perhaps Follow me too :)

    TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

  16. Lovely post Sarah!!!

    Happy Pink Saturday!!!
    Hugs and blessings,xoxo

  17. Sarah, I love your repotting! Just gorgeous! I am glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving also! Happy Pink Saturday! Suzie

  18. Beautiful and refreshing change!Happy Pink Saturday!

  19. Love the cyclamen and I always go crazy for peonies. Happy Pink Saturday!

  20. Happy Pink Saturday, Sarah.

    I am feeling the same rush you are. All of the Autumn decorations have been put in the closet, and I am busy placing Christmas decorations. I had hoped to be finished when I go back to work Monday, but I not certain I will make it.

    Cyclamen is a favorite of mine, too. The colors are so vibrant.

  21. Sarah, I love cyclamens too! Your pink and fuchsia ones are so beautiful in the charming jardinieres. I never heard of a lemon cypress, but what a stunning plant! Does it have a lemon fragrance? Thank you for so kindly reading and commenting on the Quimper blogs. It made it all worthwhile to have such loyal Quimper friends following! Please keep sharing your great writing and your beautiful arrangements and photos.

  22. Thanks for stopping by and visiting French Lique... You're right... Thanksgiving and Christmas are just too close together! When we lit the first Advent Candle at church tonight I thought "Already!?"

  23. Your photos are lovely. Especially love the pink flowers. I agree it's time to replace the fall colors with Holiday cheer.

  24. Sweet pink flowers !
    Love from the Netherlands RINI

  25. you are ahead of me with your fresh new colors, i will be enoying fall for weeks!

  26. I love the color of the cyclamen and the containers you put it in are perfect.


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