Monday, October 14, 2019

Autumn CAMEO Meeting

 I was co-hostess last week for our October CAMEO meeting.
Our topic was the work of local artist, Lu Ann Barrow.

Lu Ann is known for her sophisticated naive style of painting. 
A type of pointillism, her folkloric style is full of joy and delight.
Ms. Barrow's paintings most often reflect rural Texas life, 
Biblical stories, and her travels to foreign countries.
This one, Green Scene, painted in 1997, hangs in our home.
I wish you could see the detail up close.
Every blade of grass, every leaf on the trees, 
every piece of hay in the hay stacks ~ 
are filled with individual brush strokes.  

Represented by Valley House Gallery in Dallas, TX, 
you can view more images of her Ms Barrow's work  here.

We met in my friend, Alison's, home. 
Of course I have to share this charming mantel 
that is in her family room.
 Alison styles her metal candle tree for various holidays.
I also have one of these candle trees, 
so I like to make note of her creative styling ideas

 These metal trees were made in Mexico in the 1990s.
They came with a set of five removable holiday toppers.
I recall that they were sold at a local holiday market
one year and many of us have them in our homes.

The cute black and orange felt garland 
was from World Market's 2018 collection. 

The paper maché witch figures were handmade by
Alison and her two daughters when the girls were very young.

As long as I've known Alison, she has included 
these charming little witches in her autumn decor.  
As a former elementary teacher, I find it very touching
that Alison values these artistic endeavors.
Children's art is whimsical and uninhibited, and I believe 
we should honor and display children's creative work
with the diginity and importance it deserves.

The beautiful owl painting is new this season.
Alison shared the process of this piece on her Instagram account.  
It was fascinating to watch this painting come to life.
You can follow Alison on IG here.

 This is a previous years' version of Alison's mantel,
and I thought you would enjoy seeing this clever idea too.

The table was set with beautiful vintage silver
that offered up a variety of autumn treats.

 Plush velvet pumpkins arranged on a silver tray
graced the center of the table.

 Alison added vignettes of more velvet 
pumpkins on either side.

Fresh sprigs of seeded eucalyptus
provided just the right touch of added texture.

 Among the goodies, fresh fruit served in paper cups.
These cardstock style cupcake cups are great for 
individual servings of many offerings and also add
a seasonal touch in both color and design.

I made acorn cakelets using another one of my Nordic pans 
and my favorite recipe for old fashion gingerbread.

A tart lemon sauce 
was served on the side.
Little Miss Pumpkin sits in the girls's
childhood highchair at the end of the dining room.

 Happy Halloween, 2000

Alison is an accomplished artist in her own right, and
many of Alison's original paintings hang in her home.
Happy Halloween is a painting of Alison's home at the time, 
when her girls were little, and dressing in costume 
for Halloween was the custom.
Each year after, while the girls were little, Alison would paint in two additional figures of the girls dressed in their Halloween
costume for that year.  I suspect this is a favorite family painting!
Alison specializes in primative memory paintings.  
You can see more of her work here.



The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. I love that style! I love that you have like minded fun friends to share similar loves too!And I LOVE the idea of gingerbread in the acorn pan!

  2. Dearest Sarah,
    What a lovely table setting, so elegant and how wonderful is the artwork by Ms. Barrow.
    Also Alison's Owl is lovely, did visit her on IG and left her a comment.
    Sending you hugs,

  3. I adore those paper mache witches and everything looks so delicious on the silver table setting. Lu`Anne is a talented artist. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This looks like it was a fun gathering - i like the idea of using the paper cup for a variety of individual servings - I do that often! The art work is very unique and I love her pumpkin tree!!

  5. Oh Sarah, this is just wonderful. Wonderful! Well, you probably know I'm all for painting and all for art so I would have loved this gathering. Your friend Alison is also a lovely artist -- both in terms of art and of her style. I love the idea of the paper cake cups for the fruit. I'm going to remember that one! And her use of the children's art, which I think is very important if one can. It's a reminder to everyone to honor the spirit of art in a child. That pumpkin tree is pretty cool, too!

    I just bought my first Nordic Ware pan a few weeks ago (which if you saw my blog a few days ago, before I posted about the gardens and autumn swag workshop at Southern Exposure) and it was a bit of an accident. I went to buy a present for someone else and left with a present for me! I love the little happy cakes I made from them. The acorn pan is just delightful. Can you tell me what CAMEO stands for, or was it just a great name! I'd love to know the kinds of things you focus on at your gatherings!

  6. Adorable metal candle tree Sarah and how fun they have interchangeable holiday toppers! Your friend Allison is a talented artist too, love that she added her girls Halloween figures to her painting each year. What a delicious spread and of course I would love a little gingerbread acorn cakelet this morning. ♥

  7. Double the fun when you co-host a party, Sarah! This looked to be a fun gathering with lots of style flair. Your acorn cakelets and lemon sauce - yum! Love Alison's papier mache witches. Art should always have a personal meaning, in my opinion. I like the folkloric artwork and the fact that much of Barrow's work centers on your Texas region. Your Green Scene is vibrant! I also really like Alison's Halloween and how she made it a fluid work in progress over the years. Very special and personal, indeed!

  8. Sarah this looks like a fun time. How smart to use the paper cups for individual fruit salads.

    Your cake letts sound amazing.


  9. Very Sweet post Sarah. The acorn cakelets are darling with gingerbread. I have them too. I love the idea of the paper cups for fruit salad. Such a talented artist. She is truly gifted. Little Miss Pumpkin is adorable. A pleasure to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  10. What a fun get-together to enjoy and discuss your local artist. Her work looks amazing as does your friend's work. Love the metal tree on Alison's mantel that all of you have. Alison's home is lovely and so are the velvet pumpkins used decorating her table. I'm using mine in the dining room this year. Funny how that collection keeps growing!

  11. oh that owl painting is just amazing. what a great gathering, thanks for sharing all the fun and original art work!

  12. How delightful Sarah and so wonderful to support a local favorite painting is the last one, what a family treasure of memories! How creative to add each years Halloween costumed children! I love love the velvet pumpkins, please thank Alison for sharing her home with us! The acorn cakelets are too cute!

  13. I love looking at the autumn adn Halloween decor. I think Allison's idea for her Halloween painting is brilliant! I wish I'd thought of it!

  14. Sarah,
    What a lovely post filled with so much eye candy between your home and your friend's home! Love her candle tree!! Lovely!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! No, Joe does not help me decorate except for helping me get things down from the attic. He only gets in the way if he tries to help!!

  15. I've always loved folkloric style paintings, Sarah, I love the one that you own of LU Ann Barrow. However, your friend, Allison's artwork is especially charming, too. Your party for your CAMEO group looked like such fun, and your acorn cakelets I Know were delish, as I have made your recipe. The candle tree is such a fun way of decorating. I wonder if they are still being made? Thanks for sharing the fun with us!

  16. What a lovely place to enjoy some treats! I think having your children's art is important too. It shows them that you care :)


  17. Thank you for sharing at #OverTheMoon. Pinned and shared. Have a lovely week. I hope to see you at next week’s party too!

  18. What a delightful meeting you co-hosted. The food and decorations look delicious and inviting. The velvet pumpkins are stunning. Those acorn tartlets are so unique and I bet delicious with your lemon sauce.
    How nice to feature a local artist.
    Alison is very talented also. Her mantels are creative and fun. I am sure you enjoy this group of ladies.

  19. Love that owl painting. What a fun and delightful get-together!


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